Secrets Behind A Marriage - Part Three

by Ryan Goble


Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha
Agnes Moorehead as Endora
Dick Sargent as Darrin
Alice Ghostley as Esmeralda
Erin Murphy as Tabitha
Greg Lawrence as Adam


Charles the Butler

Party guests
a) Party Guest 1
b) Party Guest 2


Joe's Bar & Grill
Sheila's Living Room
Stephens' Kitchen
Darrin's car

Sheila's mansion
a) Foyer and staircase
b) Dining room
c) Hallway
d) Lounge (with Bar)
e) Bedroom

Darrin's apartment
a) Living room
b) Kitchen


Sheila Sommer's Mansion
Central Park

New York Sights
a) Skyline
b) Railroads
c) Statue of Liberty
d) Central Park
e) New York Harbor

The events in this episode take place shortly after the conclusion of the original series.


{Teaser: Joe's Bar & Grill, Endora & Samantha sit at the bar}

SAMANTHA - Oh my stars! I knew he'd couldn't marry Sheila if Darrin met me first. {Smiles, Samantha is very happy}

ENDORA - {pops in}

BARTENDER- {sees Endora pop in, drops a glass in shock}

ENDORA - Don't get your hopes up yet.

SAMANTHA - Mother?

ENDORA - You don't know how Sheila will take the news.


BARTENDER- {looks at Samantha & Endora strangely}

ENDORA - {grins at Samantha} You aren't in shallow water yet my dear...

SAMANTHA - What do you mean mother? {looks at Endora curiously}

ENDORA - You still don't know what Sheila will do. Without the spell she can be a total...

SAMANTHA - {puts her hand up} Ah! Ah! Ah! Don't say it mother!

ENDORA - Say what?

SAMANTHA - You know what?

ENDORA - What?

SAMANTHA - Nothing! But your right {points at Endora} mother. We don't know how Sheila will act.

ENDORA - Oh well, everything will be alright. {Hugs Samantha} Do you know where Darnald went?

SAMANTHA - To Sheila I suppose. {Places her hand under her chin}

ENDORA - Why there? He should with you. Not her. {Looks mad}

SAMANTHA - Mother! To tell her that the engagement is off of course.

{Scene: CUT TO SHEILA'S LIVING ROOM, QUICKLY: Sheila's Living room}

DARRIN - Sheila! The engagement is off! {nervous}

SHEILA - {places her hand on his chest} Marvelous darling. If that is what you want. I couldn't be happier for you.

DARRIN - {backs away} Your not mad?

SHEILA - Of course not. But why? Weren't we happy?

DARRIN - Uh yes, NO! Maybe? I don't know. {Jumpy} That's it... I don't know. There are other things to do, other people to see before I settle down.

SHEILA - {gets close to Darrin, giggles} I see, you met someone else...

DARRIN - Yeah... {shrugs}...And I don't who I want now so...

SHEILA - So, bring your little friend over to dinner tomorrow.

DARRIN - {backs away} That's very nice of you Sheila. But I don't know, we just met...

SHEILA - Don't worry. The gang and I will meet you at Daddy's house at 8:30.

DARRIN - Sure. Why not? {runs to the door} I can't wait to see her again. {Stops himself}

SHEILA - {her head is down}

DARRIN - I hope you know that it still isn't over between us, I just want to see what else life has to offer me. {Feels guilty} Understand?

SHEILA - {nods yes}

DARRIN - Alright, bye. {Runs out the door, closes the door}

SHEILA - {stands straight with an evil expression, takes a sip of a drink on a table next to her} Then this is just simply, WAR! {angry}

(Scene: Joe's Bar & Grill}

ENDORA - I just think... {trying to convince Samantha}

SAMANTHA - {notices Darrin making an entrance}

DARRIN - {looking for Samantha}

SAMANTHA - Ooops! Mother you have to fly, literally! {shoos Endora away} Go mother!

ENDORA - So, be it! {waves her arms, and she disappears}

SAMANTHA - Good. {Waves at Darrin} Woo hoo! Darrin!

DARRIN - {notices Samantha, walks toward her, grabs her hand} Come with me.

SAMANTHA - Oh my! {shocked} Where to? {gets up and runs to ward the exit with Darrin, her and Darrin hold hands}

DARRIN - I don't know, let's just go.

SAMANTHA - {whispers} Whoa!

Fade to theme.

Cut to commercial break.

Cut to opening credits.

{Scene: Camera shows different sights of New York City, like the Statue of Liberty, etc. while The Bee Gee's "Back Home" plays for about 28 seconds. Cut to Darrin's apartment, where Samantha & Darrin are asleep on the couch, Samantha has her head on Darrin's shoulder. The phone rings, Darrin sneaks away to the kitchen counter where the phone is.}

DARRIN - {picks up the phone} Hello?

SHEILA - {in her living room} Oh hi Darrin darling!

DARRIN - Oh hi Sheila. {Doesn't seem happy about her call}

SHEILA - Don't mean to take up any more time of yours...

DARRIN - But? {puts his robe on, which was laying on the counter}

SHEILA - Well, are we still on for lunch today, or do you have plans with your little girlfriend?

DARRIN - {nervous, looks at Samantha sleeping on the couch} Uh... Uh... I don't know. Can I call you back?

SHEILA - Sure, Darrin darling. Ta ta. {hangs up}

DARRIN - {gives the phone a strange look, runs to the couch, tries to wake Samantha up} Samantha? Samantha?

SAMANTHA - {begins to awake, rubs her eyes} Darrin? Where am I?

DARRIN - You fell asleep on my couch last night after we went on our midnight picnic, remember? {puts his fingers though Samantha's hair, sits down}

SAMANTHA - Oh yes. {Smiles, stares at Darrin}

DARRIN - You know Samantha, before I met you, I wasn't sure what I wanted in life. But once I met you, again and again the other day, and once we got to know each other at the bar, the walks we took, the picnic, I feel so happy.

SAMANTHA - Oh, Darrin. {Hugs Darrin}

DARRIN - I know we just...

SAMANTHA - {lets go} met.

DARRIN - Yeah. {Shrugs}

SAMANTHA - But were having such a wonderful time. {Hopes Darrin will accept her}

DARRIN - {daydreams for a minute}

SAMANTHA - Darrin? Darrin!

DARRIN - {jumps up quickly} WHAT!?

SAMANTHA - What were you thinking about... Your fiancee?

DARRIN - Ex-fiancee.

SAMANTHA - After one date with me, you didn't have to go break your engagement.

DARRIN - {stands proudly} I simply told Sheila that I just didn't want to be tied up now. I wanted to go to other places, see new people... See you.

SAMANTHA - Ah. {Stands up to kiss Darrin, the two kiss passionately, Samantha notices Darrin is frozen}Mother? Oh, Mother? Where Are You? I know you put Darrin in the deep freeze. {Looks around in the air for Endora}

ENDORA - {thunder strikes, Endora pops in} Hi Samantha, how are you? Well, from the looks of the couch and what your wearing {Samantha is in pajamas}, and from what I pooped in on, you seem to be doing pretty good. {Has a smirk on her face}

SAMANTHA - {looks mad} Mother! It was nothing like that. Me and Darrin are having a wonderful time.

ENDORA - {laughs} Oh yes, I know!

SAMANTHA - {looks closely at Endora} You do?

ENDORA - No. {acts sorry} I was just teasing.

SAMANTHA - Alright, Mother... You've had you fun... Pop out!

ENDORA - Of course, Samantha. Just wanted to {pauses} check in on you. {Gives Samantha a kinky look}

SAMANTHA - {mad} Bye.

ENDORA - {waves her hands and she pops out}

SAMANTHA - ...Mother. {Notices Endora is gone} Okay. {Walks over to Darrin, tries to adjust the way she was before Darrin was frozen, twitches her nose, everything is unfrozen}

DARRIN - Mmmm. You're great. {Stops kissing}

SAMANTHA - {licks her lips} Not bad.

DARRIN - {laughs at Samantha's joke} Sit down. {Grabs Samantha's hands and sit with her on the couch} Do you want to do something?

SAMANTHA - Ooh uh. {Shakes her yes, acts excited}

DARRIN - Let's get dressed...

SAMANTHA - Uh uh. {Shakes her yes, acts excited}

DARRIN - ...And the day is ours!

SAMANTHA - You mean...

DARRIN - ...We can do anything we want!

SAMANTHA - Sounds wonderful. {Kisses Darrin some more}

{Scene: Shows Samantha & Darrin around the sights of New York kissing while Tom Jones' "She's A Lady" plays for about a minute. SIGHTS INCLUDE: Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Railroad trains, etc. Sights start in the morning and by the time the song is ober... It's dark outside. Samantha and Darrin in a car, driving}

SAMANTHA - {happy, puts her head on Darrin's shoulder} Oh, Darrin, I've had so much fun today...

DARRIN - {puts his hand on Samantha's knee} Me too.

SAMANTHA - Where are you taking me? {curious}

DARRIN - Only if you want to go, but to...

SAMANTHA - {puts her head up}

DARRIN - ...But to a dinner party at my ex-fiancee's house.{a moment of silence} Well, if you don't want to go because you might feel a little uncomfortable...

SAMANTHA - YES!, I'll go.

DARRIN - Your sure now?

SAMANTHA - Yeah, I'll be fine. {Puts her head back on Darrin's shoulder}

DARRIN - Okay.... {puts his hand back on Samantha's knee}

SAMANTHA - {whispers in an evil voice} Sheila!

DARRIN - Did you say something? {looks at Samantha}

SAMANTHA - {sit up} No, I don't think so.

DARRIN - {smiles} Oh, must be hearing things.

SAMANTHA - {puts her head back down, gives a sour look}

{Scene: In front of Sheila's house: A big, beautiful mansion}

DARRIN - {pulls his car up to the curb} Well... we're here.

SAMANTHA - {sits up} Well, we're here alright. {Darrin & Samantha just sit there}

DARRIN - Well, I guess we better go in. {gets out of the car, shuts his door, walks over and open Samantha's door, where she gets out, Darrin shuts the door and Samantha's and Darrin just stand in the street and look at each other}

SAMANTHA - Darrin, are you sure I'm dressed okay? I mean...

DARRIN - {kisses Samantha before she finishes, he finishes and puts his fingers on her lips} Shhh.

SAMANTHA - But what if I don't...

DARRIN - {kisses Samantha before she finishes, he finishes and puts his fingers on her lips} Shhh.

SAMANTHA - But Darrin...

DARRIN - {kisses Samantha before she finishes, he finishes and puts his fingers on her lips} Shhh. Everything will be okay. You look beautiful, you'll fit in fine. Look, I know we just met but... Trust me, please?

SAMANTHA - {kisses Darrin} I trust you. Let's go...

DARRIN - {takes Samantha's hand and they walk up to the front door, they reach the front door, Darrin rings the bell}

SAMANTHA - {nervous} Gee, I wonder what Sheila is like.

DARRIN - Well, she's ah, different?

SAMANTHA - {smiles}

DARRIN - See, just have a good time!

BUTLER - {answers the door} Hello?

DARRIN - Ah yes... Is Sheila...

SHEILA - {in the foyer talking to some friends, notices Darrin, runs over to him, gives him a big hug, and a long kiss, she is wearing the most gorgeous gown}

SAMANTHA - {stands there watching Sheila, she looks upset at Sheila, she looks as if she was about to cry, she whispers} Double crosser.

SHEILA - {finishes kissing Darrin} Oh, Darrin, how charming it is to see you again. Ah, and this must be your little girlfriend... She looks so sweet. {Treats Samantha as if she was 5 years old} ...And what is your cute little name?

SAMANTHA - Samantha. {Stands there mad}

DARRIN - {gives Samantha a sorry look}

SHEILA - Well, we'll take very good care... of... you. Oh, Darrin, Lillian Armstrong came back to town. {Excited}

DARRIN - Oh really.

SHEILA - Yes... {laughs} You must come say hi... {grabs Darrin's arm and walks him over someplace where Lillian might be} Oh, and Charles, why don't you take Sananna's sweater and escort here to the lounge.

BUTLER - Yes, Ms. Sommers. {Begins to take Samantha's coat}

SAMANTHA - {stops him} I can do it myself... I am really not as old as Ms. Sommers speaks to me. {Takes her coat off, lays it in the butler's arms and follows in the direction Darrin went}

BUTLER - {gives Samantha a dirty look, shuts the door}

{Scene: Lounge. Sheila's party guests sit around talking, where Darrin and Sheila sit talking together. Sheila is enjoying herself, Darrin can only sit and worry about Samantha, who is sitting alone on the opposite side of the room as Darrin & Sheila.}

SHEILA - Oh and remember when we met in Paris and I said...

SAMANTHA - {sits across the room, staring at Sheila}

DARRIN - Yeah Sheila. {Points at Samantha} ...But do you you think Samantha is okay?

SHEILA - I'm sure Sananna is okay, oh and remember when Daddy surprised me last year and you knew...

DARRIN - {seems to have Sheila shut out of his mind, while he looks at Samantha}

SAMANTHA - {can't stand to look anymore, goes to fix herself a drink}

DARRIN - {listens to Sheila tell more stories while he notices Samantha going to fix a drink at the bar, he goes to meet her there}

SHEILA - {sits there with a look of shock on her face}

DARRIN - {At the bar} Hi. Having fun?

SAMANTHA - I guess.

DARRIN - I told you it wouldn't be real...

SAMANTHA - Yeah, I know.

DARRIN - {fixes the drinks} What will you have?

SAMANTHA - Martini.

DARRIN - ...And I'll have a Bloody Mary. {Laughs} I guess this won't be the last time to have a drink with a beautiful girl...

SAMANTHA - {laughs} Guess not.

DARRIN - {finishes the drink} Here you are. {Gives Samantha her drink} Why don't you come sit with us?

SAMANTHA - No, Darrin, I couldn't...

DARRIN - {takes Samantha's hand, walks her over to where he and Sheila were sitting}


DARRIN - Sheila?

SHEILA - {stands} Yes Darrin?

DARRIN - Can Samantha please sit with us...

SHEILA - Sure... Sananna can sit with us. {Sits}

DARRIN - See, make yourself a home SAMANTHA! {looks at Sheila, so she knows what Samantha's name is}

SAMANTHA - Thanks.

SHEILA - {puts her arms around Darrin} Now where were we? Oh yes, well back then I had these real horrible headaches and remember what you would always do?

SAMANTHA - {just sits there bored, whispers} Here we go again...

Fade to commercial.

{Scene: Sheila's dining room, all the guests are seated at a big, long table. Sheila & Darrin are seated together at the head of the table while Samantha is seated is at the other end of the table}

SHEILA - {talking, laughing, and enjoying herself with Darrin, Darrin seems to have forgotten about Samantha and is enjoying himself with Sheila}

SAMANTHA - {occasionally sips her soup and she stares and gives Sheila dirty looks}

GUEST - {points at Sheila} You know Sheila is really a great girl...

SAMANTHA - {turns to the dinner guest sitting next to her} Oh really?

GUEST - Oh yes, she's always doing something, we haven't once seen her not able to do something. Are you much talented?

SAMANTHA - Yes. You might say that.

GUEST - Oh really?

SAMANTHA - {hears Sheila call her name}

SHEILA - Sananna! Sananna!


SHEILA - Have you heard of Dr. Hausner?

SAMANTHA - Pardon?

SHEILA - Dr. Hausner, have you heard of him. Does wonderful nose jobs.


DARRIN - {whispers to Sheila} Sheila, that wasn't very nice.

GUEST - See, she knows everyone. {Continues with Samantha}

SHEILA - Oh Darling, just wanted to see if she knew the man. {Continues with Darrin, now she speaks to all the party guests} Attention! Attention! Sananna is a new friend to the group and I thought we could stands} make her feel welcome.

GUESTS - {wonder who the person is}

GUEST - {continues with Samantha} Do you know she is?

SAMANTHA - Oh... A strong feeling says she's talking about me.

GUEST - Oh, Nice to meet you...

SAMANTHA - Samantha. How do you do?

GUEST - {kisses her hand} The pleasure is mine.

SAMANTHA - {giggles} Thank you.

DARRIN - {has a hand over his eyes, he doesn't want to see what Sheila has up her sleeve.

GUESTS - {continue to wonder who she is}

GUEST 2 - Come on, who is she Sheila!

SHEILA - {points at Samantha} Her name is Sananna.

GUEST - {to Samantha} I thought you said your name was Samantha?

SAMANTHA - It is. {She announces her name to Sheila} Sheila! It's Samantha.

SHEILA - Of course it is. Now everyone give Samantha a big round of applause... I mean, not everyone I know can dress like that to a fancy get together like this.

GUESTS - {applause}

SHEILA - I could never do that! {places her hand on her chest for a moment}

SAMANTHA - Pity. {Twitches her nose, with a hand on the side so no one will see her twitch}

SHEILA - {slams her foot into the table} Ouch! Ouch! {holds her foot while she hops on the other good foot}

SAMANTHA - {leans closer to where Sheila is, twitches her nose again, which causes Sheila to fall on her butt}

SHEILA - OUCH! {embarrassed}

DARRIN - {suddenly jumps up to help Sheila}

SAMANTHA - {thinks, notices a maid walking in the room carrying a tray of soup, Samantha twitches her nose which causes the tray of soup to fall on Sheila}

DARRIN - {who is helping Sheila, shakes the soup off his hands}

SHEILA - {embarrassed more than ever}

GUESTS - {shocked}

DARRIN - {being sarcastic, stands up at the table} Any more soup anyone?

SAMANTHA - No thanks. I think I've had just about enough. {Smiles}

SHEILA - {getting up off the floor carefully}

DARRIN - {helps Sheila}

SAMANTHA - Oh and can't forget mother's favorite. {Twitches her nose which cause Sheila's wig and dress to go flying into a wall} There. I think I'm all done.

SHEILA - {tries to grab her dress and wig as they go by, shocked and embarrassed, runs up stairs}

DARRIN - {Follows Sheila upstairs to help her}

SAMANTHA - {tastes her soup again} Mmmm. This is good, I must get the recipe from Sheila when she comes back down.

GUESTS - {stares at Samantha, they think she was being insensitive}

SAMANTHA - Darn the recipe. How about if I go help her. {gets out her chair and runs up stairs}

{Scene: Sheila's room / hallway}

SAMANTHA - {walks up Sheila's room and stops when she hears Darrin and Sheila talking}

DARRIN - Yeah. I do love you. You always have and always will be the girl for me.

SHEILA - {sounds out of it} See, you don't need dear little Sananna. {Laughs}

DARRIN - Okay.

SAMANTHA - {looks mad, walks into Sheila's room where she will find Darrin & Sheila laying on the bed together kissing} DARRIN!

DARRIN - {jumps up real fast} SAMANTHA!





SAMANTHA - {runs out of Sheila's room, down to the foyer crying}

DARRIN - {quickly follows}

{Scene: Foyer}

GUESTS - {all stand next to the stairs watching Samantha run down, who is crying, they all wonder what happened}

DARRIN - {comes running after Samantha} Samantha, I can explain.

SAMANTHA - {turns to stand in front of Darrin} I don't want to see you ever again Darrin... Keep the double-crosser.

GUESTS - {shocked}

SAMANTHA - {runs out the front door, Darrin follows}

GUESTS - {discuss what happened together}

{Scene: In front of the mansion}

DARRIN - Please Samantha, let me explain!

SAMANTHA - {stops} What's to explain?

DARRIN - You'll find out if you let me.

SAMANTHA - Fine... Let's go. {Faces Darrin}

DARRIN - Where?

SAMANTHA - Central park... You know the place.

DARRIN - {runs to open the door for Samantha} Sure, we had our first kiss there.

SAMANTHA - {sits in the passenger side of the car} Don't think I'm getting all sentimental or anything.

DARRIN - Of course. What was I thinking? {closes her door, walks over to the driver's seat, gets in, closes the door, and drives away}

{Scene: Samantha & Darrin are taking a walk at Central park}

SAMANTHA - {looks mad while Darrin explains}

DARRIN - You have every right to be upset with me.

SAMANTHA - Thanks for the permission.

DARRIN - Look, Sheila just got me in the moment. She was trying so hard to stop us from being together, I was just getting caught up in her trap... I'm a sucker for cry.

SAMANTHA - I agree.

DARRIN - I love you. I don't have...

SAMANTHA - {hold her hand up} Wait, wait, back up a little bit. What did you say?

DARRIN - I don't have...

SAMANTHA - ...No, no, no. Before that.

DARRIN - I love you.

SAMANTHA - I love you too and that's all I care about.

DARRIN - ...And Sheila just tricked...

SAMANTHA - {grabs Darrin and kisses him before he can finish}

DARRIN - Wow! ...And speaking of wow, who would you explain all those incidents with Sheila this evening? {holds on to Samantha to keep her warm}

SAMANTHA - {thinks for a minute}

DARRIN - What's wrong? {comforts Samantha}

SAMANTHA - I know why. {Sad}

DARRIN - {puts his arm around Samantha} What is it? {wonders what is wrong with Samantha}

SAMANTHA - {takes a deep breathe} I'm a witch!

Fade to commercial.

{Scene: Continue at Central Park}

DARRIN - Your a what?

SAMANTHA - A witch.

DARRIN - Prove it. {Starts to back off, scared}

SAMANTHA - {squints her eyes and levitates toward her}

DARRIN - {as he is flying} Whoa! {holds his head back}

SAMANTHA - Believe me know? {concentrates}

DARRIN - {lands right in front of Samantha's face}

SAMANTHA - {holds on to him}

DARRIN - {stares at her}

SAMANTHA - Do you still love me?

DARRIN - I don't know.

SAMANTHA - Kiss me. {The two embrace in a kiss, during the kiss: the two magically disappear in a smoke of dust}

{Scene: Stephens kitchen where Samantha, Esmeralda, and Tabitha are cooking breakfast}

ESMERALDA- {at the stove cooking pancakes} So how did it go at the witches council last night?

SAMANTHA - Alright. Everything is alright. {Squeezing orange juice}

TABITHA - {setting the table} What's alright mommy?

SAMANTHA - Well, let's put it like this, last night something really bad happened and then later on it got better than it was before.

ESMERALDA- Well whatever it is, I'm glad it worked out Samantha.

TABITHA - Me too mommy.

SAMANTHA - Thank you both. Tabitha, why don't you help mommy put these orange juices on the table. {As Samantha finishes squeezing and Tabitha finishes setting}

DARRIN - {walks in the kitchen while he is holding Adam}Good morning everyone. {Smiles}

ESMERALDA- {finishing the pancakes} Oh hi Mr. Stephens?

DARRIN - Good morning Esmeralda

ESMERALDA- {smiles that Darrin is so nice to her}

DARRIN - Samantha, a moment please. {Puts Adam down}

SAMANTHA - Yes darling. {Walks over to Darrin}

DARRIN - Go help your sister Adam.

ESMERALDA- {helps get the table all ready}

ADAM - Okay daddy. {Walks to the table}

SAMANTHA - What is it darling?

DARRIN - What was wrong with our marriage last night that you spoke of in the note? {puts his arms across his chest}

SAMANTHA - Well... Uh... I, ah?

DARRIN - Shhh. {Puts his fingers on Samantha's lips}I know you went to the witches council...

SAMANTHA - {listens to Darrin carefully}

DARRIN - {has his arms around her} I know we went back to when we originally met...


DARRIN - Shhh... And it was like I couldn't control my actions. I could feel, what another Darrin was doing. It felt like I was just watching someone else be me, but what he was doing was exactly the things I would do. Though is a..."bewitching" experience...

SAMANTHA - See, we had to...

DARRIN - Shhh... I don't want to know why I felt like that and why you had to go to the witches' council, I can tell by the smile on your face now, that everything is alright.

SAMANTHA - {smiles, the two kiss passionately}

ESMERALDA- {sits with the kids sitting at the table watching them kiss}

ADAM - Oooh.

TABITHA - That's not nice Adam.

ADAM - So.

DARRIN - Okay, everyone let's eat some breakfast, you too Esmeralda. {Claps his hands together once, excited}

ESMERALDA- Thanks Mr. Stephens, I'd love too.

DARRIN - Good. {Pulls a chair out for Esmeralda and Samantha, the adults are seated and Endora pops in}

SAMANTHA - {happy Darrin was so understanding, takes a seat at the table}

ENDORA - Hi everyone.

DARRIN - Hi Endora, we were just about to eat so could you...

SAMANTHA - please leave, mother? You know how Darrin is in the mornings.

DARRIN - Actually, we were just about to eat so could you please join us? {sits in his chair}

ENDORA - {pops into a chair} Sure, I'd love to, thank you... {she pauses, takes a deep breathe} Darrin!

EVERYONE - {claps}

ENDORA - ...And Samantha, maybe you were right about the you know what?

SAMANTHA - I never had a doubt about you know who. Never have, Never will. {Smiles}

ENDORA - Oh really?

SAMANTHA - Yes mother!

DARRIN - {wonders what is going on with a strange look on his face}

Fade to commercial.

Cut to ending credits.


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