Secrets Behind A Marriage - Part Two

by Ryan Goble


Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha
Dick Sargent as Darrin
Agnes Moorehead as Endora
Alice Ghostley as Esmeralda
Erin Murphy as Tabitha
Greg Lawrence as Adam
David White as Larry Tate


Sheila Sommers
Witches Council
Mr. Edge
Al (Bartender)
A Drunk


Stephens House
a) Kitchen
b) Hallway
c) Tabitha's Room
d) Adam's Room
e) Stephen's Bedroom

McMann & Tate
a)Secretary's Room
b)Conference Room

Witches Council
Department Store
Cloud 9
Sheila's Living room
Drug Store
Joe's Bar & Grill


Cloud 9
McMann and Tate
Typical New York City Street, 1964
Department Store
Joe's Bar & Grill

The events in this episode take place shortly after the conclusion of the original series.



COUNCIL - Was it Darrin who made you fill guilty every time you used witchcraft? Or was it the spell... Every time you had a difference was it the spell we cast that brought you two back together again?

Clips of Sam & Darrin making
up such as "A Is For Aardvark",

Was everything the cause of our spell? Or you two's own doing? Would you two ever meet and marry if it wasn't for he spell? That is what were going to let Samantha do.

SAMANTHA - What are you going to let me do? {looks at Endora} Do you know mother?

ENDORA - Don't ask me.

SAMANTHA - Oh no...

{Scene: Kitchen}

ESMERALDA- {sitting at the table, drinking milk and reading, she jumps real fast when she hears the front door open and close}

DARRIN - {walks from the front door to the kitchen} Esmeralda, what are you doing here?

ESMERALDA- Oh! {fades away} I'm waiting for Samantha to get back!

DARRIN - Where did she go?

ESMERALDA- There's a note on the table that explains it all. Can I go now?

DARRIN - Sure, go on. {Picks up the note, and reads it}

Dear Darrin,
Sorry I couldn't wait for you. But
I had an emergency witches council meeting,
one that puts our marriage on the line.
Esmeralda stayed with the kids for me, I
hope you didn't yell at her. Don't worry
about me and be sure to get a good night's
sleep. I'll see you in the morning.

Love Sam.

Oh Sam! Good night honey, {kisses the letter, heads upstairs}

{Scene: Witches Council}

SAMANTHA - What are you going to let me do? {looks at Endora} Do you know mother?

ENDORA - Don't ask me.

SAMANTHA - Oh no...

ENDORA - Shhhh! Samantha! Let them explain.

COUNCIL - At dawn, we will set time back to the time Darrin & Samantha first met. To prove Samantha & Darrin really love each other, Samantha must see if Darrin loves her without using the spell we cast. Only Samantha & Endora will carry the memory what happened with the spell.

SAMANTHA - ...And this is your decision?


SAMANTHA - Well then, {excited} I accept, I accept, I accept. I'll prove to you we really love each other.

ENDORA - Samantha! Are you completely mortal? What if you and Derwood aren't attracted to each other, then we'll be stuck there!

SAMANTHA - Mother, you said you would help me. Its only nine years before.

ENDORA - Oh curse this luck.

SAMANTHA - Why mother? You're afraid we'll fall in love again, & your only daughter will be stuck with a mortal. Well, sorry mother. I love Darrin too much to pass this up.

ENDORA - Fine.

COUNCIL - At dawn! {angry}

SAMANTHA - Good. It's settled {waves her hands and pops out}

ENDORA - Oh Samantha! Wait for me! {pops out}

COUNCIL - {gives an evil laugh}

Cut to theme.

Cut to commercial break.

Cut to opening credits.

{Scene: Stephens hallway: "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations plays in the background}

SAMANTHA - {She pops in. Begins to walk to her bedroom, then stops and thinks. Samantha walks to Tabitha's room, where Tabitha is fast asleep. Samantha stares at Tabitha and gives her a look of love.

Clips from: "Nobody's Perfect", "Tabitha Cranky
Spell", and "Tabitha's First Day of School" play
as Samantha thinks of all the good times they've

Samantha smiles, walks to Adam's room, where Adam
is fast asleep. Samantha gives him a look of love
as well.

Clips from "Daddy Comes To Visit", "TV Or Not TV",
and "Adam, Warlock or Washout" plays as Samantha
remembers all the joy Adam brought to her.

Samantha smiles then walks to her bedroom. She
sits on the bed look at Darrin passionately and
kisses him on the cheek. She twitches on some
pajamas. She lays down to fall asleep with her
arm around Darrin}

{Scene: The street in front of the Stephens' house. We watch the night fade into dawn. Stephens bedroom, Samantha & Darrin are sleeping}

SAMANTHA - {Asleep with Darrin. Camera zooms in at a clock sitting on Samantha's night stand, the clock reads 4:59 AM and the moves to 5:00 AM. A shimmering light flashes over Samantha, who begins to wake, and she disappears}

{Scene: SETTING: 1964. Cloud 9. The show is filmed in black & white for a few moments, then fades into color}

SAMANTHA - {Asleep with Endora floating on some clouds, she begins to awake, rubs her eyes, etc.} Mother. Mother? MOTHER!

ENDORA - {Awakes in a quick jump, grouchy} Huh? Oh. What is it Samantha?

SAMANTHA - Mother.

ENDORA - What is it?

SAMANTHA - It's past dawn. Don't you know where we are?

ENDORA - Where? {pity look on her face}

SAMANTHA - Mother! We're back in 1964. Remember...

ENDORA - Oh, 1964. Oh yes of course. Well what are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be somewhere falling in love with a mortal or something?

SAMANTHA - Uh... Oh yes. Don't you remember? Before I met Darrin I would stay with you, here at Cloud 9?

ENDORA - Oh yes, now I remember. You were off to the mortal world when I was on my way to witches council to put the you know what on the you know who.

SAMANTHA - So that's where you went. Well, if you don't mind Mother, you know who is off to meet a you know what.

ENDORA - Well, since you know who doesn't have to go off to you know where, I think I'll tag along with you know who.

SAMANTHA - Mother! I don't want you know who tagging along me.

ENDORA - What were we talking about?

SAMANTHA - You coming along with me today.

ENDORA - Oh yes. Please? I just want to see how things turn out.

SAMANTHA - Fine mother. {Twitches her nose and she appears in the same outfit she wore when she first met Darrin}You can come. No funny business now. {Waves her hand and disappears}

ENDORA - Who knows? This might be the last time we can be together as mother and witch. I must have to have fun. {Waves her hand and Endora disappears}

{Scene: A typical New York Business Street: 1964}

SAMANTHA - {pops in front of a tree} Mother?

ENDORA - Right behind you. {Pops into the scene}


ENDORA - So, what are you going to do?

SAMANTHA - Well, in Darrin and I's first meeting we sort of just kept meeting each other accidentally, No wait I take that back, it was purposely {grins at Endora}

ENDORA - So what do you want to do?

SAMANTHA - I don't know. It's not like were on any time limit, you want to go shopping?

ENDORA - This day just keeps getting brighter and brighter.

SAMANTHA - Good. {Looks in her as her and Endora walk a little ways}

ENDORA - {whispering} Samantha, look ahead?


ENDORA - Look ahead. {Looks ahead herself}

DARRIN - {walking towards Samantha}

SAMANTHA - {puts her head up} What? {she literally bumps into Darrin}

DARRIN - Oh my! I am so sorry miss.

SAMANTHA - That's quite alright. {She and Darrin stare for exactly 2 seconds} I can be such a klutz sometimes.

DARRIN - But I'm still sorry.

SAMANTHA - Not at all.

DARRIN - Well, don't mean to be rude but, I am very late for a meeting at the office.

SAMANTHA - Oh, no problem. You go right along.

DARRIN - Bye. {Smiles, gets into a parked car by the curb}

SAMANTHA - {waves}

ENDORA - {disgusted look on her face} That was pretty lame.

SAMANTHA - Oh mom! Hey, but that's a good sign. He gave me the look.

ENDORA - {continues walking with Samantha} What look?

SAMANTHA - The look he gave me the first time we met like that.

ENDORA - Please, let's go shopping.

SAMANTHA - Fine. {She waves her hand with Endora and they disappear}

A DRUNK - {sitting on the curb, homeless looking} Uhhhhhh! The look, they went shopping. Oooh!

Cut to commercial break.

{Scene: McMann & Tate's conference room, a client sits at the table with Darrin & Larry standing in front of a presentation board. The presentation board reads: "Teen Tenny Shoes. The High Top Shoes for Today's Youth" with a picture of a teenage couple in a hot car, in the background is a jukebox. The couple shares a milk shake with their "Teen Tenny Shoes" laid on the dashboard}

DARRIN - Now you see Mr. Edge, if we advertised your Tenny Shoes in top teen magazines such as Teen Beat, etc. we could give them that new, youth look. We could even come change the name of the shoes to make them sound as hip as they look. {He points to the presentation stand} So what do you think? Of course this would be first of many radio, billboard, magazine, and television advertisements.

LARRY - {folds his arms on his chest with a disgusted look}Darrin these are horrible. You surely didn't put...

MR. EDGE - I love them! McMann & Tate has my account! {gestures toward Tate for a hand shake}

LARRY - These are great Darrin. Your surely put all your time and effort into these.

DARRIN - Yeah, thanks Larry. {Stands back}

LARRY - {shakes Mr. Edge's hand}

BETTY - {walks in} Mr. Stephens, Ms. Sheila Sommers is on the phone.

DARRIN - Oh, thanks Betty, I'll be right there to take it.

BETTY - Alright. {Leaves}

DARRIN - I'll be right back fellas.

MR. EDGE - Take your time. Mr. Tate and I have a lot of business to talk about.

LARRY - We sure do.

MR. EDGE - You can let go of my hand now Mr. Tate.

LARRY - Oh, okay. {Lets go}

DARRIN - {has a smirk on his face} I'll be right back.

{Scene: Secretary's Office}

DARRIN - {walks out of the office}

BETTY - Here you are Mr. Stephens {hands him the phone}

DARRIN - Thanks Betty. {Takes the phone} Hello?

SHEILA - {at the airport} Hello, Darrin Darling.

DARRIN - Oh hello sweetheart. Where are you?

SHEILA - At the airport. I'll be home early.

DARRIN - Honey, that's wonderful. So do you want me to come pick you up?

SHEILA - Yes baby. At 6 O'clock.

DARRIN - I'll be there. Bye darling.

SHEILA - Ta ta. {hangs up}

DARRIN - {hangs up} I want to get Sheila something wonderful. Betty, do you know of any places that has great gifts for women?

BETTY - Gee, I don't know. There's a department store down town on 32nd street that has wonderful things,

DARRIN - Thanks a lot Betty. I can't wait to see Sheila. {Runs back into the conference room, grabs his coat and hat}Uh, Larry, Mr. Edge, Sheila is coming home early and I want to pick up something special for her, so I am going to leave now, alright?

LARRY - {anxiously waits for Mr. Edge to sign the contract} Yeah okay Darrin. Have fun.

DARRIN - Bye. {Leaves the office}

LARRY - {continues to wait}

{Scene: Department Store Door}

SAMANTHA - {They are 15 ft. away from the department store door inside. Samantha is holding 1 hat box and 1 dress box. Endora is carrying a hat box} Well, I don't no why I bought things that I won't even wear if I ever return to 1973, but they are wonderful things, I could wear them if Darrin &I have a date.

ENDORA - I wouldn't count on it.

SAMANTHA - Oh mother. You even found a marvelous hat to wear.

ENDORA - I didn't want you to feel left out when you bought your hat and dress.

SAMANTHA - Oh sure. {Laughs, opens the door, Darrin sees the door open and walks right into Samantha}

DARRIN- Oh I am so sorry {realizes it is Samantha} again.

SAMANTHA - Oh no problem. What are you doing here? You don't look like someone who'd where a hat or dress.

DARRIN - Well actually, My ummm, friend has a thing coming up.

SAMANTHA - A thing?

DARRIN - Yeah. {Brushes his hand on his hair}

SAMANTHA - Well, me and my mother have a thing to go to?

DARRIN - Oh, how do you do Mrs... ?

ENDORA - Just call me Endora.

DARRIN - Well, hi Endora.

ENDORA - Shouldn't we go Samantha?

DARRIN - {stares at Samantha} Oh yes. Nice seeing you, again.

ENDORA - Good-bye.

SAMANTHA - Bye. {Walks with Endora off the set}

DARRIN- {a grin appears on his face, he shakes his head, walks into the department store}

SAMANTHA - {down the street with Endora} See, we are meant to be together, we keep bumping into each other

ENDORA - Here we go again. {Walks away}

SAMANTHA - Oh mom! {runs to catch up to Endora}

{Scene: Drug Store}

ENDORA - {Sits with Samantha having an Ice Cream Soda}So what's your next move with Darrin?

SAMANTHA - {takes a drink} I really haven't really done anything yet, we just keep coming together.
Like fate, maybe?

ENDORA - Oh wonderful.

SAMANTHA - Maybe Darrin is back at the office?

ENDORA - He's at that store, looking for a "thing"? Did you hear Donald when you asked him what he
was doing here?


ENDORA - He paused for awhile and then said friend like he was trying to keep something from you.

SAMANTHA - I know exactly who he was talking about.

ENDORA - Who? {excited}

SAMANTHA - Sheila Sommers, that was Darrin's girlfriend before he met me, and since he didn't want to tell me who she was, that means he thought we could have a chance and he didn't want to spoil it by saying he was already taken.

ENDORA - {laughs} How delightful.

SAMANTHA - But I don't care I'm going to see if Darrin is at the office.

ENDORA - {takes a Drink} Fine, let's go. {Endora waves her hand she disappears}

SAMANTHA - Good. {Twitches her nose, Samantha disappears}

{Scene: In Front of McMann & Tate}

ENDORA - {pops in front of the building}

SAMANTHA - {pops right in front of Darrin, who was walking into the building}

DARRIN - Oh my, hi again, Samantha.

SAMANTHA - Well, hi yourself...

DARRIN - ...Call me Darrin.

SAMANTHA - Well, hi Darrin.

DARRIN - You know, this is the third time we've ran into each other today.

SAMANTHA - I though you were finding a "thing" down at the department store?

DARRIN - My boss, Larry, phoned and he needed me at the office for a few hours.


DARRIN - You know what Samantha?

ENDORA - Ugggghhhh! {silently, secrets pops out of scene behind Samantha and Darrin}


DARRIN - I think we should sit down and discuss how we bumping into each other, one of us could really get hurt if we don't.

SAMANTHA - Marvelous idea.

DARRIN - So, uh, when would you like to meet?

SAMANTHA - How about tonight?

DARRIN - My, ummm, fiancé {whispers}, Sheila, is coming back from Paris and we're having dinner tonight, so...

SAMANTHA - Is tomorrow good?

DARRIN - You bet. How about at Joe's Bar & Grill at 6 O'clock?

SAMANTHA - Marvelous. It's a date!

DARRIN - Yeah. {Shrugs, puts his hands in his pockets} Well, see you then.

SAMANTHA - See you tomorrow.

DARRIN - Good-bye. {Walks inside the office building}

SAMANTHA - {smiles, turns around, looks for Endora} Mother? Mother? {she starts to think}

{Scene: Joe's Bar & Grill}

DARRIN - {walks in with Sheila}

SHEILA - I am so glad I'm back. {Kisses Darrin on the cheek} Aren't you happy?

DARRIN - {seems out of it} Yeah.

SHEILA - {notices an empty table, takes Darrin's hand and they go to the table to sit} Oh look, our table
is ready.

DARRIN - Wonderful. {Walks to the table with Sheila}

SHEILA - {her and Darrin are all comfy in their booth} Isn't this nice, honey?

DARRIN - This is nice and you're beautiful. {Darrin & Sheila kiss passionately for a few moments}

SHEILA - Oh Darrin, I had the most marvelous time. {Stops kissing} I bought this new painting of this poor man on bent knee to this beautiful rich women.

DARRIN - {takes a drink of water} Oh really?

SHEILA - ...And it made me think of you. {Snuggles up with Darrin}

DARRIN - Me? A painting of a poor man with a rich women reminded you of me?

SHEILA - Yes. And that got me to thinking.

DARRIN - {takes another drink} What about?

SHEILA - A question. A question I want to ask you.

DARRIN - {takes another drink} What question?

SHEILA - {rubs one hand on Darrin's hair, the other hand on his back} Darrin, baby, will you do me the honor of being my husband.

DARRIN - {takes another drink, chokes} Oh Sheila. Yes, I love you so much. A million times yes!

SHEILA - I love you too. {Sheila & Darrin embrace in a kiss} Let's get out of here.

DARRIN - What?

SHEILA - Let's go back my place to celebrate?

DARRIN - Okay. {Scoots out of the booth, the couple runs out of the restaurant}

{Scene: Cloud 9}

SAMANTHA - {floating on clouds with Endora, Samantha is brushing her hair} What do you think Darrin
is doing? Where do you think he's at?

ENDORA - {grins at Samantha} There's only one way to find out.

SAMANTHA - Mother, you wouldn't...

ENDORA - Bye. {Waves her hands, she pops out}

SAMANTHA - Dare. {Sits bored}

{Scene: Sheila's Living room}

SHEILA - {on Darrin's lap}

ENDORA - {pops in, she is invisible}

SHEILA - {she and Darrin kiss for a moment} Oh, I am so excited to be Mrs. Darrin Stephens}

ENDORA - HUH! {waves her hand at Sheila, her black wig flies against the wall, waves her hand hand
again and she pops out}

SHEILA - {embarrassed}

DARRIN - {walks over to wig, picks it up and hands it back to her, he smiles}

SHEILA - {looks at Darrin mad}

DARRIN - {his smile disappears, he hugs Sheila}

{Scene: Cloud 9}

SAMANTHA - {waits patiently}

ENDORA - {pops in} GUESS WHAT???!??!?

SAMANTHA - {jumps in shock}

ENDORA - You remember that Sheila you told me about? {says Sheila's name in a disgusting way}

SAMANTHA - {floats up} Yeah?

ENDORA - I saw her on his lap, kissing him, and telling him... She couldn't wait to be Mr. Donald Stephens.

SAMANTHA - Oh my stars! That double-crosser. {Stands angrily}

ENDORA - Well, this all would happen if it wasn't for the spell, remember?

SAMANTHA - Well, tomorrow when I meet Darrin at that bar, he'll know what will make him happier.

ENDORA - Well, I'm off to Paris. {Waves her hands and she pops out}

SAMANTHA - Oh mother. What the heck? {twitches her nose and she pops out}

Cut to commercial break.

{Scene: Shows a New York street at night, fades into dawn, fades into morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and then into night.

Cut to in front of "Joe's Bar & Grill" where the
camera zooms into the front sign.

Now at "Joe's Bar & Grill":}

DARRIN - {walks into to the bar has a seat next to his best friend Dave at the bar} Hi Dave.

BARTENDER- {turns to Darrin} What can I get you?

DARRIN - Oh hi Al. A Bloody Mary will be fine.

BARTENDER- {gives Darrin the okay sign, turns to make drink}

DAVE - Hi Darrin. So how is it being engaged to the daughter of the 4th richest man in the world?
{takes a sip of his drink}

DARRIN - I don't know. It just seems whenever I'm around Sheila, I feel a little incomplete.

DAVE - That's natural. You'll eventually start feeling like that once your married {looks drunk, doesn't
realize what Darrin is really saying}

DARRIN - Darrin, I really need to talk to you.

DAVE - Sure. If you can't talk to your best friend, who can you talk to? I understand. One last talk before you take the fatal step, huh?

DARRIN - Well.

BARTENDER- {hands Darrin his drink}

DARRIN - Thanks Al. {takes his drink} You know Sheila's a wonderful girl. She'd make a wonderful wife.

DAVE - {lights a cigarette, smokes} Darrin buddy, marriage is put together by two people, you need two people...

DARRIN - ...She has a lot to offer me, and that's $25 million dollars a lot

DAVE - ...You need to understand her. She needs to understand you...{still acts like he's talking
while Darrin speaks}

DARRIN - But I'm not sure I really love her. Sure I say I do, but do I mean it?

DAVE - ...You need mutual understanding and trust. Believe in her. Believe in yourself.

DARRIN - Do I know what love even is? {takes a drink} But why do I feel like this? Maybe I'm not ready for this. But why wouldn't I be ready for marriage?

DAVE - {finishes his drink} ...And that's what you have to do, and I wish you all the best. {Gets up and pats Darrin on the back} Good luck in future, and remember I'm always here.

DARRIN - Thanks Dave.

DAVE - Anytime. {Leaves}

DARRIN - {sits and thinks hard for a moment, shakes his head no}

SAMANTHA - {walks in the bar, walks to Darrin's back, taps him}

DARRIN - Oh hi Samantha. {Sticks his hand out to offer Samantha a seat} Have a seat.

SAMANTHA - Thank you. {Sits}

DARRIN - Would you like a drink?

SAMANTHA - Sure Darrin.

DARRIN - {snaps his finer} Uh Al.

BARTENDER- {turns to Darrin}

DARRIN - {looks at Samantha} What would you like?

SAMANTHA - A martini. {Very happy & excited}

BARTENDER- Coming up. {Goes to fix drink}

DARRIN - You know, this might be one of my last times to buy a beautiful girl a drink.

SAMANTHA - What do you mean?

DARRIN - I'm getting married.

SAMANTHA - You don't seem too happy about it.

DARRIN - {turns to Samantha as if he really has someone to communicate with} You see, I'm not sure if I really love her.

SAMANTHA - Then why are you getting married?

DARRIN - She asked me and Sheila isn't the type of person you turn down.

SAMANTHA - I understand.

DARRIN - Have you ever been married or are you?

SAMANTHA - No, I never have. My mother isn't the type you just go and just get married on. {Laughs}

DARRIN - {laughs} You know what?

SAMANTHA - I give up. Tell me.

DARRIN - Wait right here.

BARTENDER- {serves Samantha her drink}

DARRIN - Al, don't let her out of your sight. I'll be right back. {Runs out of the bar}

SAMANTHA - Oh my stars! I knew he'd couldn't marry Sheila if Darrin met me first. {Smiles, Samantha is very happy}

ENDORA - {pops in}

BARTENDER- {sees Endora pop in, drops a glass in shock}

ENDORA - Don't get your hopes up yet.

SAMANTHA - Mother?

ENDORA - You don't know how Sheila will take the news.


BARTENDER - {looks at Samantha & Endora strangely}

ENDORA - {grins at Samantha} You aren't in shallow water yet my dear...

Cut to commercial break.

Cut to closing credits.


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