Secrets Behind A Marriage - Part One

by Ryan Goble


Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha
Dick Sargent as Darrin
Agnes Moorehead as Endora
Alice Ghostley as Esmeralda
Erin Murphy as Tabitha
Greg Lawrence as Adam


Witches Council


Laundry Room
Living Room
Front Hall
Tabitha's Room
Adam's Room
Pizza Parlor
Darrin's Office
The Witches Council

The events in this episode take place shortly after the conclusion of the original series.


{Teaser: Stephens Laundry Room}

SAMANTHA - {yelling up to the stairs} Tabitha! Adam! Come get your laundry!

TABITHA - {pops into the laundry room, holding hands with Adam} Yes mommy?

SAMANTHA - {points a finger at them} Oh Tabitha... You should know better than that... No more witchcraft. Remember what Daddy and I told you...

TABITHA - Okay, okay mommy! No more magic. {Scared}

SAMANTHA - Good now {hands Tabitha the laundry} put everything in their right place.

ADAM - Okay mommy. {Nods his head, the laundry disappears}. Good Adam.

SAMANTHA - Adam, that goes for you too.

ADAM - What goes for me Mommy?

SAMANTHA - {bends over and whispers to Adam} Me and Grandmama will have to bind your powers until you can control using them yourselves.

ENDORA - {pops in on the washer, is angry} I WILL DO NO SUCH THING!

TABITHA - Hi Grandmama.

ENDORA - Hi darlings... Why don't you and Adam pop upstairs and Grandmama will be up in a moment to play a game with you.

TABITHA - Okay... Come on Adam. {The two of them run upstairs}.

ENDORA - Uh, uh Tabitha darling, you were suppose to use witchcraft to get upstairs...

SAMANTHA - Give it up mother!

ENDORA - ...What is the matter, it was bad enough that you had to give up your heritage, but to deny Tabitha & Adam of their heritage too. That's disgusting. What has come over you?


ENDORA - You need to stop this mortal dread {thinks}I got it.

SAMANTHA - What mother?

ENDORA - I hope they'll change their mind. Maybe? Bye darling. {Pops out in a bolt of thunder}

SAMANTHA - Who's should change their mind? Mother, what are you up to? Oh no! Here we go again. {Puts clothes in the dryer and leaves toward the kitchen}.

Cut to the theme.

Cut to commercial break.

Cut to opening credits.

{Scene: various parts of the Stephen house while Peggy's Lee's Bewitched Theme plays in the background.

SAMANTHA - KITCHEN: {Samantha fixes sandwiches for lunch, pours 3 glasses of milk, sets everything on the kitchen table. CUT TO THE LIVING ROOM: Samantha is dusting furniture, she straightens up, and vacuums. CUT TO THE KITCHEN: Samantha is doing the dishes and is cleaning the counters, etc. Sits down slouched in a kitchen table seat. Music fades until it stops.} Whew! I'm beat! {phone rings} Oh! {runs to the TV, picks up the phone} Hello? Oh hi Darrin!

DARRIN - Are you okay, You sound tired.

SAMANTHA - I'm fine, How about yourself.

DARRIN - {at the office} I'm fine but I'll be working late tonight with Larry on some new approaches for the company.

SAMANTHA - So you won't be until about?

DARRIN - A little after midnight.

SAMANTHA - Okay, maybe the kids and I'll go out for pizza and then to a movie.

DARRIN - I'm sorry.

SAMANTHA - It's okay. The children will keep me busy! But I'll wait for you.

DARRIN - Okay, I love you.

SAMANTHA - I love you too sweetheart. Bye.

DARRIN - Bye. {Hangs up and smiles}

SAMANTHA - {hangs up and smiles}

{Scene: Witches Council}

ENDORA - {on a stand shouting at some dark clouds} I am telling you, the spell we used is not working.

COUNCIL - What makes you so sure Endora?

ENDORA - Well they obviously except the circumstances of their mixed marriage and have coped with their differences.

COUNCIL - We told you to drop that humiliating idea. We should have had taken another approach.

ENDORA - You passed my request, it was your idea too.

COUNCIL - {thunder strikes Endora} ENDORA,YOU WERE THE BUMBLING IDIOT WHO BROUGHT THAT IDEA TO US! ...And as we recall, if your idea failed you promised we could earth-
bound you.


COUNCIL - It was a deal, witches honor remember? Now you bring Samantha here tonight, we'll inform her of your stupid doings and how she must abide by the pact of her mother. Are we done?

ENDORA - {disappointed} Yes your Majesties.


ENDORA - YES YOUR MAJESTIES! {disappears in a shadow}

{Scene: Tabitha's Room/hall. Where Tabitha and Adam are playing}

SAMANTHA - {walks in} Hi everyone!

ADAM - Hi mommy!

SAMANTHA - Guess what?

TABITHA - What? {in excitement}

SAMANTHA - Daddy has to work late so what do you say we all go out for pizza and then to a movie?


ADAM - I like pizza.

SAMANTHA - Good. Then its settled. We'll leave in about 2 hours, okay?

ENDORA - {pops in} Samantha, I need to speak to you.

SAMANTHA - Oh hi Mother. Would you like to join me & the children for pizza and a movie tonight?

TABITHA - Please Grandmama.

ENDORA - No you have plans. I mean I have plans. Samantha, a moment please?

SAMANTHA - Sure mother. {Walks with Endora out in the hall} What is it?

ENDORA - Well, the witches council would like to see you tonight.

SAMANTHA - What about?

ENDORA - I think you know what about and they are very mad and quite serious if I do say so myself.

SAMANTHA - Is the witches council where you popped off to when you left here this morning?

ENDORA - Never mind that. You have to go!

SAMANTHA - Oh. Sounds important! But I'm taking the children out tonight.

ENDORA - No problem... Yoo-Hoo Esmeralda???

ESMERALDA- {Just her hat and shoes appear} Yes? {stutters}

ENDORA - Its okay, Dubbin isn't here.

ESMERALDA- {fully materializes} Oh well then, how can I help?

ENDORA - You can take Tabitha & Adam out for Pizza tonight and then to a movie.

SAMANTHA - Mother, this is ridiculous...

ENDORA - Samantha, you have to go, they aren't happy now, you don't have a choice.

SAMANTHA - Okay. What time?

ENDORA - Promptly at eight.

SAMANTHA - Alright Esmeralda, I'll give you directions to the pizza parlor and movie theater and some money later, but first let me go let the kids know what is happening.

ESMERALDA- Alright Samantha.

SAMANTHA - {walks back into the room} Hi guys. Guess what?

ADAM - What?

SAMANTHA - Esmeralda will take you out tonight.


SAMANTHA - Mommy has to go to the witches council.

TABITHA - Can we come? We've never been to witches council before.

SAMANTHA - Sorry darling. Mommies only. You'll have fun & you'll mind Esmeralda. Now give me a hug. {Everyone hugs, Samantha gives Endora a grin out in the hall}

{Scene: Front hall}

SAMANTHA - So do you know everything to do Esmeralda?

ESMERALDA- Sure do. I have the directions in my pocket, the money in my other pocket, Darrin's office number if I need help, and an amulet that will freeze everyone in the room if I sneeze up something awful.

SAMANTHA - Good {helps Adam with his coat} and we'll see you later. {Gives Tabitha and Adam a hug}

TABITHA - Bye mommy, we'll miss you!

SAMANTHA - I'll miss you too sweetheart.

ESMERALDA- Oh, we'll have lots of fun!

SAMANTHA - Okay, be good for Esmeralda now.

ESMERALDA- Good-bye Samantha, and don't worry.

SAMANTHA - Take care.

ESMERALDA- {walks out the door with the kids}

SAMANTHA - {watches them out the window}

ESMERALDA- {waves her hand and disappears with the children}

SAMANTHA - {smiles}

ENDORA - {pops in} Already dear?

SAMANTHA - Almost, just a second. {Twitches her nose and Samantha appears in her black flying suit} Now I am.

ENDORA - Shall we go?

SAMANTHA - Lets. {Waves both hands in the air and disappears with Endora}

SAMANTHA - I hope the children will be alright. {As she disappears into a fade}

ENDORA - They'll be fine!

Cut to commercial break.

{Scene: Witches Council}

SAMANTHA - {arrives in a cloud of smoke with Endora}

COUNCIL - Hello Samantha. Just on time. ENDORA!

ENDORA - Now listen here...

COUNCIL - ...You listen, quite your sour attitude, your just mad because you powers are in danger.

SAMANTHA - Mother!

COUNCIL - Enough poppycock! Samantha, we're cutting to the chase.

SAMANTHA - Please do.

COUNCIL - Ten years ago, not exactly, but from this year, in 1964 you first met mortal Darrin Stephens. But before this romantic meeting, you were adjusting to mortal life and liking it. Your friends & family disliked your thinking then. You were giving your family a bad name. Your family was embarrassed of your mortal doings.

SAMANTHA - What?! They never told me that!

COUNCIL - They wouldn't. They came to complain to us.


COUNCIL - Hold your questions they'll all be answered.


COUNCIL - Anyway, your mortal doings were really putting everyone in the hot seat. Devoting yourself to the mortal ways you were ignoring your witch heritage and made everyone angry with you even more. There was a big hole in your family without you knowing it of course. Then being the EVIL WITCH Endora is, she confided in us to find a solution. She felt a double dose of your own medicine would do the trick by asking us to attract you to a mortal, who make you live the mortal life without the smallest bit of witchcraft. We hoped you'd see how hard that'd be, the return to daily life of a witch!

SAMANTHA - You mean my love for Darrin wasn't real! It was just a spell you and my mother cast?

COUNCIL - Hold on Samantha! Were not done yet! We were hoping after being married to a mortal who wanted you to do everything just as a mortal you would realize what a rut you were in and return to live what you you born as. Your mother gave us witches honor that if didn't be a full-time witch with ten years, we would have full rights to earthbound Endora. You haven't been fed up with mortal life yet. When we cast our attraction spell on you and Darrin we think the spell was too strong to make you realize anything, so anything you've ever really felt for Darrin was because of the spell. Even though the spell was too strong you still haven't been able to pull out of the mortal life, so within a year your mother will lose her powers and you marriage will be annulled.

SAMANTHA - Hold on now. How do you know my love for Darrin wasn't real? You said so yourself that the spell was too strong. Besides it isn't fair, that my mother loses her powers and I don't even have a real chance with Darrin. Give me another try? Please!

COUNCIL - Oh Samantha!

SAMANTHA - You are not just going to stand there and put me through misery and let the past nine years of my life go to waste are you? Have a heart. I have one, that's why I want you to help. I don't want my to lose her powers and I certainly don't want to stop loving Darrin.

COUNCIL - That's just it, how do you know you that really love Darrin, it was just a spell your mother talked us into.

SAMANTHA - I was treated with no say these last nine years, give me a chance to prove I love Darrin, and its just not the spell, please, to make up for casting the spell?

COUNCIL - Samantha, return at midnight, we'll have a decision for you then.

SAMANTHA - Fine. Let's go mother.

ENDORA - Right behind you dear. {Pops out in a cloud of smoke with Samantha}

{Scene: Pizza Parlor}

ESMERALDA - {at table, snaps fingers} Uh. Waiter, waiter!

WAITER - {walks right past Esmeralda}

ESMERALDA - Hey! Is it always so difficult to get help?

TABITHA - No. Mommy always gets us a waiter.

ESMERALDA - Well... Tonight I'll be your waiter. We don't have time to sit here all night.

TABITHA - I don't think this is gonna be a real...

ADAM - ...Good idea.

ESMERALDA - Oh! Pish tosh! I can still be a hot witch! I got us here didn't I?

TABITHA - {with Adam} Yes Esmeralda.

ESMERALDA - Now. {places hands on the table, closes eyes}

Quanzi, tazi
Velma, coo
Bring us a pizza,
1-2, 1-2.

{a pizza made of slime, finger nails, & pieces of squid appear on the table} Huh! Oh no! Let me try again.

TABITHA - {with Adam, sitting bored on the table}

{Scene: Stephens Living Room}

SAMANTHA - {with Endora, pops in}

ENDORA - ...At least you know what they wanted you for now.

SAMANTHA - Don't even mother! I'm furious! I can't believe you would cast a spell on me to marry a mortal just so I could remember my heritage. Of all the things, I don't believe this! Before tonight I was perfectly happy taking my children out and waiting for my husband to come home. Now just after a simple meeting I have all the problems in the world.

ENDORA - Oh Samantha! Don't feel too bad.

SAMANTHA - How could I feel good? Spell or not, I know I love Darrin. But the witches council won't believe that.

ENDORA - Well you aren't the only one with a big problem, I might lose my powers!

SAMANTHA - Then we'd both be losing something that means the world to us. Mother! Your impossible! Right now, you've caused me more trouble than anyone ever has! You don't know how hurt I am!

ENDORA - Well, no since worrying about it now! Let's fly to Paris until midnight and we'll...

SAMANTHA - Oh mother! I don't believe you. You practically ruined my whole life in one night and you want to fly to Paris?

ENDORA - Just trying to make you feel better. You've never been like this before. I can't believe you could ever be this angry.

SAMANTHA - That's just it mother, normally I wouldn't normally be this mad but when you put my marriage in jeopardy, there's a whole lot of attitude to go around. And Darrin is at this office thinking everything is alright, and so does Tabitha & Adam. Maybe I should pop over to the office and tell Darrin what happened.

ENDORA - I wouldn't tell Donald what has happening until the Witches Council makes their final decision.

SAMANTHA - I guess your right. But I still can't believe you would give up your powers just to keep me from mortal life.

ENDORA - Give it up Samantha, I'm sorry, I never intentionally meant to hurt you. I just don't care for mortals, and I thought I was losing you. I wanted us to do all the witchly things we used to. The midnight flights over the Indian Ocean, the time traveling. Remember?

SAMANTHA - {smiles at Endora, kisses her on the cheek, hugs her on the side} Oh mother, your one of a kind!

ENDORA - Why Samantha... You aren't mad anymore?

SAMANTHA - No, not really, but please accept my marriage from now on, and don't give no more trouble.

ENDORA - Of course.

SAMANTHA - Promise? Witches honor?

ENDORA - {does the witches honor, with two fingers crossed behind her back} Yes, witches honor!

SAMANTHA - And you have to help me through this.

ENDORA - Of course, my darling daughter.

SAMANTHA - Why thank ya, mother. {Kisses Endora on the cheek}

ENDORA - Anytime. {Hugs Samantha}

SAMANTHA - And I'll meet you at the witches council at midnight.

ENDORA - You don't want me to hang around?

SAMANTHA - I'd rather be alone right now.

ENDORA - So be it, see you later dear! {waves arms and disappears from the sofa}

SAMANTHA - Oh mother! Only you could get me out of a mess got me into.

{Scene: Pizza Parlor, 3 real gross looking picture lay on the table}

ESMERALDA- Let me try again... {gets in a spell casting position}

TABITHA - Esmeralda, like this. {Twitches her nose, 1 large, beautifully made pepperoni pizza rests on the table}

ESMERALDA- Well, if you want to get fancy...

ADAM - {claps his hands} Good Tabby, can we eat?

ESMERALDA- Sure everyone. Dig in. {puts a napkin on Adam}

TABITHA - {takes a bite} Mmmmm! Its good!

{Scene: Stephens front hall, Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again (Naturally" plays in the background for 30 seconds}

SAMANTHA - {sitting down on the wooden couch by the stairs

ESMERALDA- {comes through the front door with the kids} Hi
Samantha! We're home!

SAMANTHA - Oh good! Did everyone have a good time? {stands}

TABITHA - The best mommy!

SAMANTHA - Oh good, why don't you two kids go upstairs. It's way past your bedtimes, and I'll be up to tuck you both in faster than you could twitch someone up to do it for me!

TABITHA - Don't you want to know how our time went? {as she walks upstairs}

SAMANTHA - In the morning, right now you need to go to beddy bye.

ESMERALDA- Tabitha sure does twitch up a marvelous pizza!

SAMANTHA - {looks at Esmeralda in shock} She did what?

TABITHA - Uh, good night mommy {runs up the stairs real fast}

ADAM - Wait for me Tabby! {quickly follows Tabitha}

ESMERALDA- Oh I'm sorry Samantha, she did it before I could stop her. {Begins to fade}

SAMANTHA - Its okay Esmeralda. That the least of my worries.

ESMERALDA- {fades back} Oh, well then what's wrong?

SAMANTHA - Witches council, etc. etc.

ESMERALDA- Enough said.

SAMANTHA - I have to meet back with them at midnight tonight. Can you stay here and keep an eye on my little witch and warlock?

ESMERALDA- Sure. When will...

SAMANTHA - Darrin will be home about 10 minutes after I leave. So just stick around and keep an eye on things, help yourself to whatever you want.

ESMERALDA- Okay, thank you.

SAMANTHA - And when Darrin does come home {zaps a note onto a table, points at it} and give him that, and disappear as fast as your little arms can zap you! Got it?

ESMERALDA- Oh yes, Samantha.

SAMANTHA - {notices the clock striking twelve} Oh my stars! I got to go! {twitches her nose, and she's out of the scene}

ESMERALDA- {looking around cluelessly} Oh my! {walks toward the kitchen, she takes the note with her}

Cut to commercial break.

{Scene: Witches Council}

SAMANTHA - {pops in}

COUNCIL - Hello Samantha, where is your mother at?

SAMANTHA - She'll be along. May we start without her?

ENDORA - {pops in} No need, I'm here. I had to finish my dance with George Burns in Paris.

SAMANTHA - Oh hi mother!

ENDORA - Hi darling.

COUNCIL - {bolt of thunder surrounds the place} Shall we begin?


COUNCIL - SILENCE! Let retrospect for awhile... Perhaps build an explanation for our decision. It all started in 1964 when you were adjusting to mortal life...

A clip from episode 1.1 shows
Samantha walking on mortal
streets. Show the episode
until right after Darrin
puts a ring on Samantha
while witches council speaks.

...It had been just then your family and friends had been disgusted with your mortal involvements. Endora came to us with a possible solution to make you attracted to mortal who would make life as a mortal, hoping this would frustrate you and would want to back to your witch heritage, we thought your mother had a point and we put the spell on you and you fell in love and were married.

CLIP: Shows the hotel scene where
Samantha tells Darrin she's a
witch, council still speaks, also
shows Endora popping in.

Then you finally decided to let Darrin in on your secret on your honeymoon night. You thought he would be afraid of you. But instead he accepted you under one condition, NO MORE WITCHCRAFT! And that made you happy.

Clips from episode where Sam does
the dishes, cleaning house, cooking,
etc. and Sam participating in
community projects and helping
people like "Remember the Main",
"Little Pitchers Have Big Fears",
"Soapbox Derby", and "Sam Fights
City Hall", all while the council

You adjusted well as a mortal, participating in the community, such as politics, creating a new stoplight, helping children, saving playgrounds, cooking dinner, cleaning, vacuuming, and whatever else mortal do. You liked all of this and continued to do so.

Clips continue rolling for about
20 seconds.

Then you would have moments, moments of missing witchcraft.

Clips of episodes where Samantha
used witchcraft even though she
wasn't suppose to. Episode may
include: "Be It Ever So Mortgaged",
"Abner Kadabra", "Sam on the Moon",
etc. all while council continues
to talk.

When you'd miss witchcraft, and not knowing it, you'd go ahead and use your witchcraft such as to move paintings, vacuum the rug, switch furniture, what else....

Clips continue for 15 seconds...

Soon you'd b expecting your first child.

Clips from "Alias Darrin
Stephens," "And Then There
Were Three", "My Grandson, the
Warlock", and other baby

Your mother thought you taking care of baby the mortal would definitely make bring you out of your mortal rut.

Clips from "Nobody's Perfect,"
"The Moment of Truth",
"Witches & Warlocks Are My
My Favorite Things", & "Its

But when Tabitha would have powers, this just made matters worse. Your learned to cope with problems even better using the mortal way.

Clips continue for 12 seconds.

Even your relatives had no impact on you...

Clips from episodes when
Samantha's relatives visit
such as Serena, Uncle Arthur
Maurice, Aunt Clara, etc.

...They'd visit, put you in a situation and you'd always find your way out of it, but only by using witchcraft...

Clips of Samantha's family roll
for another 20 seconds.

And let's give Darrin credit... Every time...

Clips of Endora casting a
spell on Darrin such as
"Oedipus Hex", etc.

Endora or someone cast a spell on him, he'd have the worst of luck, but Samantha would always help him out every mess he was in. Though he never appreciated it. When the spells were over and done with, he'd still love Samantha, and hate her relatives, who weren't afraid to show they were against the marriage. But of those spells always ended in laugh!

Clips of Darrin under a spell
continue for 20 seconds.

Even when would return to your witchly life...

Clips from "Long Live The Queen"
and Samantha at "The Cosmos
Cotillion" are played.

...You'd still miss the mortal living, and return. You only served as Queen of the Witches for a year, then you just quite because Darrin made you. And when you were in Salem 3 years ago, you forced to go, were we ever mad when you left early without our permission.

Clips of Sam & Darrin fighting
such as "Charlie Harper, Winner",

Was it Darrin who made you fill guilty every time you used witchcraft? Or was it the spell? Every time you had a difference was it the spell we cast that brought you two back together again?

Clips of Sam & Darrin making
up such as "A Is For Aardvark",

Was everything the cause of our spell? Or you two's own doing? Would you two ever meet and marry if it wasn't for he spell? That is what were going to let Samantha do.

SAMANTHA - What are you going to let me do? {looks at Endora} Do you know mother?

ENDORA - Don't ask me.

SAMANTHA - Oh no...

Closing Credits.

Cut to commercial break.


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