By Paul

A seldom-noticed difference between the facade at 1164 and the studio sets on Bewitched were the chimneys. The facade originally had two chimneys, whereas the studio sets showed three fireplaces. The fireplace and chimney for the living room is the one usually seen and is located at the right end of the facade. This is the only fireplace ever shown in use. The second fireplace was located in the master bedroom along the back wall of the house. The third fireplace was located in the den. Though seldom seen, the den fireplace was located in the middle of the left wall (when looking at the TV screen) for the first six seasons. When the kitchen set burned down between the sixth and seventh seasons, the den fireplace was relocated to the opposite wall in the den.

The second chimney was located at the junction of the large [southernmost] east dormer and the main "north-south" gable (actually NW-SE gable) , which put it in an area where the two other fireplaces were never shown. A fireplace served by this chimney on the first floor would have to be about where the refrigerator is in the kitchen. To serve the second floor, the fireplace would need to be away from a wall in the guest bedroom. No fireplace was ever shown in the guest bedroom.

The second chimney can partially be seen to the right of the den roof peak in the house illustrations in Making a Scene, and can be more clearly seen in overall views of the facade where the camera is to the right of center on the facade. The original chimney was replaced in early 2000 with the "plain" boxy one that's there today.  Zap over to Adam's for views of this chimney!

The Second Chimney As Shown In # 26

Where were the chimneys for the master bedroom and den fireplaces? With the master bedroom fireplace located in the back wall, it would be possible for a chimney to rise to a proper height and never be seen from the front of the facade. But what about the den fireplace? The first location for the den fireplace would put the chimney on the outside wall in front of the kitchen. The second location would put any chimney along side the front porch, rising up through the dormer. Chimneys in these locations could be seen in the front view of the facade, if they were there. The possibility arises that the den, and also the master bedroom, fireplaces were un-vented gas log fireplaces, and had no chimneys. While this would not meet most current building codes, in the early 1960s open, un-vented gas stoves were common.