By Paul

   In episode 2, Samantha and Endora see the newly built 1164 Morning Glory Circle for the first time and discuss what can be done with it. They make numerous changes by adding grass, hedges, flowers, trees, and awnings, then moving them around, and finally, doing away with the "extras." All of this moving and adding scenery meant that it took several hours to film a scene that ran less than two minutes.

   In shooting this scene, there were three basic camera positions with occasional shots from a fourth camera that moved around a bit for special shots. In Fig. H1, there is a distant shot of Samantha and Endora standing in front of the house. This view will be referred to as camera 1. The next two shots show a close-up of Samantha and Endora. This is cameras 2 and 3. Note that the 1162 house is behind them in camera 2 and a street shows behind them in camera 3. The next shot is again camera 1, then cameras 2 and 3 again, then back to camera 1. This sequence goes on throughout the scene, interspersed with shots of the Kravitzes watching, and close-up shots of the shrubs, flower beds, and awnings from camera 4. The scene was shot either in the spring or fall, so that the only time the den's front wall got sunlight was in late afternoon. From the shadow positions, it is evident that the filming of this scene started in the early afternoon and lasted until late in the day.


Figure H1: The Bare House and Yard As Endora and Samantha Arrive

   In Fig. H1, as filming started the position of the shadow of the chimney on the roof, the shadow of the dormer and the flower boxes on the porch roof, and the lack of sun on the den wall is evident. After a short film run, the camera was stopped and a lawn was installed. To tie these changes together, shots from camera 2 or 3 (or both) are inserted between each of the views of the house as Samantha and Endora decide what change to make next. Examples of these tie-in scenes are shown in Figs. C2A, C2B, C3A, and C3B .

Figure C2A: A Close-Up of Samantha and Endora as They Discuss Changes To the House

Figure C3A: Another View of the Same Discussion from Another Camera Angle

Figure C2B: Endora Zapping Up a Hedge

Figure C3B: They Discuss Endora's Changes (Samantha Thinks It Is Too Much)


  In Fig. H2, Endora has zapped up a lawn. Note the changed positions of the shadows, especially those of the flower boxes. This represents close to an hour's time for the stage crew to lay a lawn. Again, a short segment was filmed and the camera again was stopped.

Figure H2: Endora Zaps Up a Lawn


  In Fig. H3, Endora zaps up a hedge. Shadow movement indicates less than an hour was required to put in the hedge. (The pattern is continued, every time something is to be added, there is a short film run and then the camera is stopped while the stage crew make the necessary changes. This goes on throughout the entire scene.) The shadow movement again points to an efficient crew with well-prepared props.

Figure H3: Endora Zaps Up a Hedge


  The flower bed in front of the den bay window was actually done in four stages. Starting with a bare bed Fig. C4a, 1/4 of the flowers were set and filmed by camera 4, see Fig. C4b. Then, another 1/4 were installed, see Fig. C4c. As well as two more filmed bits of 1/4 each as illustrated in Figs. C4d and C4e. Now the bed seems to flow from bare to full.

Figure C4a: The Bed with Only a Single Flower On the Right

Figure C4b: One Fourth of the Flowers Are Planted

Figure C4c: One Half of the Flowers Are Planted

Figure C4d: Three Fourths of the Flowers Are Planted

Figure C4e: The Flower Bed is Fully Planted


  Figs. C4f and C4g show a view from camera 4 of the living room wall before and after shrubs were added.

Figure C4f: The Living Room Wall with No Shrubs

Figure C4g: The Shrubs Are Planted


  In Fig. H4, Endora has finished adding the flower beds and the window boxes. By now, the sun has moved enough to put a shadow of the bay window on the den wall. That, with the change in position of the chimney and flower box shadows, indicates at least another hour has passed.

Figure H4: The House with the Flower Beds and Window Boxes


  A look at Fig. H5 illustrates how good the prop people were on Bewitched. Two trees have been planted (probably artificial trees staked into the ground) in just a few minutes based on shadow movement.

Figure H5: Two Trees Are Added to the Landscape


  In Fig. H6, Samantha does away with the hedge, and this was also done in just a few minutes.

Figure H6: Samantha Zaps Away the Hedge


  In Fig. H-7, Samantha has zapped away one tree, and moved the other. From the shadow positions, this was done in less than an hour (probably in half that time).

Figure H7: Samantha Zaps Away One Tree and Moves Another Tree


  In Fig. C4h, Samantha adds awnings to the front bay window.

Figure C4h: Samantha Adds Awnings


  In Fig. H8, the house is completely the way Samantha wants it and she and Endora have moved to the front porch. The chimney and window box shadows indicate less than an hour has passed.

Figure H8: Samantha and Endora on the Porch of the Fully Landscaped House


  In Fig. H9, Samantha has zapped the house back to the way it was in the beginning. It took no time at all to take up all the shrubs, trees, etc., since all that was done was to reuse film shot near the same time as Fig. H1. In comparing Fig. H9 with Fig. H1, the shadow angles indicate that the scenes were filmed no more than five minutes apart with the only difference between the two shots being that Endora and Samantha have moved from near the street to the porch.

Figure H9: The House After the Magic is Undone

Figure H-1 (again): The Bare House and Yard As Endora and Samantha Arrive



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