Throughout the run of Bewitched, Darrin Stephens had to contend with keeping his family's secret from his boss and his clients at the McMann & Tate advertising agency. This made for some of the funniest humor on the show and there were plenty of memorable accounts that Darrin worked on for the company. Here is the top client list and their products. Please note that there are many other random client and product names mentioned throughout the show that are not on this list.
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Rex Barker (he turned out to be quite a dog to have around their house) Barker's Baby Food
Phillip Caldwell (Darrin's best work?) Caldwell Soup
Mr. Brinkman (he liked the sexy witch campaign that Darrin cooked up!) A candy company
Who could remember the client after seeing Miss Jasmine saunter into the room? Jasmine Perfume
Margaret Marshall (her main competition was a cat) Marshall Cosmetics
Mr. Woolfe The Woolfe Bros. Department Store
Mr. Pickering (it was the photographer, and not the client, that got into trouble with this catty model!) Jewel of the East
Mr. Porterfield Feather Touch Electric Typewriters
Linton Baldwin (by the time the campaign was over, even dogs were requesting Perfect Pizza) Perfect Pizza
Mr. Martin Stanwyck Soap
Mr. Foster EZ Open Flush Door
Jack Rogers (his Halloween party favors got Darrin into a hairy predicament) Party Supplies
Charles Barlow Mother Jenny's Jam
Mr. Harding Model Ships
Ed Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Appliance Co.
James Dennis Robinson Westchester Consolidated Mills
J.K. Kaybaker Detergent
Osgood Rightmeyer (a modern day witch hunter) Publicity for his speaking engagements
Sanford Stern Stern Chemical Company
Toni Devlin (a catty cosmetics mogul) United Cosmetics
Mark Robbins Robbins Truck Transmissions
Mr. MacElroy MacElroy Shoes
Bernie Franklin Franklin Electronics
Tom Scranton Super Soapy Soap
Mr. Sheldrake (he drives the super car all the way from Westport to Detroit with a wave of Endora's hand) Sheldrake Sausage
C.L. Morton Morton Milk
Mr. Cunningham Cunningham Perfume
James and Terry Warbell Warbell Dresses
Horace Baldwin Baldwin Blankets
Frank Eastwood Mayor Rocklin
Mr. Bigelow Bigelow Tires
Joe Baxter (love the way he somersaults over to meet Darrin!) Baxter Sporting Goods
Alvin Springer (suspects Darrin of having a chick on the side when Sam is in two different cities) Springer Pet Foods
Mr. Gregson (his old-fashioned ways cause Endora to show her charm) Gregson Home Appliance
Roy Chappell Chappell Baby Foods
Jesse Mortimer (his character was a 1960s version of Ebenezer Scrooge) Mortimer Instant Soups
J.P. Pritchfield Mint Brite Toothpaste
Beau Callahan (he almost got a witch for a wife, too!) Autumn Flame Perfume
Webley Foods
William J. Sommers (Sheila's dad)
LeRoy Wendell Prune Valley Retirement Home
Mr. Blumberg Abigail Adams Cosmetics
Edgar Baker Baker Foods
Kensu Mishimoto (the pseudo-Japanese actor is as memorable as the awful Hungarian Goulash joke at the end!) Mishimoto TV Sets
R.H. Markham Omega National Bank
Charles Gilbert Hercules Tractors
O.J. Slocum (Darrin wasn't batting a 1000 for this client even though he was awarded the Man of the Year in Advertising honor) Slocum Soup
Whitney Hascomb (he wasn't impressed with the mod Darrin, and neither was Samantha) Hascomb Drug Company
H.L. Bradley Zoom Detergent
Mr. Barton (he liked Samantha's slogan better, so Darrin assumed it must be the witchcraft) Barton Industries dba Tinker Bell Diapers
Harlan Mossler Mossler Enterprises dba EZ Rent-a-Car and Save Most Markets
Adrienne Sebastian Adrienne Sebastian Cosmetics Company
Clio Vanita (she made quite a fetching monkey with all of that blonde hair) Vino Vanita Wines
Oscar Durfee Durfee's Dog Food
Waldon R. Campbell (he got the bejeepers scared out of him by Larry's talking head) Campbell Sporting Goods
Evelyn Tucker Brawn Cologne
Raul Garcia Bueno aka Zap
Mr. Hampton Hampton Motors
Evelyn Charday Top Tiger Cologne
Mr. Paxton Detergent
Mr. Bartonbach ("Everyone knows witches have hooked noses, warts and blacked-out teeth.") Bartonbach Dental Creme
180 and 181
Silas Bliss Sr. and Silas Bliss Jr. (Darrin wins the account by spying on their board meetings with his magic watch from Maurice) Bliss Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Tanaka (not even he could stand how hard Darrin was working on his campaign) Tanaka Electronics
H.B. Sommers (he wasn't amused when Darrin began acting out clichés) Multiple Industries
Bob Braddock Braddock Sporting Goods
John J. Harrison (his daughter had her sights on Darrin, but all Darrin wanted was to sign the deal) Harrison Industries
George Dinsdale (he got bewitched by Serena) Dinsdale Soups
Augustus Sunshine (who could forget this name!?! Sam even used it in a spell) Sunshine Greeting Cards
Sir Leslie Bancroft British Imperial Textile Mills
Charlie Gibbons (he took a liking to Ashley-- the dog with the goatee) Gibbons Dog Burgers
Jennings Booker Beau Geste Toiletries
J.J. Langley Bigelow Industries
Bernard Bobbins (His commercial was quite sophisticated for the 1960s thanks to Endora's antics) Bobbins Buttery Bonbons Candy Company
Mr. Ferber Reducealator
Lionel Rockfield Rockfield Furniture
Roland Berkley Berkley Hair Tonic
Colonel Bringham (he thought Darrin was dedicated to his account, not realizing he was just being pig-headed) Bringham's Ribs
Sean Flanagan (he actually remarketed his stew as dog food at the advice of Samantha!)
Hear Sam sing her jingle:
Mother Flanagan's Irish Stew
Harold Jameson Mount Rocky Mutual
Ernesto Baldoni House of Baldoni
Henri Sagan Europa Tours
Les Silverton (his daughter made a better actress than Tabitha, and Sam helped him see that) Silverton Toy Company
Mr. Cushman Monticello Carpets
Mr. Buckholder Tom Cat Tractors
Wilbur Prescott (his wife was not amused that Sam couldn't keep her feet on the ground during a charity fashion show, but he bought the pitch) Prescott Shoes
Harrison Woolcott (he got bewitched by Serena, too!) Woolcott Towers
Hector Jamison Whirl-a-Way Washing Machines
Mr. Benson (he gets some of Samantha's great slogans, but Darrin thinks it must be witchcraft) Benson Sleep Easy Mattresses
Ah Fong (he put that nasty cinnamon stick in Sam's drink) Ah Fong's Restaurant
Cora May Franklin and spouse (they learned a lot about each other while at the Stephens house for dinner and they were the very last clients on a very special show) Cora May Sportswear

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