The Delicious Gestures of Sandra Gould

By Paul

After the death of Alice Pearce near the end of the second season, the part of Gladys was recast. Sandra Gould took over the role of Gladys to begin the third season and appeared in 30 episodes in seasons three through seven. The characters of Abner and Gladys were not used during the eighth season. Sandra brought a new look to the role of Gladys. Though snoopy as ever, she was more of an adversary and more forward than was Alice, which went better with the personality of Sandra.

This page examines some of Gould's priceless scenes that made Bewitched the top-notch classic TV show that it is today. Hover over the picture to see the custom Harpies Bizarre freak-o-meter ratings system.


 Episode # 80 - This is the first episode in which Sandra Gould appears as Gladys Kravitz. In this episode, Endora and Uncle Arthur are involved in making a house appear/disappear. Of course, Gladys has to be right in front of the lot when the house appears.


 Episode # 81 - Endora is planning to throw a Halloween party at the Stephens’, and Gladys has to come over to snoop. With a little help from Uncle Arthur, as Gladys starts to knock on the Stephens’ door, she suddenly finds herself knocking on her own door.


 Episode # 83 - Aunt Clara baby sits for Tabitha. To quiet her down, Aunt Clara decides to take a piano upstairs. Since a full size one won’t go up the stairs, she shrinks it. Half way up the stairs the spell wears off and the piano returns to full size. This is Gladys’ reaction as she comes in unannounced to find Aunt Clara with a full size piano half way up the stairs.


 Episode # 88 - Gladys is peeking in the Stephens’ window and sees Aunt Clara zap up Benjamin Franklin. When Ben is arrested and put on trial for stealing a fire engine, Gladys is only too happy to testify about Ben’s antics, and would like to tell what she knows about Samantha. The pic is Gladys on the witness stand.


 Episode # 90 - Samantha is helping young Johnny with his soap box racer and Gladys is helping her nephew "Flash". Gladys accuses Samantha of using witchcraft to make Johnny beat "Flash".


 Episode # 101 - Gladys meets the Crone of Cawdor. An old woman shows up at the Kravitz’s front door claiming she is only 24 years old. Gladys phones to tell Samantha that she has a visitor that is "One of Samantha’s kind of people."


 Episode # 106 - Gladys peeks in the window and sees Samantha turn Fergus the Frog (in human form) and his girlfriend back into frogs.


 Episode # 111 - Endora again is trying to get under Darrin’s skin, so she has Serena stand in for Samantha while Samantha is out. Gladys pretends to want to borrow some sugar, when she is really trying to find out how Samantha (Serena) got home without her car. We see Gladys’ reaction when Serena zaps her out of her shoes.


 Episode # 115 - Tabitha zaps up some Halloween characters out of one of her books. One of them happens to have the same costume as Gladys’ nephew. Gladys mistakenly takes the book character home, thinking it is her nephew. We see Gladys's reaction when the character’s pumpkin head flies off.


 Episode # 118 - Endora loses her powers, and Tabitha has to levitate the newspaper for her. Gladys sees this and turns to call Abner.


 Episode # 121 - Endora casts a spell on Darrin to make his ears grow every time he tells a lie. Darrin is trying to get a surprise present for Samantha, and tells a lot of little fibs to hide it. We see Gladys as she catches Darrin with big ears.



 Episode # 137 - In the first picture, we see Gladys peeking over the fence and seeing the flying saucer. In the second picture, we see the rare occurrence of Gladys looking happy. She has just been shot with the spacemen’s "Nice Gun".


 Episode # 140 - Gladys does her best to look beautiful for Abner, but some times it just doesn't work out.


 Episode # 152 - Gladys sees Samantha crying (as a result of a botched spell by Dr. Bombay), and a strange man (Dr. Bombay) around the house. Snoopy as usual, and assuming the worst, Gladys uses the bringing of brownies to Samantha as an excuse to come over to find out what is going on. Gladys then phones Darrin to tell him to come home to save his marriage.


 Episode # 167 - Maurice, in one of his typical tantrums, turns Darrin into a mule and then departs. Samantha tries to convince Darrin (the mule) that he would be better off sleeping outside. As Darrin sticks his head out of the window to check on the grass, Gladys looks out her window and reacts to the sight of the mule.


 Episode # 184 - Another of Esmeralda’s spells goes haywire and Santa ends up trapped in the Stephens’ house. Samantha zaps Santa’s elves and his workshop to the Stephens’ house, where they finish the toy making. It is never explained what Gladys is doing roaming around outside in her robe and curlers in the middle of the night, but we see her here peeking in the window.


 Episode # 189 - Samantha is so busy with the new baby, Adam, that she does not have much time for Tabitha. So, Tabitha creates her own Samantha who will pay attention only to her. Gladys meets Tabitha and her own Samantha at the play park, and is visibly upset when the Samantha does not recognize her.


 Episode # 209 - An old warlock friend of Samantha’s drops in to visit. When Samantha spurns his advances, he changes himself into a dog so he can hang around. The dog goes to the Kravitz’s where he gives Gladys a fit by changing into different kinds of dogs.


 Episode # 216 - When Mary, the Tooth Fairy, visits the Stephens’, it turns out that she and Samantha are old friends. So, when Mary complains of being cold, Samantha offers her some brandy to warm her up. Mary takes to the brandy to the point where she gets too stoned to finish her rounds, so Samantha has to do it for her. The next morning Mary goes looking for more brandy and ends up at the Kravitz’s. Gladys feeds her more brandy until she is higher than she flies. This leads to all sorts of problems, until Samantha finally convinces her to take back her job as the Tooth Fairy.


 Episode # 222 - Serena gets mad at Darrin, and turns him into a gorilla. Snoopy Gladys peeks in the window, sees the gorilla, and calls the animal farm.


 Episode # 227 - Endora casts a spell on Darrin to make him laugh at every sad thing he hears. Gladys comes over to snoop and gossip. Darrin is trying to avoid her by hiding behind the door, but when Gladys tells Samantha about some bad news, Darrin bursts out laughing. We see Gladys’ expression as she hears Darrin laughing. This is the last episode in which Gladys appeared.


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