Entertainment Tonight's Interview with
Dick and Joan York

Submitted by Joe G.

This audio excerpt is taken from an Entertainment Tonight segment that originally aired on February 11, 1992. Unfortunately, Dick lost his battle with respiratory problems on February 20 of that same year. This is a touching interview that highlights Dick's positive spirit and the close relationship that he had with his wife Joan (whom he called "Joey") as she reads letters from fans of Bewitched to him.


This photo of Dick and Joey York adoring their young daughter, Kim, originally appeared in FilmFax magazine. Although pictures of York that are not related to Bewitched are rare, it is clear that he was as much a family man in his private life as he was as Darrin Stephens.

Some highlights from the interview with a sweet and humble man:

"You hear a lot about being born again – I'm born again every day!"

"There are no rewards for what you do -- you do it because you have to. It's your nature as a human being. You have to... That's how I feel about it."

"It doesn't make any difference if you get it done or not as long as you keep trying to do it!"


"I do love you, my friends.
If my love is only half as good as yours is -
we're going to change the world."

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