We're calling on the help of all you fellow Harpies to help solve the macanoonynoodle mystery. This caper relates to Dick York's own birthday dinner recipe. Greater kitchen mysteries involving York have been solved successfully. For instance, in # 76, The Moment of Truth, York discovers that the "truth" was that the sauce pan flew up the stairs and into the nursery due to Tabitha's budding magical powers.

The Mystery of the Flying Pan: Resolved

In The Seesaw Girl and Me: A Memoir, Dick York recalls his 57th birthday. On page 217, he writes:

"It's a loving day. I make macanoonynoodle dinner for Joey and for Matt and for Dena and for me.*That's a pound of hamburger, two onions chopped up, one green pepper, one can of tomatoes chopped up, a can of... Do you really care about this? (Author laughs.) Maybe. Maybe. I don't know. Forget it."

Well, we do care! And now we're enlisting you to help solve the great "macanoonynoodle mystery" caper.

Here's what we know about the recipe from the book:

1 lb. of hamburger

2 onions (chopped)

1 green pepper (chopped)

1 can of tomatoes (chopped)

1 can of  tomato sauce

York Relied on a Cookbook for Bottle Warming on Bewitched, but
Did He Use One for the Mysterious Macanoonynoodle Dinner?

Here's what we've been able to obtain recently from Mrs. York as a result of our investigation:

Spices used: salt, pepper, sweet basil, bay leaves, oregano, maybe others, and sometimes parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

How it was prepared: in a skillet, then baked in a casserole.

What was in the mystery can? Mrs. York doesn't recall. But the result, she confirms, was mighty tasty.

What was not in the mystery can: beans, soup, vegetables.

Now, we need your help. If you are somewhat of a kitchen witch, and you know of a recipe similar to this one, please write in and let us know what the "mystery can" is in the recipe, the rest of the ingredients, and what you call the dish. "Macanoonynoodle" sure sounds like a customized York concoction. He probably followed it up with "tee martoonies" as he said in the Darrin Stephens years.

Update: Thanks to both Chris York and Sam Fowler who submitted the missing ingredient to this recipe!


*For those who haven't read the book, Joey is Dick's wife, Matt is his son, and Dena is Matt's girlfriend.


York, Dick. The Seesaw Girl and Me: A Memoir. New Path Press. 2004.