By Paul and Milo

# 41 , "The Joker Is a Card"

    Zaps up a cow

    Serves up own head on a platter

    Teaches Darrin the "Yagazuzy" spell

    Makes an extra-long bottle cork

    Puts a toad in the gift box Endora brought to dinner

    Makes Endora's dessert squirt chocolate in her eye

    Appears as a cleaning lady and teases Darrin

    Dresses as a window cleaner and teases Darrin

    Puts black eyes on Endora


# 80 , "Endora Moves in for a Spell"

    Appears in a picture

    Extends a fake hand

    Walks Tabatha on a perpetual red carpet


# 81, "Twitch or Treat"

    Appears at the party as a beluga sturgeon when Endora conjures caviar

    Pops Gladys Kravitz onto her own front porch when she rings
       the Stephens’ doorbell

    Hexes party guest Boris into requesting that Endora sing
       ‘Melancholy Baby’

    Makes the Stephens’ house one-dimensional (so as to frustrate intruders)

    Makes fun of Endora’s recital of “'Twas the Night before Halloween”
       in the presence of her guests


# 138 , "The No-Harm Charm"

    Appears in a pot on the stove "stew-away"

    Puts a pocket watch in the stew because it could "use a pinch of time"

    Zaps up a cow for Tabitha's milk

    Convinces Darrin that he can climb up a tall ladder and jump
       off without getting hurt

    Aims a pistol at Darrin and tricks Darrin into thinking he is invincible


# 147, "Samantha's French Pastry"

    Appears in the stove

    Zaps up the real Napoleon instead of dessert

    Zaps himself into a baseball uniform "I'm still in there pitching..."


 # 150, "Samantha Loses Her Voice"

    Appears in TV

    Zaps up a magnifying glass

    Pretends to shoot himself because his "feet are killing him"

    Appears with a dog for Tabitha because it was "raining cats and dogs"

    Changes Darrin and Samantha's voices

    Shocks Darrin

    Appears in a picture

    Glues Samantha and Darrin hands together

    Gives Samantha and Darrin a bag of cents


# 165, "Samantha's Power Failure"

    Does the dish trick with the tablecloth

    Sits on the toaster

    Hits/strikes matches


# 178, "A Bunny for Tabitha"

    Appears in the balloon Darrin is blowing up

    Zaps up a bunny via the "wishbox"

    Appears in the ice bucket


# 190, "Super Arthur"

    Appears in the mirror

    Produces a water bucket

    Appears as a Native American Indian

    Sits there feeling (and looking!) like the devil

    Appears as Superman flying around Westport


# 218, "The House that Uncle Arthur Built"

    Dresses as a clown
       (Laugh, clown, laugh, even though your heart is breaking...)

    Dresses Aretha as clown

    Produces boxing gloves

    Squirts Samantha in the face when she smells a flower

    Zaps up wings when he tells Aretha they can take a trip to the moon
       on gossamer ones

    Pops in as an oversized ear on the wall. Arthur then appears with his
       ear still huge

    Springs a leak in the milk bottle

    Sticks the drinks to the coffee table

    Conjures a barrel of monkeys

    Fixes boxing glove to hit Mr. Tate because he said he wanted Darrin's
       campaign to "have lots of punch"

    Blows client’s dress up

    Hides skeleton in closet

    Glues Darrin’s shoes down

    Becomes a skeleton

    Pours water on Darrin

    Makes an extra-long hankie

    Puts boxes on Darrin’s ears