# 1, I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha

   When Samantha mentions Endora, Darrin says, "You told me your mother was in India." To which Samantha replies, "She is, but she dropped in on me this evening."


# 71, The Catnapper

   In one of Samantha's flying scenes, she is shown flying all over the world in search of her mother.


# 77, Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things

  • Maurice says that he is on his way to Vienna to see Faust. He resides in London, and frequents the Warlock Club there, which is where he brought Jonathan Tate in # 40.
  • Maurice attends an opera in Vienna.
  • Clara is in Bolivia collecting old door knobs.
  • Enchantra is coaching a yogi from outer Mongolia.


# 86, Sam's Spooky Chair

   Endora and Samantha lived in Boston at some point, when they were neighbors of the Farnsworths. That was when Samantha went on one date with Clyde and he pined over her for years in the form of a chair when she showed a lack of interest in him.


# 91, Sam in the Moon

   Endora and Samantha go shopping in Tokyo, Japan.


# 93, Super Car 

  Endora is called to the Stephens' house while in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Samantha and Endora are covered in confetti in the front yard as a result of the trip.


# 109, Toys in Babeland

   Endora receives a message that she is being honored and must be at the Taj Mahal at 11 o'clock after she had promised Samantha that she would watch Tabitha. The messenger convinces Endora to turn a toy soldier into a baby-sitter before she flies off to India.


# 132, To Twitch or Not to Twitch

   Samantha states that she knew Shakespeare, Bluebeard, and Henry VIII. This indicates that she was alive in the 1500s. Note: This contradicts Endora in # 230. Endora says she was not born at the time of King Henry VIII. So, it is possible that Samantha just knows them from going back in time and was not born yet.

# 150, Samantha Loses Her Voice

   Uncle Arthur says that he was scheduled to ride the favorite in the Ostrich Derby, but does not say where this type of Derby takes place. Yet in # 152, Dr. Bombay (pictured) was riding #7 in the Ostrich Derby and said that it was in Sydney, Australia.


# 154, Samantha's Super Maid

   When a hookah wielding Endora pops in, Samantha asks her where she has been. Endora: "Persia, darling. The shah of Xanadu is becoming really insistent, so I decided to teach him a lesson, and disappear. But I'm really hooked on his hookah. He's probably tearing the palace inside-out looking for it."


# 163, Tabitha's Weekend

   Samantha and Endora recall the time when Samantha turned herself into a postage stamp due to a family spat and got mailed to Istanbul. Samantha said, "Those Turks are kind of rough!" in regards to her trip.


# 164, The Battle of Burning Oak

   Endora says that she does not recall a descendant of McMann and Tate's snobby client on the Mayflower implying that she was there. Samantha later says that the relative was a stowaway.


# 169, Samantha's Shopping Spree

   Endora goes to the moon to find cousin Henry. It looks cold and dark and there is another moon in the distance.


# 172, Samantha's Yoo-Hoo Maid

   Esmeralda said that she was once a lady-in-waiting to a wife of King Henry VIII, so she's no "Spring witchen." King Henry was a favorite of the witches, or at least the writers for Bewitched. He ruled over England from 1509 to 1547, so that is a frequently used time reference.


# 174, Samantha's Curious Cravings

   Dr. Bombay climbs the Matterhorn, which is in Switzerland. He climbs to the summit of Mt. Everest in Nepal and plants his own flag next to those of England, Switzerland, and the USA.


# 175, And Something Makes Four...

   Endora gave birth to Samantha on the eve of the Galactic Rejuvenation and Dinner Dance while Maurice was on the planet Venus.


# 191, What Makes Darrin Run

   Endora shows up dressed like an astronaut and just flew back from Venus and tells Samantha, "I planted a broom there. It's ours now!" Then, she flies off to a decontamination chamber. Since when did witches need an isolation suit to visit another planet and also need to be "decontaminated"? Trips to Venus are mentioned in other shows, such as # 175, And Something Makes Four...


# 192, Serena Stops the Show

   Serena goes cloud-hopping with mortals when she wants rock duo Boyce and Hart to perform her song I'll Blow You A Kiss in the Wind   at the Cosmos Cotillion.


# 195, Okay, Who's the Wise Witch

   Esmeralda has plans to go to dinner and dancing on Jupiter with Ramon Verona, who is the salad chef at the Interplanetary Warlock Club.


# 198, Mona, Sammy

   Endora brings Samantha a picture of her Great Aunt Cornelia (see The Mona Sammy Portrait), which was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519). Endora recalls the time when the portrait was painted (in Italy or France?) and said that it had been cluttering up her attic for centuries. This is the first reference to her owning a home of her own.


# 203 - 208, "The Salem Trip"

 an ABC "Behind the Scenes" Fall Preview promo for "The Salem Trip."
  (Video: 2.5 MB / 59 sec)

   Samantha takes Darrin with her on a trip to Salem, Massachusetts, for the Witches' Convention.

  • # 203, The Salem Saga and # 204, Samantha's Hot Bed Warmer - During a visit to the House of Seven Gables, a mysterious bed warmer gets cozy with Samantha. As it turns out, the bed warmer was a pest of a warlock named Newton, whom Serena had transformed centuries earlier.
  • # 205, Darrin on a Pedestal - On a short side trip to Gloucester, Massachusetts, Serena exchanges Darrin with the famous Helmsman statue by the sea, bringing the statue to life, and leaving Darrin frozen on the pedestal.
  • # 206, Paul Revere Rides Again - When Esmeralda attempts to send a Paul Revere teapot back to Samantha in Salem, she ends up sending Paul Revere himself.
  • # 207, Samantha's Bad Day in Salem - While at the Witches' Convention in the Continuum, Samantha runs into Waldo (See our Where Is Waldo? game), a childhood friend who is still infatuated with her. Out of jealousy, he turns both Darrin and Larry into crows.
  • # 208, Samantha's Old Salem Trip - Samantha returns home against the wishes of the Witches Council. Attempting to do a good deed, Esmeralda returns Samantha to Salem, but accidentally sends her to the Salem of the seventeenth century. Darrin is sent back in time to retrieve Samantha, who has lost all memory of her own, and Darrin's, identity.


# 222, Darrin Goes Ape

   Serena hails from Babylon. Although she jokingly tells Samantha's neighbor that she came from a cabbage patch in # 160.


# 229 / 230, How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII, Part 1 & 2

   Samantha and Darrin travel to Europe. They stop off at the Tower of London, where Samantha gets zapped to the time of Henry VIII. The two-parter concludes with Darrin coming to rescue Samantha.

# 231, Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster

   Samantha and Darrin travel to Scotland, meeting up with Bruce, the Loch Ness Monster, who is actually a warlock that Serena placed under a spell.


# 232, Samantha's Not-So-Leaning Tower of Pisa

   Esmeralda says that she was the reason that the tower of Pisa leaned in the first place when she was in Italy for its construction (in 1174). She also said that she couldn't have been more than 100 when she made the tower lean.


# 233, Bewitched, Bothered, and Baldoni

   Samantha and Darrin are now in Rome, Italy. Endora brings a statue of Venus to life to test her daughter and son-in-law's marriage.


# 234, Paris, Witches' Style

   Maurice visits Samantha, upset that she came to Europe without informing him. The blame is placed on Darrin, who Maurice zaps onto the Eiffel Tower.


# 235, The Ghost Who Made a Specter of Himself

   Darrin and Samantha join Larry and Louise in an old English castle, where a troublesome ghost named Harry possesses Darrin's body.


# 242, Adam: Warlock or Washout

   Maurice attends a flying fish race on the road to Mandalay.


# 247, Serena's Youth Pill

   When Serena is called to baby-sit for Samantha, she tells Samantha that she was about to be crowned Miss Navel by the French fleet in St. Tropez.



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