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Season Five


# 142, Samantha Goes South For a Spell
written by Ed Jurist

To Send Someone Back In Time 100 Years
to Old New Orleans (Brunhilde):

Blow ye winds and thunder crack,
Roll the years a century back!
Vixen begone, and make the switch,
Begone with the wind, you little witch!

Samantha is sent back in time.


To Send Another Back In Time 100 Years
to Old New Orleans (Serena):

Blow ye winds and thunder crack,
Roll the years a century back!

Darrin is sent back to Old New Orleans to find Samantha.



# 143, Samantha on the Keyboard
written by Richard Baer

To Find a Child Prodigy (Samantha):

Piano child prodigy if I am near you
Send vibration so I can hear you!

Samantha hears music.


To Find the Young Musician (Samantha):

Youthful genius keep on playing,
I'm flying now and later paying!

She find the young prodigy.



# 144, Darrin Gone and Forgotten
written by Lila Garret and Bernie Kahn

To Make Animals Chase After Darrin (Carlotta):

Lions and tigers after your prey,
Darrin Stephens is your feast today!

It does not work. Juke stops her before she can activate the spell.



# 145, It's So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House
written by Barbara Avedon

To Contact the Witches Council (Samantha):

Witches council, noble eight
Clearly hear me as I state,
In haste I’ll fly to do my task,
But release the spell so I may ask!

In a crash of thunder the council released Darrin
from the spell that had turned him into a statue.



# 146, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
written by Lila Garret and Bernie Kahn

To Make Darrin Vain (Endora):

Vanish all self control,
And now we will see,
Just how vain you mortals can be!

Darrin becomes obsessed with his own appearance.


To Put Darrin Back Into Normal Clothes (Samantha):

Rosies, and posies, and daisies, and weeds,
Come flower power and rip off his beads!
Now needle, and thread, and wool, and all those,
Weave Darrin into his regular clothes!

It works.



# 147, Samantha’s French Pastry
written by Richard Baer

To Make a Napoleon Dessert (Uncle Arthur):

Bon soir mes et me,
And viva la France!
A scrumptious Napoleon
Now gets a chance – a chance!

The Emperor Napoleon appears.


To Send Napoleon Back (Uncle Arthur):

Un, deux, trios, quatre…
You're taking French leave,
From where you're at!

It did not work.


Reverse (Uncle Arthur):

Ta er’uoy erehw morf
Evael hcnerF gnikat er’uoy
Ertauq, soirt, xued, nu!

It did not work.


Samantha adds:

Bat wings and lizard tails!

Napoleon disappears.



# 150, Samantha Loses Her Voice
written by Lila Garret and Bernie Kahn

To Restore Samantha and Darrin's Voices (Uncle Arthur):

Screech hoot owls,
Toot ferry boats…

Larry interrupts, so nothing happens.


Arthur tries again:

Screech hoot owls,
Toot ferry boats,
Voices high tail it to each other's throats!

Darrin gets his voice back, but now Samantha and Arthur have switched voices.


Arthur tries again:

Cauldron bubble and sloe gin fizz,
Restore to each the voice that's his!

It works - for a while.


Arthur tries again (this time Samantha and Darrin hold hands):

Voices be nimble,
Voices be quick,
Voices return,
And this time stick, stick, stick!

The voices return to normal, but Samantha and Darrin's hands are stuck together.


To Unstick Darrin and Samantha (Uncle Arthur):

Hands be nimble,
Hands be quick,
Prepare yourselves,
And now unstick!

It works.



# 152, Weep No More My Willow
written by Michael Morris

To Call Dr. Bombay:

From Tripoli to Timbuktu,
I beg, I plead, I beseech of you.
Another moment do not stay,
Come to me, come to me, Dr. Bombay!

Dr. Bombay appears. Samantha uses this
spell another time in the show.


To Cure the Willow Tree (Dr. Bombay):

Weeping willow black with blight,
I command with all my might.
That your sap run free and bright,
And with every wayward breeze,
Which within your branches leap,
You will weep and weep and weep!

Samantha cries whenever the wind blows past the tree.


To Call Dr. Bombay (Samantha):

Dr. Bombay, I think you've made a terrible mistake…
(Samantha was interrupted at this point by Mrs. Kravitz)


Samantha's Next Spell to Call Dr. Bombay:

From Pakistan to Waterloo,
I beg, I plead, I beseech of you.
Another moment do not stay,
Come to me, come to me, Dr. Bombay!

The spell did not work.


Samantha's Next Spell to Call Dr. Bombay:

From Pasadena, USA,
To old Red China across the bay,
A moment longer do not stay,
Come to me, come to me, Dr. Bombay!

The spell did not work.


Samantha's Next Spell to Call Dr. Bombay:

From Little Rock to Liverpool…

Dr. Bombay appears. He had heard her
the first time, but was busy.


To Stop Samantha's Crying (Dr. Bombay):

Hark ye wretched breezes blowing,
Cease Samantha's tears from flowing,
Dry her eyes awake or sleeping,
And let laughter replace her weeping!

Samantha stops crying and starts laughing uncontrollably.


Samantha's Next Spell to Call Dr. Bombay:

From Maine to California,
Dr. Bombay, I warn ya!

Dr. Bombay appears.


To Stop Samantha's Laughing and To Cure the Tree:

Spirits wind blow and billow,
Cure that sickly little willow,
Remove the laugh from Sam,
And kindly take it on the lam!

Samantha stops laughing and the tree soon blooms.



# 153, Instant Courtesy
written by Arthur Alsberg

To Make Darrin Overly Courteous (Endora):

Leaf of laurel, pinch of salt,
Be considerate to a fault!
Root of hemlock, stinger of bee,
Give him super courtesy,
politeness, manners, gallantry!

Darrin is sickenly considerate.


To Make Larry Apologize, part 1 (Samantha):

Larry Tate, play it wise!
Admit your wrong, apologize!

It does not work.


To Make Larry Apologize, part 2 (Samantha):

Not by phone, Larry Tate.
Come yourself, don't be late!

Larry comes over to apologize.


To Remove the Courtesy Spell (Endora):

Disappear courtesy!

It works! Samantha says, "That's a spell?"



# 160, Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?
written by Peggy Chandler Dick and Douglas Dick

To Change Cats Into Puppies (Samantha):

Mrs. Stephens stays a cat,
The rest of you are pups like that!

It works.


To Change the Pups Back Into Cats (Samantha):

What barks begone and don't come back,
Instead of cats we'll have no lack!

It works.



# 162, Going Ape
written by Lila Garrett and Bernie Kahn

To Change the Chimp Into a Man (Samantha):

A monkey you are, a monkey you'll be,
In human form when I count to three…
1 - 2 – 3!

The chimp becomes a man.
Note: Samantha uses this spell twice.


To Change the Man Back Into a Chimp (Samantha):

A chimp you once were,
A chimp you'll be,
Little and hairy,
When I count to…

Tabitha interrupts and the spell is not finished.
Samantha later tries again, same spell, but with last line:

When I count to three. 1 - 2 – 3!

It worked.



# 164, The Battle of Burning Oak
written by Pauline and Leo Townsend

To Make Darrin a Snob (Endora):

In a moment we shall see,
What a snob this clod can be!

Darrin becomes conceited and arrogant.


To Remove the Snob Spell from Darrin (Endora):

Begone the hex from dreary Dum Dum,
Enough is enough – it's getting hum drum!

It worked and Darrin is back to his old self.



# 165, Samantha’s Power Failure
written by Lila Garret and Bernie Kahn

To Try to Move Flowers:

Flowers you are,
Flowers you'll be.
On the count of three,
You'll move for me.
1 - 2 – 3!

The spell did not work.



# 167, Daddy Does His Thing
written by Michael Morris

To Return Darrin from a Mule to Human Form (Maurice):

Oh, oh lowly beast of the field,
Be welcomed unto the fold.
Believe and the gates of your heart shall open wide,
And you will walk through!

It did not work.



# 169, Samantha's Shopping Spree
written by Richard Baer

To Make Hinkley Forget What Has Happened (Samantha):

You won't remember anything bad,
And you'll take my lead when I talk to your dad.

It works.



# 170, Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City
written by John Greene

To Make Darrin Speak Spanish (Endora):

Iggled, piggled, chestnut tree,
No one now will ever see how embarrassed you will be!
When you speak the fluent Spanish,
All your fears will surely vanish!

Darrin speaks Spanish, but vanishes every time.



Season Six


# 173 Samantha’s Caesar Salad
written by Ed Jurist

To Make a Caesar Salad (Esmeralda):

Ippity, bippity, salad greens
Oil, vinegar, and chi-chi beans.
I call on Caesar’s eternal soul,
Here and now to fill this bowl!

Julius Caesar appears in the Stephens’ kitchen.

      To Change Caesar into Modern Clothes (Esmeralda):

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Let his suit appear on you!

Darrin and Caesar’s clothing are switched,
just as Darrin is answering the door for Larry Tate.
Note: Larry drives up in a bight yellow Corvette.


Reverse the curse!

It worked! Darrin is back in his suit
and Caesar is wearing his toga.


To Go Back In Time to 103 B.C. (Esmeralda):

1, 2, buckle my shoe ,
3, 4, close the door,
5, 6….

Esmeralda remembers that she must be holding
an ostrich feather and the gizzard of a lizard.
Sam twitches up a feather and uses Darrin’s client’s
Lizzard cologne. Esmeralda continues the spell,
but the viewer only hears…

101, 102,
now the other spell undo.
103 and no more…
Caesar return to days of your!

Caesar is still there.

"Caesar, you are supposed to go back to days of your!
Caesar, you are supposed to go back!"



# 175 And Something Makes Four 
written by Richard Baer

The Stephens Baby Charm Spell (Maurice):

Precious package full of grace,
Incandescent and so new.
Whatever mortal sees your face,
Will fall straight away in love with you.

Everyone who sees the baby through the
window at the hospital falls madly in love with
boy Stephens (later to be named Adam).



# 178 A Bunny For Tabitha
written by Ed Jurist

     To Use the Wish Box Birthday Gift from Uncle Arthur

I wish for a little cotton tail bunny.

A white rabbit is pulled out of the box.

The Bunny Spell at Tabitha’s Party (Uncle Arthur):

If you’re ready…
Close your fingers and cross your eyes.
Get ready for a big surprise!
The rain is dry and the night is sunny,
Hold and below a cotton tail bunny!

The bunny that was in Tabitha’s lap turns into
a full-size Playboy cocktail bunny in front of
the group of children and Larry Tate and a client
that have come over to discuss an account.


Close your fingers and cross your eyes.
Get ready for a new surprise!
Bats in the belfry, Pigs in the poke,
Loose this bunny before I choke!

Unsuccessful, the Playboy bunny still appears.


Spirits high, spirits low,
Spirit away this child of woe.
I ask you know to reverse this hex,
On this girl of opposite sex.

Bunny multiplies times 6.

Arthur: "I said SEX not SIX!"



# 179 Samantha’s Secret Spell
written by Ed Jurist

    To Prevent Subject From Being Turned into a Mouse
(3 parts from the Apothecary’s “Big Book”):

To void the spell, the subject tries
To touch a buffalo between the eyes.
Next, while under water he
Must drink
the potion given thee.
To the last of the three, listen and hark,
He must fly over water by day in the dark.

Apothecary tells Samantha:
Every time you do it right, you’ll hear a bell.
It’s got to be done without the subject’s
knowledge or the use of witchcraft.

Endora’s spell is removed from Darrin.

To Turn a Man Into a Mouse (Endora):

At this hour the day doth die,
Spirits howl and spirits cry.
There is a mortal within this house,
When I wave my hand,
Make him into a mouse!

Ralph Jackman, a corrupt colleague of Darrin’s,
is turned into a little white mouse.



# 180 Daddy Comes for a Visit
written by Rick Mittleman

To Put a Mortal Into a Trance (Maurice):

You are quicksilver,
a fleeting shadow, a distant sound.
You life has no boundaries,
beyond which you cannot pass.
You live in music, in a flash of color.
You live on the wind…
... And in the sparkle of a star.

Go to that board meeting, listen and learn,
and once you have tasted the forbidden fruit, you'll love it.

Darrin accepts the magic watch,
and it’s powers, from Maurice.

To   Perform Magic Using a Watch As a Talisman (Darrin):

Zolda, prancan, kopeck, lum!

Darrin can perform magic feats,
like making himself disappear to eaves drop on a client’s meeting.



# 181, Darrin the Warlock
written by Rick Mittleman

To Bring the Restaurant to Him Using the Magic Watch (Darrin):

Zolda, prancan, kopec, lum!

It worked.



# 183, You're So Agreeable
written by Ed Jurist

To Make Darrin Agreeable (Endora):

Bees knees and bells nell,
Harken to my tricky spell.
To prove your brain's the size of a pea,
With all you hear you will agree!

Darrin agrees with everything.


Reverse (Endora):

Lleps eht esrever

Darrin becomes nasty.


Reverse (Endora):

Bees knees and bells nell,
I order you to reverse the spell.
Return this mortal to his normal state,
If this does't work I simply can't wait!

Darrin is back to normal.



# 184, Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays
written by Ed Jurist

To Bring Santa's Helpers to the Stephens House:

Stars, sun, wind, and tide,
In the heavens where you abide.
Before your powers we do bow,
Bring Santa's helpers here and now!

Santa's workers appear.


To Bring Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer to the House:

Come Dasher, come Dancer,
come Prancer, and Vixen,
Come Comet, come Cupid,
come Donner, and Blitzen.
To the lawn of the house where Santa is stuck,
Be sure as you fly the antenna you duck!

The sleigh and reindeer appear.



# 185 Samantha’s Better Halves
written by Lila Garrett and Bernie Kahn

To Enable Darrin to Be 2 Places at Once
(Endora, who does an amusing chop-chop
motion while casting the spell):

Atom splits,
And so can man.
Be in both places,
Here and Japan.
One for the money,
And two for the show,
Doting husband stay.
And business man go!

Darrin splits into 2. Business Darrin flies TWA to Japan for a meeting
and doting Darrin stays and annoys Samantha.

Reverse (Endora):

Sirloins and sapphires,
And all things rare,
Take this Durwood from here,
And send him back there!

The ready-to-golf Darrin ends up
in the home of the Japanese businessman
and cannot explain his casual attire.

2nd Attempt to Reverse (Endora):

Enough of two Dum-Dums,
Put them as before.
Let us have one Durwood…
The big CRASHING bore!

Samantha: I asked for an incantation, not a review!

Two for the price of one in the Darrin dept. Darrin arrives
back home in one piece and does not remember
what happened to him even though it is the next day.



# 186 Samantha’s Lost Weekend
written by Richard Baer

           To Cast a Hunger Spell On A Glass of Milk (Esmeralda)*:

As a trumpet sounds
With a shimmering beat.
She who drinks this,
Will crave to eat!

Sam drinks the milk meant for Tabitha and becomes
exceedingly hungry. Sam diagnoses herself with
a case of Raging Ravenousitis. Dr. Bombay comes and
checks her elbow and asks that all signs of the illness
be “arrested.” This causes a drowsy side effect and
Samantha can’t stay awake. At that time, Esmeralda
arrives back from the apothecary with a potion
and explains to Samantha what she had done.
Dr. Bombay comes back to remove his treatment.

                 To Remove a Cure for an Incorrect Diagnosis (Dr. Bombay)*:

The result of my treatment,
Will all fade away.
Zippity doo da,
Zippity yay!

The sleeping side-effect is gone, so Samantha
can drink the potion and remove Esmeralda’s spell.



# 187 The Phrase Is Familiar
written by Jerry Mayer

To Make Darrin Speak in Cliché (Endora):

Spirits north and spirits south,
Let my spell control your mouth.
Let Durwood find to his dismay,
That all his words are now cliché!

    Darrin begins speaking in cliché and cannot control himself.


To Make Darrin Act Out His Clichés (Endora):

The spell I renew,
You boorish lout.
Your clichés will be few,
But you’ll act them out!

Darrin cannot control all of the clichés
that are acted out whenever he speaks.



# 188 Samantha’s Secret is Discovered
written by Lila Garrett and Bernie Kahn

To Give Someone Hallucinations (Samantha):

People and things, be wild and free…
But only for Mrs. Quigley to see!

Oranges fall off a tree and bounce around on the ground.
Then, go back on the tree, but only the viewer and
Mrs. Quigley from the rest home can see this.



# 191, What Makes Darrin Run
written by Lila Garrett and Bernie Kahn

To Make Someone More Ambitious (Endora):

A mogel, a magnet.
A ruthless, big deal.
Ambition and power
Is what you now feel!

Darrin becomes overly ambitious and undermines
Larry's authority at McMann and Tate..


To Summons Larry to Make a Phone Call (Samantha):

Larry Tate, don't be late.
Call McMann.
He holds your fate!

Larry calls McMann and ends up inviting himself
over to the Stephens house when he finds out
that is where McMann is going to be there.

To Reverse the Ambition Spell (Endora):

Elephants trumpet, bees buzz.
Make Dum-Dum
The lil 'ol drudge he was.
So long, y'all!

Darrin snaps out of the spell
in time to save Larry's position at the agency.



# 192, Serena Stops the Show
written by Richard Baer

To Make Boyce and Hart Unpopular (Serena):

As the trumpet blows,
Let all ears smart.
Failures both,
Be Boyce and Hart!

The band becomes hugely unsuccessful which frees them
up for Serena’s entertainment at the Cosmos Cotillion.


To Return Boyce & Hart to Earth (Serena):

Back from the Cosmos to your planet,
Your careers brightest since you began it!
Forget where you were and what you did,
To keep my cousin from flipping her lid!

They returned without remembering the Cosmos Cotillion.



# 193, Just a Kid Again
written by Jerry Mayer

To Make Irving an Adult Again (Dr. Bombay):

Eye of squid,
Grinding stone.
Make this kid,
Fully grown!

It did not work.


# 194, The Generation Zap
written by Ed Jurist

To Make Dusty Develop a Crush on Darrin (Serena):

Let this chick by love be dazed,
When on this mortal she doth gaze!

Dusty flips over Darrin.


# 195, Okay, Who’s the Wise Witch
written by Richard Baer

To Make the Door Unlock (Samantha):

Wooden doors,
Don't get the best of me!
When I command you:
Open seys to me

(This is a corruption of the fairy tale spell “Open Sesame!”)

The door did not unlock.


To Get Out of the House (Endora):

To rescue my daughter,
Who married a buffoon.
Up, up, and away,
In my beautiful balloon!

The spell did not work.


To Restore Dr. Bombay from the
Photo Back to Himself (Samantha):

To make this house again conventional,
Let Dr. Bombay be three dimensional!

It worked.


To Remove the Vapor Lock from the House (Dr. Bombay):

Heed my solution to air pollution.
Obey the doc, vanish vapor lock!

It worked.



#199 Turn on the Old Charm
written by Richard Baer

To Cause A Couple to Bicker (Endora):

You set aside your true emotions,
Your loving marital devotions.
The air around you now grows thicker,
As under my spell, you constantly bicker!

The Darrin and Samantha begin to hurl insults at one another in front
of client Augustus Sunshine (the card writer) and Larry.

To Remove the Bickering Spell (Endora):

As a witch of great ability,
I remove this pair's hostility.
Heed the message from above,
You're not sick, you're just in love!

The bickering spell is removed after
Sam gets the amulet back from Esmeralda.

To Call People Back to the House (Samantha):

Augustus Sunshine and Larry Tate,
This is Darrin Stephens's mate.
Save us all a lot of trouble,
Come back fellas, on the double!

Augustus and Larry return back to 1164
so Sam and Darrin can explain that they were bickering
to show how people prefer funny insult cards
instead of the sappy ones Augustus has been making.


Season Seven


# 204, Samantha’s Hot Bed Warmer
written by Ed Jurist

To Call Forth a Spell Caster (Endora):

Sparks fly up and fire rise,
While I, the air, do mesermize.
Find the one who cast the spell,
And bring him to this ferny dell!

Serena appears after a while.


To Send Serena Back to Old Salem (Endora):

Winds blow and stars turn round,
Into the past with the speed of sound.
Take this witch to the time and place,
Back to the scene of Salem's disgrace!

Serena goes back to Old Salem.


To Change a Warlock Into a Bed Warmer (Serena):

Rumbly, tumbly, snickety snack,
This spell will give you what you lack.
Courage and calm, particularly the former,
Zippity zappity, now you're a bed warmer!

The warlock is a bed warmer.


To Turn the Bed Warmer Back To a Warlock
(Samantha - given spell by Serena):

Rumbly, tumbly, snickety snack.
This is the spell that will change you back.
First a warlock, then a bed warmer.
Zippity, zappity, now you're the former!

The warlock appears.



# 205  Darrin on a Pedestal
written by Bernie Kahn

To Bring the Fisherman Statue to Life (Serena):

Pride of Gloucester,
Sentinel of the sea,
I deem you come to life,
And swagger down to me!

It worked.

To Find Serena (Samantha):

Stars, and planets, and things that know,
Take me to where romance can grow!

She finds where Serena was.



# 206  Paul Revere Rides Again
written by Philip and Henry Sharp

To Send a Teapot Back to Salem (Esmeralda):

Pheasant finch and a fat white gander,
Add a spot of salamander.
Season, baste, add dragon's ear,
Return the pot of Paul Revere.
Tally ho and off you go!

Paul Revere appears in Salem.


Correction (Esmeralda):

Calling any helpful goblin,
Elf or dryad solve my problem!
Get the pot to go from here,
And Paul Revere to disappear!
What's the use, I'm tired,
I've got a splitting headache
My voice is getting hoarse…

A horse appears beside Paul Revere.



# 208  Samantha's Old Salem Trip
written by Ed Jurist

To Send Samantha Back to Salem (Esmeralda):

From hoot and hollar, coot and fern,
Flies in the buttermilk, flies in the churn.
The council orders you not to fail them,
So back you go to old Salem!

Samantha goes back to 1690 Salem.


To Send Darrin Back to Old Salem to Find Samantha (Endora):

Days become seconds,
seconds become nights.
Into the past with the speed of light,
Ice turns hot, fire turns cold,
Send Dum Dum back to Salem of old!

It works.



# 210  Samantha's Old Man
written by Michael Morris

To Age Darrin (Endora):

Odds plus odds add up to evens,
Let the curse be on Durwood Stephens.
Make the future be the present,
Adding it to the Dum-Dum peasant!

Darrin ages 30 years.



# 211  The Corsican Cousins
written by Ed Jurist

To Make Samantha Feel What Serena Does (Endora):

The Corsican brothers were hexed by a spell,
Which will work on cousins just as well.
From this point on without further ado,
What Serena feels Samantha will, too.

It works.



# 212  Samantha's Magic Potion
written by Shirley Gordon

To Call Dr. Bombay (Samantha):

Calling all stations from Hong Kong to Pompeii,
Come in, if you read me, Dr. Bombay!

Bombay answers, “Dr. Bombay here…”


Additional Incantation to Make
Dr. Bombay Appear (Samantha):

Nevermind your pills, forget your thermometer,
Come on the run with your trusty hexometer!

Dr. Bombay appears.


To Give Darrin Confidence (Samantha's fake spell):

Pinckney, finckney, potsy, rex,
Quiddily, quaddily, beware this hex!

Darrin thinks he is under a spell.



# 213  Sisters At Heart
written by 5th Period English at
Thomas Jefferson High School and Barbara Avedon

To Counteract Wishcraft (Samantha):

Warlock, wizard, behold these tots,
And hear my plea out, out, darned spots!

It did not work.


To Remove the Lisa and Tabitha’s Spots (Samantha):

Cat’s paw, dragon's claw,
combine in delicate maneuver…

Darrin interrupts, so the spell is not finished. Tabitha removes the spots herself.



# 214, Mother-In-Law of the Year
written by Phillip Henry Sharp

To Put Ideas in Someone Else’s Mouth (Endora):

Sprig of basil, dash of lime.
Let the spell begin at the sound of chimes.
Pitch your babble, splash of wine!
The voice will be Dum-Dum's
The idea will be mine!

Darrin spouts Endora’s ideas every time a chime is heard.



# 217, The Return of Darrin The Bold
written by Ed Jurist

To Send Serena Back to the 14th Century (Endora):

Night into day, day into night,
Back to the past with the speed of light.
To Durwood the Bold to do this spell,
I wish you luck, if not just yell!

Serena goes to the time of Darrin the Bold.



# 218, The House That Uncle Arthur Built
written by Bernie Kahn

To Rid Himself of Practical Jokes (Uncle Arthur):

Practical jokes my love appalls,
Fly from my body,
And into these walls!

1164 Morning Glory Circle begins playing
practical jokes on the Stephens family.



# 219, Samantha and the Troll
written by Lila Garret and Joel Rap

To Send Samantha for a 10,000 Zap Check-Up (Serena):

Webus, worbus, tootle flick.
Get a check up or you'll be sick!

Samantha pops out.



# 220, This Little Piggy
written by Ed Jurist

To Cause Someone To Be Indecisive (Endora):

Indecision now will be your state,
In matters small and matters great!
A plague of “ifs,” and “ands,” and “buts”
Will now descend and drive you nuts!

Darrin is overwrought with contradictions.



# 221, Mixed Doubles
written by Richard Baer

To Make Samantha Herself Again (Dr. Bombay):

Molecules return to your former states.
Mates return to your former mates.
And let Larry and Louise in mortal density,
Remember not their mistaken identity!

It works.



# 222, Darrin Goes Ape
written by Leo and Pauline Townsend

To Cause Someone To Be Indecisive (Endora):

I speak the truth – witches honor!
Get Darrin home or he's a goner!

It works.


# 224, Out of the Mouths of Babes
written by Michael Morris

To Call Endora (Samantha):

Boil and bubble, Toil and trouble,
Mother get here on the double!

It did not work. Samantha got a note in a balloon.



# 225, Samantha's Psychic Slip
written by John L. Greene

To Remove Samantha's Guilt (Endora):

Henbane, hemlock, jimson weed,
With nasturtium and hickory seed,
Now the strength shall be rebuilt,
And eliminate all of guilt!

The spell is too strong.


To Reverse the First Spell (Dr. Bombay):

Henbane, hemlock, jimson weed,
With nasturtium and hickory seed,
Reverse these things that are neurotic,
With this broad spectrum anti-idiotic!

It works.



# 227, Laugh, Clown, Laugh
written by Ed Jurist

    To Make Someone Funny (Endora):

To avoid the shock of sudden wit,
We’ll start from scratch – bit by bit!
A chime will cause your brain to whirl,
Your jokes will cause their hair to curl!

Darrin makes inappropriate jokes at the office.

To Laugh At Inappropriate Times (Endora):

Your views of life I find quite sick.
This spell will change what makes you tick!
At serious things, you’ll laugh and giggle.
The graver the note, the more it will tickle!

Darrin has fits of laughter over sad events.



# 228, Samantha and the Antique Doll
written by Ed Jurist

   To Turn Darrin Into a Goose (Endora):

His mother was a fool,
His father was a mule,
From this you may deduce,
Their offspring is a goose!

It worked.



Season Eight


# 229, How Not To Lose Your Head
to King Henry VIII, Part 1

written by Ed Jurist

To Send Samantha Back In Time (Malvina):

This trip through time will teach you a lesson.
In other’s affairs not to messin’
Back to Henry the Eighth go you.
The moment you meet him,
Is the moment you’ll rue!

Samantha is sent back to the court of King Henry VIII.



# 230 How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII
written by Ed Jurist

To Go Back To the Time of Henry VIII (Endora):

Backward, turn backward,
Oh, time in thy flight.
Into the past with the speed of light.
To Henry's time, let's check the date,
And do not pass Henry, number 8.

Darrin is sent back in time to save Samantha.



# 231, Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster
written by Michael Morris

To Summon Serena (Samantha):

North, south, west, and east,
S-O-S for the Loch Ness beast.
This Serena is a subpoena!

Serena appears.


To Turn the Monster Back Into Bruce (Serena):

Monster, monster of the deep,
Look into my eyes and sleep.
When you awaken on the count of three,
Once again Bruce you'll be. 1-2-3!

The monster turns into a man.

To Turn Serena Into a Mermaid (Bruce):

Witch Serena, fair and sweet.
I knew that once again we'd meet.
And I'd no longer weep and wail,
Because my darling has a tail!

Serena turns into a mermaid.



# 232, Samantha's Not So Leaning Tower of Pisa
written by Ed Jurist

To Phone Samantha (Esmeralda):

Telephone that's on the table,
Just as soon as you are able,
Send my voice to Sam in Pisa,
In the land once ruled by Caesar!

Esmeralda goes to Pisa.


To Straighten the Leaning Tower (Esmeralda):

My heart is light, My spirits soar,
Tower that leans, Lean no more!

It works.

To Send She and Esmeralda Back in Time (Samantha):

Time and tide,
Wind and sea,
Back to Bonano's age go we,
Master builder cursed by fate,
Esmeralda's ancient date!

It works.



# 233, Bewitched, Bothered, and Baldoni
written by Michael Morris

    To Bring the Statue of Venus to Life (Endora):

Marble Venus though you be,
I'll take thy marble heart from thee.
And turn it into flame and fire,
To light a mortal man's desire!

The statue turns into woman.

To Bring the Statue of Adonis to Life (Samantha):

Though of marble you be carved,
For a woman you are starved.
Back you go to flesh and sinew,
The fairest of them all will win you.

The statue turns into a man.



# 234 Paris, Witches Style
written by Michael Morris

To Reassemble Darrin (Maurice):

The spell of spells,
The incantation of incantations,
Gaze upon this creature frightening
Arise thou mortal who doth quiver
That's an order - now deliver!

It does not work.



# 236 TV or Not TV
written by Bernie Kahn

To Be Transported to the Silverton's House (Samantha):

Witchcraft's done the dirty deed,
Reverse it now with all due speed.
Gossamer wings the words “pell mell,”
Wisk me to where the Silverton's dwell!

Samantha is zapped over to the Silverton’s house.



# 239, The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit
written by John L. Greene

To Fetch Alonzo (Endora):

Power of day,
Power of flight,
Bring Alonzo here,
And into my sight!

It worked.


To Make Larry Agree with Everything He Says (Alonzo):

Tail of newt and eye of bat,
This is where the spell is at!
Even though it's what he'd hate,
All I say appeals to Tate!

It worked.

To Call Her Mother (Samantha):

Humming bird and dragon fly wings,
Palm and Marego Springs,
Timbuktu and Irish stew,
Wherever you are let's hear from you!

It did not work.


To Remove the Spell from Larry (Alonzo):

Tail of newt and eye of bat,
Take the spell off this here cat!

It worked.



# 240 The Eight Year Witch
written by Ruth Brooks Flippin

To Call Ophelia (Endora):

One re or re ickery Ann,
Phillison, follison Nicholas John.
Queevy quavy English navy.
Stickum, stagum, cat.
C-A-T spells “cat”!
Ophelia, my sweet, come catch a rat!

Ophelia appears.
Note: The first lines of this spell are the same
as Samantha used in # 1 to (try to) get rid of Endora.



# 241, Three Men and a Witch on a Horse
written by David Robison and John Greene

To Make Darrin a Gambler (Endora):

By this spell that's oh so droll,
You'll receive a gambler's soul.
Double, double, toil, and trouble
To Tabitha's room for the daily double!

Darrin becomes a confirmed horse player.



# 242, Adam, Warlock or Washout
written by Ed Jurist

To Boost Adam's Magical Powers (Maurice):

Oh spirits, on high I bid ye now!
This child of woe, you must endow.
With powers befitting my descendent,
And I will act as superintendent!

It works.

To Return Adam's Powers to Normal (Maurice):

Shell into bell,
Bell into shell,
At knell of bell begone, oh spell!

It works.



# 243, Samantha's Magic Sitter
written by Phillip and Henry Sharp

To Make a Stuffed Toy Lion Wag His Tail (Esmeralda):

Thirteen uncles, eighteen nieces,
Wag, oh wag, your tail to pieces!

It did not work.


Another Attempt (Esmeralda):

Flap jacks and noodles,
Hamburgers rare,
I want two poodles,
And make it a pair!

She gets one live bear.

To Get Rid of the Bear (Esmeralda):

Eat a peach, Peel a pear,
O'Leary and O'Brien,
Bear paid and change to air,
To prove that I'm not lying

The bear goes away, but the toy lion comes to life.


To Get Rid of the Goose (Esmeralda):

Eat a piece of kumquat,
Farewell from a dummy,
Enjoyed your stay, but now be on your way!
Oh spell, be on the money!

The goose goes but the client becomes a monkey.

To Change the Monkey Back to a Man (Esmeralda):

Bats in the belfry,
Pigs in the poke,
Lose that monkey,
Before I choke!

It works! Note: This spell is similar to one that Uncle Arthur used in # 178.



# 244, Samantha Is Earthbound
written by Michael Morris

To Reinforce the Floor(Dr. Bombay):

Weebus, warbus, toodle, flick,
Shore this floor and do it quick!

It works.

To Make Samantha her Normal Weight (Dr. Bombay):

(While she is drinking a potion, he recites:)
Ear of corn, Tooth of comb,
Drive your healing powers home.
And with heart of Artichoke,
Make all this a passing joke!

The spell is too strong and Samantha has negative weight.



# 245, Serena’s Richcraft
written by Michael Morris

    To Summon Contessa Piranha (Samantha):

Compass point east and west and north,
I beg the Contessa Piranha come forth!

Contessa Piranah appears.

To Return Serena's Powers (Piranah):

Say, “I am sorry, Contessa.”
(Serena repeats the line)
Smile witch. Laugh witch.
Take your powers back witch!

Serena’s powers are restored.



# 246, Samantha on Thin Ice
written by Richard Baer

    To Make Tabitha a Great Skater (Endora):

No flesh of my flesh shall be forlorn,
To the skating world, a star is born!

Tabitha goes from tumbling to triple toe loops on the ice.

Reverse (Endora):

Tabitha, to spell you from that mortal fate,
By the blue Cosmos that is above you.
You'll find you don't know how to skate,
It's done because I love you.

Tabitha's new abilities are removed.



# 247, Serena's Youth Pill
written by Michael Morris

 To Call Serena (Samantha):

In gay Par-ee it's si’l vous plais,
In Germany it's bitte,
Please, Serena come this way,
I need a baby sitta!

Serena appears.



# 249, George Washington Zapped Here, Part 1
written by Michael Morris

To Call A Buckle and Button Out of a Book (Esmeralda):

Find the rhyme that goes with buckle,
Tuckle, wuckle, duckle, chuckle!
Come on George and look alive,
I begin to weary of this jive

George Washington appears instead of the buckle.


To Zap Back George Washington's Shoes (Esmeralda):

Size 11 shoes of leather,
George needs you for winter weather!

George and Martha Washington appear.



# 250 George Washington Zapped Here, Part 2
written by Michael Morris

To Call Esmeralda (Samantha):

Aries, Gemimi, and Taurus,
Blend your voices into chorus.
Sing out the name of Esmeralda!
Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces,
These are the times that are known as crises!

Esmeralda appears.



# 251, School Daze, School Daze
written by Ed Jurist

    To Make Tabitha Know Everything (Endora):

Give her knowledge,
All the knowledge that she chooses.
Shakespeare, Plato, all the languages in NATO.
Science back to Gallieo,
Medicine back to the brothers Mayo,
You'll know it all from A to Z…
Wake now, my little chickadee!

Tabitha is well-prepared for school thanks to her grandmama.

Reverse (Endora):

Tabitha, forgive her.
She knows not what she makes me do.
Everything you know from A to Z,
I hereby take away from thee.
Know the things a child should know,
But to your Grandmama it's quite a blow!

The spell is removed and Tabitha returns to her natural level on intelligence.



# 253, Samantha's Witchraft Blows a Fuse
written by Leo Townsend

To Bring a Lamp to Herself (Samantha):

Lamp, lamp on yonder table,
Come to me if you are able!

The lamp rises, but then crashes to the floor.


To Summon Dr. Bombay (Aunt Hagatha):

From Tripoli to Timbuktu,
I beg, I plead, I beseech of you.
A moment longer, don't delay,
Dr. Bombay, streak this way!

Dr. Bombay appears.


To Call Dr. Bombay Again (Aunt Hagatha):

Dr. Bombay you're 0 for two,
Get here at once or you are through!

He comes at once.


To Send Back the Dodo Bird (Aunt Hagatha):

Thank you for your feather, Dodo dear.
Now back to the book.
Get out of here!

The bird returns to Tabitha's cosmic coloring book.



# 254 The Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam
written by Ed Jurist

To Make a Truth Pin (Endora):

Upon that unicorn I put my spell,
Approach it and the truth you'll tell!
Step back and once again you'll speak,
Those lies so dear to mortals weak!

Everyone within close proximity to the pin becomes brutally honest.


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