Throughout most of the show, Samantha Stephens lived with the secret of her supernatural powers. Primarily because her husband wanted her to keep it between the two of them. This is because he was sure that no other mortal would be able to accept her for what she really was. She knew this to be true, in fact, Samantha didn't even tell Darrin she was a witch until after they were married. On occasion, Samantha would confess her magical heritage to mortals on the show. Sometimes in a dream sequence and other times to get out of a jam. Besides Darrin, no one else truly believed that Samantha was a witch–even though a trip to 1164 Morning Glory Circle left many a friend or client wondering what really was going on in that house. Also, other witchly revelations are noted in this article.

In # 1, Samantha tells Darrin that she is "a card carrying, broom-riding, house-haunting, cauldron stirring witch" and proves it for him by making him a drink and activating a lighter with witchcraft.

In # 7, Samantha, Clara, Bertha, and Mary all go and visit a client who they feel is negatively stereotyping witches. They show him that witches look like ordinary mortals and convince him to change the advertising of an ugly, old hag witch that he wanted to use to promote his Halloween candy. Mr. Brinkman attributes his new found preference of a sexy witch in the campaign to his "dream" about their visit.

In # 13, Samantha fixes a broken vase right in front of her friend, Gertrude. This leaves many fans wondering if Gertrude was a witch, as Darrin suspected, or not. While she doesn't tell Gertrude outright that she is a witch, there is no other explanation given.

In # 14, Clara tells Frank and Phyllis Stephens that she is a witch. They joke that Samantha must be, and she admits, "I am, but don't spread it around..."

In # 15 (and again in the recut 51), Samantha and Darrin take in Michael, an orphan, for the holidays and take him to the North Pole to meet Santa since he isn't a believer in the magic of the season. The Kravitzes are also hosting an orphan named Tommy. Michael tells Tommy in confidence that Samantha is a witch and Gladys overhears the conversation. Tommy keeps his promise to Michael and denies that Samantha is a witch to Gladys.

Michael Learns Samantha's Secret
with a Trip to Meet Santa in 15

In # 27, Aunt Clara tells the children she is watching, and later the judge, that she is a witch.

In # 31, Larry wonders how Samantha got downtown so fast and Darrin tells him that Samantha is a witch. Larry shrugs off the confession.

In # 64, while Samantha and Louise are plotting how to get Darrin and Larry back on good terms, Louise wonders how Samantha can be so sure her plan will work. Samantha tells Louise, "I'm a witch" (in a joking manner), to which Louise replies "You said it, honey. I didn't!"

Hear Samantha Reveal Her Secret To Louise in 64

In #s 66 and 67, detective Charlie Leach discovers that Samantha is a witch. He blackmails her into twitching up a car and remodeling his dive of an apartment. In this episode, Darrin encourages Samantha to use her powers on Leach if he comes around the house and baby.

Samantha's Secret is Discovered in 66 and 67

In # 72, Samantha and Endora reverse time and she tells Darrin she is a witch before they get married. Darrin, in turn, tells Larry her secret. Larry begins to see the advantage, but Darrin is spooked by the confession. Darrin and Samantha go back several times to test their relationship, so that he can prove that he still would have married her. In the end, the memory of this is erased from Darrin and Larry.

In # 75, Tabitha's secret is revealed. Samantha does not tell Darrin, but he finds out after witnessing her witchcraft in 76. Naturally, he loves Tabitha regardless of whether she has her mother's powers or not.

Tabitha's Secret is Revealed to Her Daddy in 76

In # 88 and 89, Samantha lets Ben Franklin know that she and Clara are witches. They use their powers to get him out of trouble after he wrecks a fire engine. Ultimately, Clara sends him back in time. But not before Gladys Kravitz tells the press that Samantha is a witch and recalls Clara's spell that begins "Hark ye witches who live in lamps..." No one believes her as they feel that Franklin is part of one of Darrin's ad campaigns.

Samantha and Clara try to Recall An
Incantation for Ben Franklin in 88 and 89

In # 91, Darrin tells NASA in his dream that Samantha is a witch when he wants the Japanese tea tested because he thinks it is moon dust.

In # 106, Samantha admits to Fergie that she is a witch and uses her powers to reunite him with Phoebe.

In # 123, Samantha instills the Christmas spirit in Darrin's client, Mr. Mortimer, by bringing him to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. The next day, Mr. Mortimer has the Christmas spirit thanks to his "dream" about the trip to the North Pole and Samantha's good nature.

In # 135, Darrin rethinks his stance on witchcraft and tells Sam to confess that she is a witch so she can be free to use her powers whenever she wants. Samantha realizes this isn't a good idea and uses a "dream spell" to show Darrin how disastrous the results would be if the world knew the truth about her and Tabitha.

In # 147, Uncle Arthur tells Napoleon that he is a warlock and Samantha is a witch.

In # 161, Serena thinks she is falling for a mortal when she gets matched with Franklyn through a computer dating service. Later in the episode they both reveal that they are supernaturals, and the disappointment over their confessions breaks up the relationship. This confession is not to a mortal, but an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

In # 162, Harry, the man who was a chimpanzee, finds out that Tabitha and Samantha are witches. While he is a man, he does not share their secret with any mortals. He chooses to go back to his life as a chimp without spilling the beans.

In # 164, Samantha tells the snobs at Burning Oaks country club that she hails from "the oldest minority that there is--I'm a witch!" much to Darrin's chagrin. The confession goes unchallenged by the members.

In # 171, Tabitha tells Jack that she is a witch.

In # 182, Phyllis asks Samantha if her whole family is wacky. Samantha replies, "As wacky as witches, Mrs. Stephens."

Hear Samantha Reveal Her Family's Secret To Phyllis

In # 188, Samantha confesses to her mother-in-law that she and Endora are witches when Mrs. Stephens walks in on them using witchcraft. Phyllis tells Frank that Samantha is a witch. Ultimately, the confession is written off when Sam tricks Phyllis and her doctors in to believing that she was accidentally taking hallucinogens instead of tranquilizers.

In # 193, Irving gets changed back to a young boy by Tabitha. He wants to stay young until Samantha convinces him to go back to adult life by bringing in his girlfriend. He never tells anyone that they are witches.

In # 206, attempting to explain Esmeralda's goof that brought him to the future, Samantha tells Paul Revere, "I'm a witch... but a good witch!"

Samantha Tells Paul Revere About Herself in 206

In # 208, Samantha tells the court that she is a witch, but that none of the other accused were truly witches.

Samantha in Shackles in 208

In # 211, Larry asks how Darrin and Samantha knew that the client was a crook and they point blank tell him that Samantha is a witch. He chooses to laugh off the confession.

In # 213, Tabitha tells her "sister friend" Lisa that she is a witch after her wishcraft backfires and leaves them spotted. When Lisa's parents come to pick her up, Lisa tells them that Samantha is a witch, but they don't believe her.

In # 238, Samantha warns the Wicked Witch from Hansel and Gretel that she is "not messing around with any storybook witch, I happen to be the real thing!" Also, Tabitha tells Hansel and Gretel that she is a witch before she goes into their story.

Samantha Warns the Wicked Witch
About Her Powers in 238

In # 249, Esmeralda says, in Washington's presence, " What a rotten witch I am." George ignores her. Soon after, Samantha tells George, "I am a witch and so is Esmeralda."

In # 251, the school learns that Tabitha is a witch when they see her doing some magic with Adam in the back yard. Samantha makes up a story about the family being in a night club magic act called The Three Witches to defuse the suspicion. This is one of the only times Samantha lies to someone. She does it to protect her daughter from being exploited.

The "Magic Act" trunk in 251