By Paul

   Samantha appears in a flying suit in 21 episodes of Bewitched. There are 10 different versions of the suit. As the show went to the color format, the detailing on the dress made use of blue or green trimmings, but the overall style of the suit remained constant.

The first appearance was in # 5, where the suit was plain, the same color all over, and lighter than black in color. In the Prime network's colorized version, the suit appeared as a gray/stormy blue as illustrated below. The gown featured a stand-up collar, v-neckline, and empire waist. The full-length, fitted sleeves were attached at the cuff to a cape of the same material.

The # 15 suit was solid black and included a traditional, pointed witch hat for Samantha's trip to the North Pole. The collar was a dramatic stand-up affair accentuating a lace up, v-neckline. The cape was a transparent material that fastened at the cuffs. The same suit was also used in episodes 30, 51, and 71.

The # 67 flying suit varies from the # 15 suit in that the collar is not so high, the sheer cape is fastened to the sleeves the length of the arms, and the cape is split down the middle.

The # 95 flying suit is the first one seen in color (not colorized). The dress is the same as the earlier dresses, but with the v-neck laced up higher and has green trim on the collar. The cape is a solid black material with green lining. This suit was also worn in # 96. This is the first appearance of the outfit where Samantha calls it a "flying suit."

The # 100 flying suit features green material with a green cape. The cape is transparent. This suit was only used in this episode.

The # 102 flying suit is a plain black dress with a collar that rests lower than in the past. The cape is solid black with a blue lining. This suit was also worn in episode #s 110 (as seen below), 127 and 132.

The # 127 flying suit is the same one used in # 102. The trim on the collar is evident in the picture below.

The flying suit used in # 123 is the Christmas suit and was used only once. It appears both blue and black, depending on the set lighting. There are some sparkling decorations on this special Christmas flying suit.

The # 144 suit now has a green bodice with a sheer black material from the chest over the shoulders and down the length of the arms. The collar is wider and lays flatter than previous versions of the flying suit. The front of the collar is green, while the backing is black. The lace-up neckline plunges deeper than the previous versions of the flying suit.

The # 165 suit has a different neckline. The suit has the same green bodice, but the neckline is not a true "V" and the collar stands up a bit more than the suit in # 144.

The # 170 suit has a dark green metallic dress. It features a very low neckline, sometimes worn laced, at other times no laces show. This is the last variation that appeared on Bewitched, and is also seen in episodes 177, 204, 207, 239, and 252.

   Here are some additional pictures from the Halloween episode 177, where Samantha sports an exceptionally tall witch's hat with the flying suit that originally appeared in # 170. Below that is a picture of Tabitha in her flying suit from the same episode. OK, so it really isn't a flying suit as she canvassed the Morning Glory Circle neighborhood as a princess, but she is so cute that we had to include it!