Bewitched was famous for recycling actors by bringing them back to the show as different characters, as illustrated in The Face Is Familiar. However, they also recycled the costumes and props used on the show. Below is a list of some of the stage props that were spotted more than once on the show.


One of the most frequently used props is the Harpies Bizarre magazine. Endora, Serena, and Aunt Hagatha were all seen reading the magazine on Bewitched in episodes 2, 3, 82, 129, 229, 247, 253. Itís interesting to note that in each episode the magazine was seen, it had the same cover. NOTE: There is a cosmic coincidence in the fact that this prop appeared in the second and the second to the last episodes of Bewitched.

The Harpies Bizarre Magazine As Read by Endora in 3

The Harpies Bizarre Magazine As Read by Serena in 247

The Harpies Bizarre Magazine As Read by Hagatha in 253

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A children's illustration that was primarily seen in Tabitha's room, was also displayed above another child's bed in 27.

The Children's Illustration As Seen in 27

The Children's Illustration As Seen in 58


The fountain in the park, often seen on Bewitched, is seen in several other movies and TV shows, like The Monkees, The Flying Nun, Friends, Lois & Clark, West Wing and Birds of Prey.

The Circular Fountain on Bewitched and Friends


The funny looking little clown that Phyllis gave to Tabitha in 58, "The Dancing Bear," is also seen in Ho Ho's hope chest in 92, "Ho Ho the Clown." It's only seen for a split second when a trunk opens. In a related blooper, the clown is also seen in Tabitha's room in 55, before Phyllis gave it to her!

The Toy Clown in 58


An ornate hookah, or hubble-bubble smoking pipe, was used by Endora in 69, 71, and 154 and Dr. Bombay in 107. The Old Man of the Mountain smoked a larger hookah in 217.

The Hookah Pipe As Seen In 71


The tea service seen in the movie Bell Book & Candle, starring Kim Novak as a witch, as well as in several episodes of Bewitched, usually during formal gatherings. One place of note is in Dick York's final episode, 170, "Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City," at the banquet.

The Tea Service As Seen in Bell, Book & Candle and Bewitched


The "Spooky Chair" makes an appearance 86, "Sam's Spooky Chair," and again in 108, "Long Live The Queen."

The "Spooky Chair" As Seen in 86


The set for the Stephens's master bedroom was also used for the guest bedroom and Tabitha's bedroom (after Adam was born and she moved out of the nursery).

Sam and Darrin in their Room in 140

Tabitha in Her Room in 241

Ticheba Redecorates the Guest Room in 108


The set for the Stephens's den doubles as the Tate's den in 91, "Sam in the Moon," and is very similar to the nursery (painted pink for Tabitha and blue for Adam) from this vantage point. This set was also used for the nursery, which explains the pink walls in Larry's den. According to Adam (of, the paneling for Darrin's den is placed on top of the walls for filming. In one scene, the fake wall outside the door (covering the hallway entrance to the kitchen) was not pushed over far enough, and you can make out the hall closet door.

The Tate 's Den in 91

The Nursery in 75


Larry and Louise seem to inhabit the same bedroom as Darrin and Samantha.

The Tate's Bedroom As Seen in 98


Gladys and Abner Kravitz's living room is the same set as the master bedroom of the neighbors at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. Note how the dormer windows were converted into bookcases.

The Kravitz's Living Room in 135


Endora's fantastically gaudy earrings appeared in 98, "Art for Sam's Sake" and again in 139, "Man of the Year."

"Three-Dimensional Cosmotastic Baubleplastic" Earrings As Seen in 98


Serena can be seen wearing her mod hat in 111, "Double, Double, Toil and Trouble," and again in 128, "Hippie, Hippie, Hooray."

The Mod Hat and Glasses in 128


Many of the same set elements from the pet shop in 156, "Serena Strikes Again, Part 2" (just rearranged a little), can be seen at Postlewaite's Apothecary shop.

The Shop Set in 156 and 253


Mrs. Stephens's kitchen is the same set used for the Kravitz's in the later years.


The Kitchen Set in 152 and 163


Mrs. Stephens's foyer is the same set used for Miss Parson's (the cat lady of Morning Glory Circle) house and Gretchen Millhouser's house in 133.


The Foyer Set in 160 and 163


Endora used the same zipper on Serena in 165 and Darrin in 179 to stiffle them.

Serena Zips Her Lips in 165


The Dodo bird is used in 118 and 253--what is it about those tail feathers?

The Dodo Bird in 253


Endora's "Follow Me" bouncing ball is seen in 77, 95, 165 and 199. The ball is also used as a crystal ball on the coffee table in 77, and as a split-second transition effect in 87.

The Follow Me Ball in 87

The Follow Me Ball in 95



The jumbo-sized martini is seen in episodes 10, 40, and 167.

Maurice and His Jumbo Martini in 167


The Fuzz doll is seen in episodes 157 and in 219 where the doll is brought to "life" by Serena. This larger critter costume was recycled from 109 and 115.

The Fuzz Doll in 157


The giant cocktail glass with plastic swans around the rim and the red "witches' joy juice" is consumed by Serena in episode 211 and by Endora and Samantha on Cloud 9 in 252.


The Cocktail Glass in 211 and 252


The portrait of the figure wearing a hooded cloak that hung in Larry's office for all eight seasons, was also used in his dining room in 59, in Serena's hotel room in 54, and a restaurant alcove in 69.

The Cloaked Figure Portrait at McMann and Tate


Uncle Arthur zapped up the same skeleton in episodes 165 and 218.

The Skeleton in 165


The full sized billboard seen in 5, "Help, Help, Donít Save Me," reveals itself for the model that it is in 11, "It Takes One to Know One." Then returns to full size again in 35, "Eat At Mario's."

McMann and Tate Billboard in 5, 11 and 35




The traffic light Sam used to delay their arrival at the ballgame in 6, "Little Pitchers Have Big Fears," reappears in the Stephens living room, courtesy Endora, in 23, "Red Light, Green Light." Then pops up again in 61, "The Horses Mouth" and 146, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall."

Traffic Light in 6, 23 and 61


The egg-shaped vase, seen in "Miss Jasmine's" hotel suite in 11, "It Takes One to Know One," reappears at the Tate's residence in 64, "Double Split," and again in Charlie Leach's apartment, in 67, "Follow That Witch, Part 2." It's interesting to note how inconsistent Dynacs was in choosing palettes when they did the vase in the colorized episodes.

The Egg-Shaped Vase in 64 and 67


The "Truth God" from 50, "Speak The Truth," is seen being dusted by Samantha, in 72, "What Every Young Man Should Know." Does Darrin know she kept the little tattletale around?

The "Truth God" in 50 and 72


The picture, seen here in 140, "Splitsville," frequently makes the leap from living room to bedroom, and even all the way to Salem, as in 204, "Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer".


The Picture, as seen in 140 and 204


The plane that Dick York's Darrin took in 9, "Witch or Wife," was also flown by Dick Sargent's Darrin (with the seats reupholstered), in 203, "The Salem Saga." In both instances, Samantha and Endora were seen outside the craft.

The Plane from 9 and 203


The giant's "Golden Harp"from 171, "Samantha and the Beanstalk" is the same as the harp seen in the background in 236, "TV or Not TV."

The Harp


The desk lamp, usually seen in Darrin's den, is spied in Larry's cabin in 52, "The Magic Cabin," Darrin and Samantha's Salem suite in 204, "Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer," and again in the office of Tabitha's ice skating coach, Billy Blades Bookholtzer, in 246, "Samantha On Thin Ice."

The Desk Lamp


The rooster from the Stephens living room, is sighted in the Kravitz living room, in 222, "Darrin Goes Ape".

The Rooster


The set that was used as the Tower of London in 229 and 230, "How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII, parts 1 & 2," was the same as that used for the museum in Rome, Italy in 233, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Baldoni." Then we see the set yet again as Witscit Castle in 235, "The Ghost Who Made a Specter of Himself."

The Set from 229 and 233


The same photo of Samantha that Serena gives to Darrin in 142, "Samantha Goes South for a Spell,"to help locate Samantha in the past, is also seen hanging on Juke's cloud in 144, "Darrin Gone and Forgotten."

The Photo from 142 and 144


The sofa, first seen in Larry's cabin in 52, "The Magic Cabin," makes a stop in the Kravitz living room in 66, "Follow That Witch, Part 1," before crossing the street and taking up permanent residence in the Stephens household, where it is seen in many color episodes.

The Sofa from 52, 66 and 93


The prop department is often seen recycling copy in their newspapers. Here's examples from 62, "Baby’s First Paragraph" and 117, "To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat," and even The Brady Bunch and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

The Brady Bunch
Ozzie and Harriet

The stereo console from the Stephens household, seen in 31, "That Was My Wife," as well as other episodes, is spotted again after Samantha spruces up Larry's cabin in 52, "The Magic Cabin."

Stereo console from 31 and 52


Until now, we've resisted adding the horse statue that often appears in Darrin and Larry's offices, since it made sense that McMann & Tate property would move around the firm as offices were redecorated, and usually restrict prop crossovers to Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, but it seems that the horse just keeps popping up. It's seen here in Bell, Book and Candle (1958), Bewitched (1964-1972), The Brady Bunch (1969-1974), and A Very Brady Sequel (1996). Could it be a famous statue that was a hot reproduction back then, and not really the same horse circulating around?


The yellow cellophane wrapped champagne bottle sent to the Tates by Darrin and Samantha in 105, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Infuriated," is seen again being given to Louise by Larry in 109, "Toys in Babeland." Shame on you, Larry, for regifting Louise her own anniversary present!

Champagne Bottle from 105


The silver sofa was reused heavily from seasons 2-7. This includes 60, Aubert's hotel room (Note:  Dynacs incorrectly colored this orange); 64, The Tate's living room; 73, The Stephen's living room; 101, Terri Warbel's apartment; 113, Mary Jane Nilesmunster's hotel room (Note: this set was also used as the Tate's living room in 109); 135, The Tate's living room ; 221, The Tate's living room.

The Silver Sofa in Episodes 64, 101, and 221


The painting of a nobleman was used in the foyer of the 1164 set in #s 80 and 81, replacing the Girl with a Broom painting.  This same painting was also tucked away in the dining area of the villa set used in episode 233.

The Nobleman Painting in Episodes 80, 81, and 233


The toy pony, seen at the Stephens' in 74, "Prodigy," is seen again in 75, "Nobody's Perfect," both at the house and at Diego's photo studio.

The Toy Pony in Episodes 74 and 75


The toy giraffe, seen at Diego's photo studio in 75, "Nobody's Perfect," appears again at the Stephens' in 78, "Accidental Twins," after having been whipped up by Aunt Clara.

The Toy Giraffe in Episodes 75 and 78


The toy octopus (which Tabatha later named "Cynthia Octofish"), seen at Diego's photo studio in 75, "Nobody's Perfect," appears again at the Stephens' in 159, "Samantha, the Sculptress."

The Toy Octopus in Episodes 75 and 159


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