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The unusual Bewitched credit "Hair Styles by Peanuts" has intrigued fans of the show for decades. "Who", we collectively wondered, "was Peanuts?", and our imaginations took flight as we envisioned some sort of outrageous hairstylist, a young woman who was hip, flip, and full of zip in the free-spirited style of Serena. However, when items from the estate of Bewitched propman George Ballarino were auctioned in December of 2006, Erin Murphy identified Peanuts in two of the photographs that were being offered for sale. It was surprising, to say the least, to discover that Peanuts wasn't a "sweet young thing" after all, but rather an immaculately coiffed, conservatively dressed, and decidedly mature woman who had a warm smile and a fun-loving twinkle in her eye.

Little was previously known about this enigmatic blonde lady, but research has revealed that "Peanuts" was actually named Lillian Hokom Ugrin, and she was born on September 19th, 1909 in Los Angeles, California (based on California Death Index records and Social Security Death Index records). Her birth name was Lillian Hulda Hokom, and her parents were Sander Hokom (born in Illinois) and Jennie E. Hokom (nee Lundeen), also born in Illinois. Lillian had four siblings, Helen, Wilbur, Irene and Lois, and the family lived at 812 E. 42nd Street, Los Angeles, California at the time of the April 18th, 1910 United States Census (in which Lillian is listed as being "7/12", or, more to the point, seven months old). The family later moved to 765 E. 43rd Street in Los Angeles, according to 1920 U.S. Census records.


In 1935, Lillian married Eugene Lockridge (see Vital Record), which later ended in divorce. Her second husband was Anthony V. Ugrin (born on November 5th, 1901 in Montana), who worked as a still photographer for Twentieth Century-Fox. Both marriages were apparently childless. Through Anthony, Lillian parlayed her talent for hairdressing into a career when she was hired by Fox in 1948. While at Fox she worked mostly under the name of Lillian Hokom, but on two occasions under the name of Lillian Ugrin. Her first film was the 1948 Dana Andrews/Jean Peters drama "Deep Waters". This was followed by hairdressing duties on the movies "The Luck of the Irish" (1948) starring Tyrone Power and Anne Baxter, "The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend" (1949) starring Betty Grable and Cesar Romero (as Lillian Ugrin), "It Happens Every Spring" (1949) starring Ray Milland and Jean Peters (also as Lillian Ugrin), Elia Kazan's "Pinky" (1949) starring Jeanne Crain and Ethel Barrymore, "Cheaper by the Dozen" (1950) starring Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy, "A Ticket to Tomahawk" (1950) starring Dan Dailey and Anne Baxter (which also featured a very young Marilyn Monroe in an early bit part), "Love That Brute" (1950) starring Paul Douglas and Jean Peters, and "Two Flags West" (1950) starring Joseph Cotten and Linda Darnell. Lillian had the opportunity to work alongside Marilyn Monroe's long-term make-up man Allan "Whitey" Snyder on three occasions while at Fox, during the production of "The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend", "It Happens Every Spring" and "Two Flags West". She also worked with her husband Anthony on the films "It Happens Every Spring", "Pinky", "A Ticket to Tomahawk" and "Two Flags West".

Upon leaving Twentieth Century-Fox in 1951, Lillian worked for a few years as a freelance hairdresser on the films "The Lady Says No" (1952) starring David Niven and Joan Caulfield, and "Apache" (1954) starring Burt Lancaster and Jean Peters. Starting with "Apache", Lillian began using the name Lillian Ugrin in five consecutive films. In 1956 Lillian was hired by John Wayne's production company Batjac Productions where she worked on the movies "Seven Men from Now" (1956) starring Randolph Scott and Gail Russell, and the Victor Mature films "China Doll" and "Escort West", both released in 1958. During this period Lillian continued to work as a freelance hairdresser on the films "Time Limit" (1957) starring Richard Widmark and directed by Karl Malden, and the 1958 William Castle horror movie "Macabre" featuring Jim Backus. Lillian's best known screen credit (as Lillian Hokom Ugrin) was the Academy Award winning "I Want To Live" (1958) starring Susan Hayward in an Oscar winning role as an innocent woman fighting for her life on death row.

Lillian began working on Bewitched during the 1960s, adopting the memorable name "Peanuts" as her nom de plume (or rather, her "nom de coif"), although her first on-screen credit under this monicker didn't appear until the first episode of season five, # 141 "Samantha's Wedding Present". She remained with the series until the end of its run, retiring in December of 1971 following completion of the show's final episode. Sadly, Lillian's husband Anthony passed away shortly afterwards on November 29th, 1973.

After almost thirty years of retirement, Lillian Hokom Ugrin passed away on January 11th, 1991 in Woodland Hills, California at the age of 81. Her work as a hairdresser on Bewitched continues to be admired today, inspiring Samantha, Endora and Serena-wannabes to replicate the beautiful hairstyles she created for the show's stars well into the new millennium.



In addition to her duties as a hairdresser,
Lillian also appeared on Bewitched as an extra.


In episode # 82 "Dangerous Diaper Dan", Lillian can be spotted during the restaurant scene sitting at a table in the background right between Darrin and Larry.



In episode # 88 "Samantha for the Defense", when Gladys Kravitz joins the crowd standing on the Stephens' front lawn, Lillian is shown from behind to the right of the screen wearing a beige coat. Later in this scene when Gladys rushes forward and says "She did it! She wiggled her nose!", Lillian is visible behind Gladys in the background with Melody McCord standing next to her. Also, Lillian is seen simultaneously on the courtroom jury and in the audience seated behind the Kravitzes. Melody McCord is also on the jury.
In episode # 90 "Soap Box Derby", Lillian and Melody can be spotted together in the stands..  
In episode # 96 "Three Wishes", Lillian can be spotted twice. First in a scene at McMann and Tate with Darrin and Larry where she's shown sitting at a desk wearing a black suit. Later in this episode during the scene at the airport, Lillian walks in wearing a greenish suit and a black hat and sits down behind Darrin. In episode # 98 "Art for Sam's Sake", Lillian is shown sitting by the door wearing a black coat when Samantha, Darrin and Mr. Cunningham (played by Arthur Julian) walk into the room where the art auction is held. And when Darrin bids "$300.00", Lillian can be spotted standing behind him, which is where she remains for the rest of the scene.
In episode # 102 "No More Mr. Nice Guy", Lillian can be spotted wearing a green suit sitting at a desk when the secretary brings Miss Adams in to see Darrin. In episode # 104 "How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help", Lillian can be spotted sitting at a desk as Darrin and Larry exit Darrin's office. Lillian can again be spotted sitting at the desk when Madame Marushka (or "Maruska") enters Darrin's office.
In episode # 105 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Infuriated", after Larry slips and does a backflip by the pool, Lillian is visible sitting at a table. In episode # 106 "Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live", Lillian can again be spotted sitting at a desk when Larry brings a client into Darrin's office.

In episode # 108 "Long Live the Queen", Lillian can be spotted walking behind Darrin and his companion during the scene in the bar.

In episode # 112 "Cheap, Cheap", Lillian can be spotted typing in the background when Darrin comes out and asks Betty (played by Jill Foster) to mail a letter. Lillian is clearly visible through most of the scene, which lasts for around a minute or so.
In episode # 113 "No Zip In My Zap", Lillian can be seen as Darrin and Larry exit the elevator when they're leaving McMann & Tate to meet with a client.
In episode # 114 "Birdies, Bogeys, and Baxter", at the end when Baxter leans down to kiss his wife, Lillian can be spotted walking directly behind them.

In episode # 117 "That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife", Lillian can be spotted behind Samantha when she calls home from Chicago on a pay phone.


In episode # 118 "Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds", Lillian is visible in the background during the scene in the bar between Darrin and the drunk (played by Dick Wilson). When Darrin pops out, Lillian can be viewed very clearly. Melody McCord is also in this scene.
In episode # 119 "Samantha's Thanksgiving To Remember", Lillian can be spotted numerous times: first, when Phineus accuses Darrin of being a witch after he lights a fire with a match (Lillian is shown dressed in pilgrim garb between Samantha and Gladys Kravitz). In the very next scene, as Aunt Clara, Gladys, and an unidentified man walk into the courtroom from outside, Lillian is the fourth person to enter the room. During the trial, Lillian changes places a couple of times: early in the scene she can be viewed between Samantha and Gladys, and later in the scene she can be viewed to the right of Darrin.

In episode # 120 "Solid Gold Mother In Law", Lillian can be spotted when the client leaves Larry's office near the end. She's wearing a green dress and sitting with her back to the camera typing.




In episode # 121 "My What Big Ears You Have", Lillian can be seen inside an elevator in the background after Darrin speaks to Hazel in the lobby of the hotel.
In episode # 122 "I Get Your Nanny, You Get My Goat", playing a member of a tour group inside Lord Montdrako's castle.
In episode # 124 "Samantha's DaVinci Dilemma", Lillian can be spotted in the museum scene as a member of the tour group. There are two excellent full-faced shots of her in this scene. Melody McCord is also a member of the tour group. In another scene, Lillian can be seen standing behind Darrin in an elevator. In episode # 125 "Once In A Vial", Lillian is sitting behind Samantha during the scene in the restaurant. There are two shots where the side of her face is visible. Melody McCord again appears with her in this scene.
In episode # 126 "Snob In The Grass", Lillian is shown sitting at a desk outside of Darrin's office when Samantha walks in near the end of the episode. In episode # 127 "If They Never Met", when Endora and Samantha are standing outside of McMann & Tate on the street in their flying suits, Lillian can be quickly viewed walking in her now familiar navy blue dress.

In episode # 135 "I Confess", Lillian appeared as a member of the crowd gathered in front of the Kravitz's home.


In episode # 136 "A Majority of Two", Lillian can be spotted twice during the airport scene near the end. When Samantha says: "Tell me, could you use an English speaking secretary in your business?", Lillian can be viewed walking in the background behind her. Later in the same scene, Lillian is shown on an exit ramp concealed behind another woman as Mr. Mikimoto walks toward the ramp.
In episode # 139 "Man of the Year", Lillian makes a few appearances. Immediately following the opening credits, she's shown walking through McMann and Tate while Darrin approaches Miss Ross (Jill Foster) and Endora is floating in mid-air. She shows up again at the cocktail party: right after Darrin says the line: "If McMann, Gilbert and I think it's good, it's good" and starts to walk away from Samantha, Lillian is shown wearing a black sleeveless evening gown. She can be spotted a few other times in the background during this scene. Melody McCord is also in this scene wearing a blue evening gown.

In episode # 146, "Mirror Mirror on the Wall," Lillian is seen at the restaurant where Darrin is going to meet Mr. Hascomb and Larry. Gerald York is the waiter and it looks like Melody is also another restaurant patron.



In episode # 149 "Samantha Fights City Hall", Lillian made two appearances: first at the park picketing with Samantha and then again (in a Bewitched blooper moment) as a secretary at McMann and Tate.
In episode # 156, "Serena Strikes Again," Lillian is working the counter in the lobby of the hotel. In episode # 165, "Samantha's Power Failure," Lillian is seen twice at the ice cream plant. First at the window, then out in the dining patio.
In episode # 166, "Samantha Twitches For UNICEF," Lillian is seen sitting outside Mr. Haskel's psychiatrist's door.  
In episode # 170 "Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City", Lillian made three appearances: behind Larry in a restaurant, with Samantha on a plane, and at the banquet.


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