By Joe G

Although often best remembered as a campy classic, Bewitched was not just a sitcom with non-stop magic and wacky, unrealistic situations; there was heart and feeling behind the show and characters. The love story of Samantha and Darrin is the key to the whole show, especially their tender moments that often closed episodes. Numerous other episodes had plenty of "realistic," more serious moments between characters, such as Darrin and Endora sharing a moment at Tabitha's birth, or Frank and Phyllis making up at the spot of their first date. Samantha also had a handful of serious and poignant speeches through out the series.

It's clear that the first two seasons had the most of these kinds of stepping-away-from-the-comedy moments, and that they seemed to dramatically decline starting in season five. As the first two seasons have been reran in syndication considerably less than the color episodes, this feeling of a more serious and touching Bewitched is perhaps more easily forgotten.


Tender Moments of True Love

# 1, "I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha" - After their honeymoon, where Samantha had revealed to Darrin that she is a witch, Darrin tells Samantha that he has done a lot of thinking, and that he loves her and can't give her up. Samantha, relieved to hear that Darrin still wants her for his wife, promises to try and live a normal, mortal existence.

# 12, "…And Something Makes Three" - After hours of Darrin and Larry thinking Samantha is pregnant, the truth is revealed that it's actually Louise. Larry's true loving nature towards Louise is briefly revealed in this moment.

# 17, "A is for Aardvark" - This moment is the quintessential romantic moment between Sam and Darrin according to most fans. They both realize all they need is each other and that having witchcraft to solve all of your problems isn't such a great idea. Samantha sheds tears as she explains that a simple bouquet of flowers and a watch from Darrin means more to her than anything.

# 19, "A Nice Little Dinner Party" - Frank and Phyllis reunite at Angel Falls, where he proposed to her, thanks to Sam and Endora. After both of them leaving town on the verge of divorce, they realize here their love for each other and that they're not really as old as they think.

# 22, "Eye of the Beholder" - In this moment, it's Darrin who realizes that age doesn't matter after Endora placing the thought in his mind that Sam was born in the 1600s. Whatever the age, all that matters is that two people love each other.

# 32, "Illegal Separation" - Sent to the same dream, Gladys and Abner relive Abner's marriage proposal.

# 37, "Alias Darrin Stephens" - After a wacky day of being a monkey, Samantha reveals to Darrin that they are going to have their first child in this moment. Darrin starts out gruff and slightly angry about his day, but melts upon hearing the great news.

# 54, "And Then There Were Three" - Darrin and Samantha see each other for the first time after Tabitha's birth in this special moment.

# 72, "What Every Young Man Should Know" - In the "What-if?" past, Darrin makes his attempt to propose to Samantha before being interrupted by the door.

# 99, "Charlie Harper, Winner" - In this memorable Sam and Darrin romantic moment, Sam gives her mink coat to the spoiled Daphne Harper. After Darrin feeling inadequate to Sam compared to witchcraft, she shows him how much she really values him.

# 140, "Splitsville" - Gladys and Abner again realize that beneath the bickering and medicine taking, true love ("combined with a little hatred") conquers all.

# 157, "One Touch of Midas" - Darrin explains how for once he feels like he can overdo it and treat Sam and Tabitha to a better life.

# 175, "And Something Makes Four" - Darrin and Sam see each other for the first time after Adam's birth in another special hospital moment.

# 210, "Samantha's Old Man" - Darrin again discovers that all you need is love, and it doesn't matter how old you are. Samantha explains that they'll grow old together, because witches can do anything they want to do.

# 228, "Samantha and the Antique Doll" - After Phyllis thinks she's turned Frank into a mule, through a seance, Sam allows her discover that the key to fixing her problems is love. Phyllis confesses her love to Frank, Sam turns him back to normal and the elder Stephens' embrace.

# 254, "The Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam" - While many episodes ended in similar fashion, this moment of "I love you" is made more special being the final moment of the entire series.

The Poignant Speeches

# 2, "Be It Ever So Mortgaged" and # 104, "How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help" - Endora recites her "Sparkle of a star" speech, to remind Samantha of her witchly heritage.

# 27, "There's No Witch Like an Old Witch" - Aunt Clara explains her actions to the judge that she didn't want to disappoint the children. He then proceeds to ask for her babysitting services to the chagrin of the upset mother.

# 88, "Samantha for the Defense" - Ben Franklin, after being found not guilty of stealing a fire engine, explains his thoughts on wisdom and time in front of everyone in court before departing.

# 95, "The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara" - Sam makes a speech in the defense of Aunt Clara at her trial. Sam moves for a dismissal on the grounds of love, and the removing Clara from the witch society would be a great loss to all.

# 119, "Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember" - In old Plymouth, Sam shows the people that no one can escape the charge of witchery when we examine our differences close enough. In defending Darrin, she shows that the hope of the New World is the acceptances of differences and the recognition of our common humanity.

# 165, "Samantha's Power Failure" - In front of the Witches' Council, which has removed her powers, Sam shows them that they are being just as bad as those humans who tried people as witches in Salem.

# 207, "Samantha's Bad Day in Salem" - Endora gives a speech at the witches' convention about the resident witch of Salem. This position was made to protect those people accused of being witches and to protect "those mortals so foolish as to cry, 'Witch!'"

# 250, "George Washington Zapped Here, part 2" - In the judge's chambers, Sam makes a speech to defend George Washington bringing up the constitution and what values Washington stands for.


Special Christmas Moments

# 15, "A Vision of Sugar Plums" - At the north pole, Michael, the orphan who is staying with Sam and Darrin for Christmas, discovers that what we've seen with our hearts remains with us a thing of joy and beauty.

# 123, "Humbug Not Spoken Here" - Mr. Mortimer, a humbug client, realizes that there's more to life than time, money and soup because of Sam. Before the credits roll, he has a silent moment of realization between himself and a smiling Sam.

# 184, "Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays" - Using unique cinematography, the audience is brought into Christmas at the Stephens' through the window, as Sam has a special moment with baby Adam.

# 213, "Sisters At Heart" - Client Mr. Brockway comes to the Stephens' to apologize, as he has realized he's a racist. He is forgiven after learning his lesson, and they invite him to stay for Christmas dinner.

# 184, "Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays" and # 213, "Sisters At Heart" - Both of these episodes feature a unique closing moment where the camera moves backwards from the Christmas tree behind the window and into the backyard as Sam and Darrin kiss.



# 5, "Help, Help, Don't Save Me" and # 252, "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished" - Darrin realizes it was wrong to think Samantha would unfairly use her witchcraft to win an account, but finds a deserted house upon coming home to apologize. In desperation he begins to apologize out loud, hoping Sam will hear him. She pops back and all is forgiven.

# 14, Samantha Meets the Folks - After a rough start, and Aunt Clara leaving the house, Sam is worried Phyllis will never like her as she is. Phyllis confesses she never wanted Sam to be perfect, but was just afraid she's be pushed aside and forgotten.

# 43, "Trick-or-Treat" - After turning Darrin into a werewolf at Halloween, Sam berates Endora for her wrongdoing and acting as a stereotypical witch. In a rare moment, Endora apologizes to Sam and confesses that she was wrong.

# 68, "A Bum Raps" - Horace, the bum, returns to 1164 after feeling so guilty about helping steal all of Sam and Darrin's furniture and household items. He reforms from his peddler ways, as Sam and Darrin forgive him.

# 73, "The Girl with the Golden Nose" - Darrin again realizes he was wrong about accusing Sam for using witchcraft to help him win his account.


Other Moments

# 10, "Just One Happy Family" - After Maurice has totally destroyed Darrin upon meeting him, Samantha is furious. Even Endora defends Darrin. Sam explains her love for Darrin and Maurice decides to try to bring him back.

# 47, "Aunt Clara's Old Flame" - Aunt Clara and her old beau, Hedley Partridge, have many special moments in this episode, especially when they are first reunited and finally when they both realize that each other isn't very good at witchcraft anymore.

# 54, "And Then There Were Three" - In the waiting room, Endora pops in to tell Darrin the happy news of Tabitha's birth. In a rare moment, both Darrin and Endora cry and embrace.

# 77, "Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things" - After a long day which involved Tabitha's witchcraft testing, Sam and Darrin become even more worried when a fruit bowl floats upstairs to her room. However, when Sam enters the room, she discovers the best thing she could: Maurice sitting on a chair, holding a napping Tabitha in his arms.


# 95, "The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara"- Aunt Clara and Sam have a special moment at the end where Clara reveals that her big success earlier that day may not have been a mistake. When you love someone, you won't allow a disaster to happen to them.

# 108, "Long Live the Queen" - In a royal ceremony of pomp and fanfare, Samantha is crowned queen of all witchdom, as Endora leads all in attendance in shouting, "Long live Queen Samantha!"


# 127, "If They Never Met" - In the "What-if?" present time, Sam finds out the Darrin truly isn't happier without him. Darrin is about to marry Sheila, but Sam helps him discover that he really doesn't love her.


# 206, "Paul Revere Rides Again" - Before Paul Revere is zapped away, he and Sam have a special moment together near his statue in Boston. Paul is in awe of his surroundings, and after he's gone, Sam comments that for once, Esmeralda's goof had perfect timing. She then blows his statue a kiss.