There's another TV witch who once resided in Westport, Connecticut. Instead of studying mortals and learning the daily chores in housekeeping, as Samantha Stephens did in the 1960s, this new breed of TV housewitch is documenting the process. In an effort to make the lives of mortals everywhere more efficient, Martha Stewart is risking expulsion from the Witches Council and showing the world the tricks of her trade.


Martha and Samantha Enjoy Gardening

It's quite possible that Martha Stewart Living is broadcast more times a day throughout the world than the television classic Bewitched at this point. Her show's promotional machine matches that of any McMann and Tate campaign. In fact, it smacks of the assistance that Endora gave to promote Perfect Pizzas. Could it be witchcraft? While Samantha would stitch up a costume or dress for Tabitha, Martha is quick to sit down and turn a bathtowel into a children's puppet in much the same way. These crafty vixens can accomplish any household chore they set out to do before the next commercial break.


Martha and Samantha Whipping Up the Stitches




The familiar tinka-tinka-tink of Samantha's twitch has been replaced with magical chords and a hum by Keb Mo, but this is no ordinary suburban housefrau. Martha engages the audience with her charm and abilities just as Sam did thirty years before her. Sam could fold a stack of clothes with the wave of her hand. Likewise, Martha will fold one linen napkin, and in the next frame, there is a perfect stack ready to be put in a clearly labeled drawer. The packaging may be a bit different, but it is definitely the same brew.

The Clothes Are Folded with the Wave
of a Hand at Sam's House

A modern day TV witch in Westport? It's a very good thing.

Other Cosmic Coincidences:

Like all of the witches on Bewitched (except for Mary in #7), Martha's name ends with an "a." In fact, so does her mother's (Big Martha) and little sister's (Laura).

Both 1164 Morning Glory Circle and 48 Turkey Hill Road, the TV havens for these TV witches, were in Westport, CT.

Each can cook a roast or paint a chair in less than 30 seconds through the magic of television.

A Sneak Peek At How Samantha Paints a Chair

A very Gladys Kravitz-like associate of Martha's, who goes by the name Kathy Tatlock, contributed some disparaging remarks about her for the book Martha, Inc. Notice how her surname is a witchly concoction of "tattletale" and "warlock." This same book also says that Martha is a witch several times.

Martha houses a coven of Himalayan cats with markings similar to that of Ling Ling and Ophelia. Are they her familiars being sent out to save K-Mart and sell more magazines?


A "Familiar" Pose

Martha has an herb garden that would rival that of Postlewaite's apothecary shop. Perhaps, she'll show how to make the love potion that was strong enough for use on Endora one of these days.

A Trip to The Herb Garden

Martha once showed her preference for pointed hats by inverting a rice steamer. She also has a fascination with saying that things are "so magical" on the show.


A Preference for Pointed Hats

Martha knows when to sell a stock, causing much speculation in the news. That whole situation was much like the episode where Darrin accused Tabitha of picking stocks. Or maybe Martha has a rocking horse that gives her the magic numbers for when to sell???

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