By Bill Lane and other contributors

  In the beginning of the series, Bewitched made use of a clever narrative device where a character would make a comment or react for the audience. These asides are used from Shakespeare's plays to movies such as Ferris Bueller's Day Off to draw the audience in to the performance. Here are some of these moments from Bewitched:


In 1: Darrin looks at the camera after telling Sam that he could never give her up, and says, "So my wife's a witch. Every married man has to make some adjustment."

Darrin Speaks to Us


In 2: Endora, whilst perched atop the house at the closing of the episode, says to the audience, "Believe me, it'll never work."

Endora Remains Cynical


In 3: Gladys Kravitz looks at the camera and exclaims "To hook up their telephones?!" after letting the phone man in and realizing that she may have made a phone call on the Stephens's unconnected telephone.

Gladys Questions Using the Phone Before It Was Connected


In 9: Endora looks at the camera and says proudly, "That's my gal!" after Samantha shrinks out to join her in Paris. Again in this episode, while enjoying a glass of champagne riding atop a transcontinental airliner, Endora says to the camera "It's the only way to fly!"

Endora Toasts to the Audience


In 39: Adam Newlarkin says (while looking at the camera), "I know this doesn't make sense, but the salad attacked me!"

Adam Newlarkin Proclaims a Salad Attack


In 43: Darrin gives the camera a "tired and surrendered look" after Endora pops out and they cut to the closing credits.

Darrin Surrenders to His Fate


In 54: After having seen several mysterious things that day at the hospital, Nurse Kelton, seeing Darrin dressed as an Indian, turns to the camera, and says, "Not there!".

Nurse Kelton Disbelieves Her Own Eyes


In 59: Darrin exclaims, "She couldn't have!" when an invisible Samantha walks through him.

Darrin Questions Samantha's Ability to Walk Through Him


In 66: Charmaine asks, "Would somebody tell me what I've done to deserve this?" after Charlie's ramblings.

Charmaine Laments Her Relationship


In 98: The guard at the art auction looks at the painting, then looks again and realizes its gone. He doesn't actually speak to the audience, but he gives us a perplexed look.

The Guard Realizes the Painting is Gone


In 105: The "Reaction Man" often speaks to himself, but this time, after witnessing Samantha use her witchcraft yet again, he looks at the camera and says, "What I need is a vacation... at another hotel."

Hotel Employee Yearns for A Vacation


In 117: Serena gives the audience an angry look after Darrin gives her a smack on the derriere.

Serena Smarts After Spanking


In 130: Samantha pops out, then Aunt Clara turns toward the camera, and says, "Seems so easy when she does it."

Aunt Clara Delights Over Sam's Expert Zonking


In 184: Samantha says to the audience, "From all of us, to all of you, a very merry Christmas" as the camera pans away from the house.   

Samantha Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas