By Courage-Bagge with contributions from Paul

All across the country, the typical American couple have arguments; whether it's about which one should do which chore, how one or the other should spend money, or even the fact that your wife's a witch who breaks her promise to not use witchcraft. Throughout Bewitched, there have been times where Darrin and Samantha have arguments, eventually one leaves the other, but they make up in the end.

In # 5, "Help Help, Don't Save Me," Darrin accuses Samantha of using witchcraft to mess with his conscience, but when she denies it, he calls her a liar. With that, Samantha runs upstairs, turns herself invisible, fills a suitcase full with clothes, fills a little chest full with makeup, walks right through Darrin, and goes home to Endora. Sad, isn't it? But eventually Darrin asked for Samantha's forgiveness when he realizes the truth, and she comes home.

In # 9, "Witch or Wife," Samantha goes to Paris to shop with her mother. Darrin proceeds to feel sorry for himself and Samantha gets mad and goes back to Paris.

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In # 64, "Double Split," Samantha uses witchcraft to get back at a client's snobby daughter. Darrin is furious with her, while Larry is furious with Darrin. After Larry insults Samantha, and Darrin insults Louise, Darrin quits McMann and Tate, and goes to work for the Ames's Advertising Agency. Samantha, knowing this is a wrong move, uses witchcraft to make Darrin look like a fool in front of Mr. Ames. When Darrin arrives home, and sees that Samantha isn't happy with his behavior, they BOTH decide that he should leave. Meanwhile, back at the Tates, the same thing happens, and Larry leaves. Thanks to Samantha's witchcraft, Darrin and Larry, end up in the same hotel room. After apologies, the two start planning out their new found bachelor lives, but realize they'd miss their wives. With that, the two go back home to the girls, who in return decide to go back to their men....phew, this was a biggie, wasn't it?

In # 84, "I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight," Darrin is enraged that Samantha has donated his favorite sports coat. The feuding couple seek advice from their friends, the Tates. After their counseling, Darrin and Samantha buy each other gifts, but unfortunately, they're not happy with them. Darrin buys Samantha a robe, to show her how he feels about their marriage and she responds with "and you bought me a prison gown?" She re-buys Darrin's old sports coat, and twitches it back to its original color. Darrin is more enraged than ever. Convinced that Sam wishes that she was a full-time witch again, Darrin leaves, and starts sleeping at his office. Larry decides to have his marriage counselor visit the Stephenses, while Endora conjures up Sigmund Freud himself. Suddenly, Dr. Freud finds himself in an fight with the Tate's counselor, so Endora sends them both back, and Samantha and Darrin make up.

In # 96, "Three Wishes," Endora gives Darrin three wishes without him knowing. Feeling that Darrin used them to spend more time with a female client, she runs upstairs, turns invisible, fills suitcases, and walks right through Darrin. "Deja vu" you say? Wait, there's a catch, before Samantha leaves, Darrin forces her to appear before him, and he proves that he didn't use his wishes by wishing that Endora disappears for a week. Samantha sees the truth, and stays after all.

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In # 104, "How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help," Darrin believes that McMann and Tate's classy client, Madame Maruska, is really Endora in disguise. When Darrin finds out the truth too late, Larry is furious at Darrin for losing another account. Feeling sorry for Darrin, Samantha helps Darrin out by popping his layouts up in newspapers and billboards. Darrin then feels that he just can't win against witchcraft, and prepares to leave Samantha. Once he has his two coats on, and his hat, Larry comes over to tell them that profits for Madame Maruska's products have gone up since the layouts have popped up, and they have the account again. Darrin then forgives Samantha and stays.

In # 108, "Long Live the Queen," our favorite witch is named Queen of the Witches, which makes Darrin frustrated. But when Samantha breaks the news to Darrin that she has to serve a one-year-term, Darrin threatens to leave for a year! Once at Joe's Bar and Grill, Darrin gets discouraged when he hears what a local drunk went through when he left his family for a year. In his fear, Darrin returns home to Samantha.

In # 132, "To Twitch or Not to Twitch," Samantha and Darrin get into a scrap about Samantha's use of (or lack of use when Darrin finds it convenient for him) witchcraft. She leaves with the baby and joins her mother on Cloud 8.

In # 252, "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished," this episode carries the same theme as # 132. In this instance, when Samantha gets mad, she and Endora go to Cloud 9.

Afterwards, Darrin and Samantha pretty much stayed together, of course this may back up Dick Sargent's opinion that the relationship between the Stephenses was stronger when he had the role instead of Dick York, but we ALL know the truth, don't we?