By Wizzy
with contributions from SamSarah and Ronny G 

Meet the guest child actors who brought their magic to TV's most magical show!


# 3, "Mother Meets What's His Name"
Three neighbor boys are zapped, tied, and gagged by Endora.



# 6, "Little Pitchers Have Big Fears"
Marshall Burns (Jimmy Mathers) plays baseball with Gladys' nephew Floyd Kravitz (Joel Davison). Jimmy is the brother of Jerry “Leave it to Beaver” Mathers.



# 12,"And Something Makes Three"
Little Endora II (Maureen McCormick) along with her other supernatural siblings:
Julius, Maurice, Samuel and Rebecca all appear in Darrin's dream.  
Maureen  McCormick would later play the real Endora on Bewitched, and become famous as “Marcia Brady” on The Brady Bunch.



# 15, "A Vision of Sugar Plums"
Michael (Billy Mumy) and Tommy (Kevin Tate) leave the orphanage and spend Christmas on Morning Glory Circle.  Billy Mumy later starred as “Will Robinson” on TV's Lost in Space. Kevin Tate would return in season 4's # 131, "How Green Was My Grass," as the "Newsboy" admiring the Stephens' "groovy" lawn.



# 22, "Eye of the Beholder"
Cindy Eilbacher plays “Kimmie” in this episode. She would later voice pre-teen “Tabitha” on ABC-TV's animated “Tabitha & Adam and the Clown Family.”



# 27, "There's No Witch Like an Old Witch"
One of Aunt Clara's charges is Jimmy Caldwell played by Brian Nash. Brian Nash would also appear on The Munsters, The Flying Nun, Please Don't Eat the Daisies and Isis.



# 35, "Eat At Mario's"
Pamelyn Ferdin appears as the uncredited pizza-loving tyke. Ferdin was one of the most successful child stars of the 1960's and 1970's with dozens of film/TV roles, most notably on: The Brady Bunch, The Odd Couple, and The Paul Lynde Show, as well as voicework in several Charlie Brown films, and the 1973 animated feature Charlotte's Web, featuring the voice talents of Paul Lynde & Agnes Moorehead.



# 43, "Trick or Treat"
Maureen McCormick returns to play Little Endora. The “boy magician” is played by David Bailey  who had recurring roles on Dennis the Menace and The Andy Griffith Show.



# 46, "Junior Executive"
Bill Mumy returns to play a youthful Darrin Stephens. Rory Stephens also had a recurring role on Leave it to Beaver.



# 48, "A Strange Little Visitor"
The Stephens baby-sit child warlock Merle Brocken (Craig Hundley). Craig Hundley appeared on numerous 60s & 70s sitcoms, most notably as Tommy, the owner of the (gasp!) cigarettes that Greg Brady was found holding on The Brady Bunch. Craig Hundley would later return in season 4's # 131, "How Green Was My Grass," as "Boy at Door" seeking yard work.



# 78, "Accidental Twins"
Two Jonathan Tates?!  Pinch a freckle…two to boot!



# 90, "Soapbox Derby"
Gladys Kravitz' nephew Flash (Peter Dunhill, right) competes in soapbox races against Samantha's pal Johnny Mills (Michael Shea, left). Michael Shea would later play “Huck Finn” on the live-action meets cartoon NBC series The New Adventures of Huck Finn (later included on The Banana Splits & Friends).



# 115, "A Safe and Sane Halloween"
Gladys Kravitz' nephew Tommy (Bobby Riha) is spooked by goblins brought to life by little Tabitha. Bobby Riha also starred in the Disney musical The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.



# 133, "Playmates"
Tabitha turns her spoiled playmate Michael (Teddy Quinn) into a bulldog. Teddy Quinn later turned up on I Dream of Jeannie as “Tony Jr.”



# 143, "Samantha on the Keyboard"
Mathew is played by Gerald Edwards, who would later voice “Weird Harold” on the Fat Albert cartoon series.



# 149, "Samantha Fights City Hall"
Teddy Quinn returns as a playground brat who is freaked by Tabitha (Diane Murphy in this episode) sliding UP a slide.



# 151, "I Don't Want to be a Toad"
Tabitha indulges the wishes of her classmate Amy (Maralee Foster) and turns her into a butterfly. Maralee Foster also appeared as “Mary Beardsley” that same year in the film: Yours, Mine & Ours.



# 162, "Going Ape"
The freckled, smart-aleck boy is none other than a pre-Partridge Family Danny Bonaduce.



# 171, "Samantha and the Beanstalk"
Johnny Whitaker plays Jack from the Beanstalk saga, who is popped from a book by Tabitha. Johnny Whitaker starred in many films, as well as the TV shows Family Affair and Sigmund & The Sea Monsters.



# 178, "A Bunny for Tabitha"
At Tabitha's birthday party, trouble-making Robert (Danny Bonaduce) punches Annabelle (Diane Murphy) in the stomach. Danny Bonaduce went on to cause trouble as Danny on The Partridge Family.



# 193, "Just a Kid Again"
Tabitha turns salesman Irving Bates (Richard Powell) into a kid again.



# 213, "Sisters at Heart"
Tabitha spends Christmas with her sister-at-heart Lisa (Venetta Rogers).



# 215, "Mary, The Good Fairy"
Sidney Kravitz (Ricky Powell) helps Tabitha with her loose tooth.



# 221, "Mixed Doubles"
Jonathan Tate (Mitchell Silberman) thinks there is something strange about his Mommy.



# 224, "Out of the Mouths of Babes"
Darrin is turned into a boy (Gene Andrusco) and poses as his own nephew: Marvin Peter Stephens. His playmate "Herbie" is played by Eric Scott, best known as "Ben Walton" from The Waltons. Gene Andrusco went on to voice "Ernie" in ABC-TV's animated Tabitha & Adam and The Clown Family and was featured in Bewitched director E.W. Swackhamer's 1972 TV-movie Gidget Gets Married.



# 236, "TV Or Not TV"
Kathleen Richards plays “Robin”, but she is best known as the sister of actresses Kim and Kyle Richards, as well as mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton.



# 238, "Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland"
Hansel & Gretel (Eric Chase & Cindy Henderson) are popped from a storybook by Tabitha. Eric Chase had previously starred on Here Come The Brides as “Christopher Pruitt.” Cindy Henderson would go on to voice “Wednesday Addams” in the 1973 animated Addams Family series.



# 243, "Samantha's Magic Sitter"
Ricky Powell returns as “Ralph  Norton,” one of Esmeralda's charges. Diane Murphy pops back in, too.



# 247, "Serena's Youth Pill"
Ted Foulkes, a veteran of many films/tv shows, appears as Little Larry.



# 248, "Tabitha's First Day at School"
Tabitha turns school bully Charlton Rollnick, Jr. (Michael Hughes) into a bullfrog.