Fun Facts About Bill and Liz

   The creative team of director/producer William (Bill) Asher and actress Elizabeth (Liz) Montgomery were a successful force at Columbia's television division, Screen Gems, in the 1960s and early 1970s. Here are some fun pictures of the two working together on the set of Bewitched. They were married throughout the eight years that Bewitched was on the air.


Here are some fun facts about the couple:

  Prior to Bewitched, Bill and Liz met on the set of Johnny Cool. He was directing this movie and she was the female lead when they met and consequently fell in love. They were married on October 26, 1963.

 Bill gave Liz a gorgeous, diamond heart necklace that was incorporated into her character, Samantha's, wardrobe on Bewitched.

 Liz made a cameo appearance in Asher's famous How To Stuff a Wild Bikini beach party movie and does the famous "witch twitch" from Bewitched.

 They have 3 children: Robert, William, and Rebecca Asher. There are 2 grandchildren: Elizabeth Anne and William Robert Asher (names courtesy of

 In episode # 174, a very pregnant Samantha is popped over to a baseball stadium when she craves a hotdog. She goes to a pay phone to call Darrin and there is graffiti on the wall. There is a heart drawn above Samantha's head that says, "B.A. + E.M." Clearly, the couple snuck their own initials into the set design.

 In the final season of Bewitched, the couple formed a production company using the first syllable of each of their last names. Look for the Ashmont Productions credit on Bewitched shows from the eighth season.

 Bill was already a well-known director from working on the I Love Lucy show (and many others) prior to Bewitched and worked on The Paul Lynde Show (yes, Uncle Arthur had his own show) and Alice in the 1970s after Bewitched ended.

 Bill's dad, Ephraim M. Asher, was a film producer whose credits include Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931). While Liz's dad was the famous actor/director Robert Montgomery of Lady in the Lake (1947) and Night Must Fall (1937) fame. Both of their mothers were actresses prior to starting their families.

Pictures from their first project together:

   Liz's did a cameo in How To Stuff A Wild Bikini as the witch doctor's daughter. In the cameo, they focus more on her body and when they pan up to her face (this shot), she does a quick twitch and the scene is over.

Liz Makes a Cameo in How To Stuff A Wild Bikini

      Sadly, Bill and Liz ended their marriage in 1973.

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