Witch in Progress

by Elisabeth Byrd

Part Two

Teaser: Recaps of past episode:
Tabitha talking to Adam, Samantha talking to Darrin, Tabitha staying after class, Samantha and Tabitha going to Witches Council, and Endora arriving to say that they can’t find Tabitha.
End Teaser

Bewitched theme and intro
Scene One
Int: Castle of Hepzibah, High Priestess of All Witches.
Tabitha is in an ornately furnished room. In the center of the room is a throne. Hepzibah is on it.

Tabitha: Where am I?

Hepzibah: Bite your tongue, young lady. We do not speak until spoken to. Don’t you know your manners? We wouldn’t want to give you demerits, now would we?

Tabitha: No ma’am.

Hepzibah: That’s better. We recall the time about eight years ago when we visited your parents and evaluated their marriage. At the time you were but a small child. Do you remember?

Tabitha: Yes ma’am.

Hepzibah: You were already quite proficient in your powers at the time, and we promised ourself that when the time came, we would rescue you from that hovel they call a house and allow you to live with us. Aren’t you pleased?

Tabitha: Why, yes ma’am, I mean, no ma’am. What I am trying to say is that I am glad you were thinking of my well being, but I don’t want to leave my family. I have promised my father that I would try my hardest to live successfully between the two realms, and I mean to keep my promise. My family needs me! I can’t live with you.

Hepzibah: Silence! For your insolence, you will be given three demerits. Seven more, and we will have you grounded.(The demerit bar pops in, and with her scepter she moves three demerits to the other side.) Now go to your room! (Tabitha starts to walk toward a staircase) Not that way!

Tabitha: But I promised my father that I would do things the mortal way!

Hepzibah: For your stubbornness, you have another demerit! (The demerit bar pops in, and another demerit moves to join the other three.) Now be off! (She pops Tabitha to her room)

End Scene One
Commercial Break

Scene Two
Int: Stephen’s Living room.
Endora and Samantha are trying to figure out what to do to find Tabitha. Darrin is pacing the floor, fuming.

Samantha: Mother, who would want to get back at our family for something?

Darrin: Do you want a complete list?

Endora: Be quiet, Durweed, or I’ll turn you into an artichoke.

Samantha: Be quiet, you two! I can’t believe that all you two ever do is bicker, even when our daughter is missing! Now, Mother, I want you to go to the Witches Council and see if they know anything. I’m going to round up Serena, Esmeralda, and Uncle Arthur to make sure one of them didn’t do it. Darrin, you stay here with Adam in case she comes home. We’ll check back here in an hour. (The witches pop out)

Darrin: (To himself) I should have known this would happen. After all, it has been quiet around here for almost a week.

End Scene Two

Scene Three
Int: The Dining room and royal staircase at Hepzibah’s castle.
Tabitha enters from staircase in a long blue dress with her hair done beautifully.

Tabitha: Wow, this is even better than the giant’s castle in Jack and the Beanstalk. How come the only time I get to be in a castle, my mother must come rescue me?

Hepzibah: We approve of the gown you have selected. You have good taste, for having been raised in a world of mortals.

Tabitha: Please don’t criticize mortals, ma’am. I’m half mortal.

Hepzibah: We do not tolerate back talk from anyone! You have another demerit!

Tabitha: Ma’am, excuse me for saying this, but aren’t you being a bit sensitive? Everything I say seems to get me a demerit. I don’t mean to be rude, but I have been raised in such a way that demands that a girl stand up for herself. You are expecting me to be perfect, which isn’t possible, not even for a witch. And you are being hardheaded, don’t you think? I respect the way you live, so don’t I have the same rights? If not, then I mean to speak out in my behalf. I keep telling you that I have been raised in the mortal way. I behave in the mortal way-

Hepzibah: (furious that Tabitha, like her father, doesn’t seem to be frightened of her) We can see that! We are outraged by your behavior, and you have lost all your demerits! Now you will go to the dungeon. Don’t get any ideas, either, because witchcraft doesn’t work in the dungeon. (She waves her arms and Tabitha appears in a dungeon.)

Tabitha: (Looking around, a look of disgust crossing her face) I always wondered what a dungeon looked like. Now that I’m here, I wish that I could have had the opportunity from outside the cell.

End scene Three

Scene Four
Ext: clouds.
Samantha is flying around, looking for Tabitha. Brief clips of her looking in a restaurant, a department store, the Cosmos Club. Then hears a cry from across the Atmospheric Continuum.

Switch to dungeon.

Tabitha: ( A rat scurries across her toe) Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! (Jumps onto wooden plank) How on earth did Hepzibah know that I hated rats?

Samantha: (voice, from a great distance) Tabitha? Sweetheart, is that you?

Tabitha: Mother? Oh, Mother, don’t come in here…

Samantha: (Popping in) What did you say, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Oh, mother, I was warning you to not come in here.

Samantha: Where are we?

Tabitha: Her Royal Highness, the High Priestess of all Witches, Hepzibah’s dungeon. And we can’t get out.

Samantha: How quickly you forget that we are witches, my dear.

Tabitha: I hadn’t forgotten. Hepzibah told me when she sent me here that witchcraft didn’t work in the dungeon.

Samantha: Darling, how DID you get in the dungeon?

Tabitha: I tried to reason with her. She was giving me a bad time about doing things the mortal way, so I stood up to her.

Samantha: You are becoming more and more your father’s daughter. Will you two never learn?

Tabitha: Mother, it isn’t my fault. She was being completely unreasonable!

Samantha: When we get home, you and your father are going to learn how to deal with witches. Now hang on dear, I’ll get us out of here.

Tabitha: How quickly YOU forget. Mother, we’re trapped in here.

Samantha: I doubt that Hepzibah was telling you the truth, Tabitha. She’s getting older, and her powers aren’t quite as strong as they used to be. If both of us work together, we should be able to get out of here. Now, on the count of three, focus on getting home.

Smick smack, sit on a tack!
Before the rag-ed flurry,
Get us home in a hurry!

(Samantha and Tabitha disappear in a puff of smoke. They reappear in the Stephen’s living room)

Samantha: Very good, dear. My, you certainly have learned quickly. Now I had better call Mother.

End Scene Three
Commercial Break

Scene Four
Int: Stephen’s living room.
Tabitha and Darrin are sitting on the sofa while Samantha lectures them.

Samantha: Now I would expect that by now you two would know how to act while in the presence of easily put off witches. I see that I was wrong. Now that we have had this little episode with her highness, I want you two to practice being especially kind and loving to the person who most aggravates you, starting now. Especially you, Tabitha. I would expect more of you, being a witch yourself.

(Endora pops in)

Endora: Good evening wonderful daughter, beautiful granddaughter, and oh, it’s you Dumbo.

Darrin: Good evening Mums. You look particularly lovely yourself. Now if you three darling ladies will excuse me, I must go work on a layout. (He kisses each one, in turn, on the forehead)

Endora: (flustered) What has come over him?

End of episode

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