Tabitha's Nightmare
A short story in script form

          by John Brady


There, standing before her, is a giant dinosaur.

ADAM {laughing and clapping his hands}: He's Funny, Mommy.
TABITHA: Wow, he's bigger than he is in the book.

Endora appears.

ENDORA: Samantha, I- {sees dinosaur} Oh my Goodness!
SAMANTHA: Mother, do you mind? We're in the middle of a Witch-related crisis. Now Tabitha, why did you bring him here?
TABITHA: Because you don't see his head in the book.

          Opening Bewitched Theme

Endora begins to laugh.

SAMANTHA: I don't see anything funny about this, Mother.
DARRIN: Tabitha, go to your room.
SAMANTHA: Darrin, that's harsh.

Tabitha pops away the dinosaur and runs upstairs to her room, crying.

Later that night................

Tabitha is seen in her bed tossing and turning.

TABITHA {in her dream}: Huh? Where am I?
A Gigantic monster named HARRY: Tabitha.
TABITHA: Who are you?
HARRY: My Name is Harry.
TABITHA: Hi, I'm Tabitha.
HARRY: Yes, I know the trouble child.
HARRY: See this.
{A large arm/hand appears}


A Picture of Tabitha as a baby appears.

TABITHA: Hey, that's me!
HARRY: Now watch this.

Clips of things appear in the hand, like there is an invisible screen there. Clips of things like visiting giants, bringing birds from books, and other things.

When it's over.................

HARRY: Actually, I am a warlock that can make warlocks and witches become earthbound.

Harry is chasing Tabitha each and every way she goes, pointing his very big wand at her. Tabitha sees a door, opens it, runs inside, turns around and Harry points his wand at her.

HARRY: The end of the line is here, Tabitha. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. {Harry points his wand at Tabitha}

HARRY: Dogs Bark, Cats Purr, I'm a he, She's a her, As I stomp my foot on the ground, Make Tabitha Stephens be Earthbound. {Harry starts to stomp his foot. A loud BANG occurs.}

TABITHA: Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! {She falls down a long way.}

She wakes up screaming on the floor, being shaken to wake up by Samantha.

SAMANTHA: Tabitha, what's the matter?
TABITHA: Oh Mommy, I had a bad dream and I'm sorry about the dinosaur.
SAMANTHA: It's alright now get back to bed.

      THE END

          Closing Credits


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