By Paul

   Bewitched made frequent references to members of Darrin and Samantha's families. Some family members would be mentioned, but never seen as noted in the illustration. Others, were seen or discussed, but it was never made clear exactly how they were related as is the case of Grover on Darrin's side and many of the aunts on Samantha's side. These "relatives" are designated with a dotted line since they could be on the mother or father's side.

   This can be confusing, so some background information on the family members is provided below.

   Samantha's mother, Endora, is first seen in # 1, while her father, Maurice, makes his grand entrance in # 10.

   Darrin's mother, Phyllis, and father, Frank, are introduced to viewers and their bewitching daughter-in-law in # 14.

   Darrin and Samantha's daughter Tabitha is born in # 54 and a son, Adam, in # 175.

   Samantha's aunts Clara and Bertha (not actually called an aunt until # 164) go with her to protest against one of Darrin's clients in # 7. It is never mentioned to which side of the family to which these witches are related. In # 37 when Samantha announces that she is pregnant, Clara says that this will make her a great aunt, which means that she is Samantha's aunt.

   Samantha's aunt Agnes is mentioned in # 73. Note: The actress playing Endora's real name is Agnes, too.

   Samantha's aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra convene to test Tabitha's powers in # 77. Clara says that Hagatha and Enchantra are sisters, and it is clear that they are great aunts to Tabitha, making them aunts to Samantha.

   Samantha's great aunt Cornelia's portrait (See The Mona Sammy Portrait) is given to Samantha in # 198 and bears an uncanny resemblance to Samantha and the Mona Lisa. Endora says the portrait has been in her attic for centuries, and recalls being with Cornelia when the "Mona, Sammy" portrait was painted by Da Vinci. However, earlier in the series we learn that Samantha takes after her father's side (as is evident by her cousin Serena), so it is unclear if Cornelia was an aunt of Endora's or Maurice's. She is assumed to be on Maurice's side due to the strong physical resemblance.

   Samantha's great, great grandfather's name is Adam. This is discussed when naming the Stephens boy in # 176.

   Samantha's cousin Mario is mentioned in # 20. He is getting married in Egypt, and Endora wants Samantha to go with her. They never discuss whether Mario is Endora's nephew.

   Samantha's cousin Edgar, the elf, comes to visit in # 36. Again, it is never made clear how he is related to Samantha.

   Samantha's cousin Serena makes her debut in # 54. In # 160, she says that she is Samantha's cousin on her father's side. Darrin, the Tates, and others mistake her for Samantha on the show.

   Samantha's cousin Henry visits in # 169. He is Endora's nephew, but it is not clear who Henry's mother is on the show.

   Samantha's cousin Panda is mentioned in # 239. Note: Elizabeth Montgomery actually had a cousin named Panda.

   Samantha's Uncle Arthur is Endora's little brother. His first appearance is in # 41.

   Endora says that Samantha's great, great uncle Lorenzo's self-portrait was hung in the Louvre and that her second cousin Lucretia "has been working in stone for centuries" in # 98.

   Darrin's Aunt Madge, on Phyllis's side, is the one who thinks that she is a lighthouse. This is mentioned in # 1, and reoccurs throughout the series (14, 51, and 188).

   Darrin's grandfather is mentioned in # 103 when it is mentioned that he was named for this man. Whereas, it is mentioned that Frank was named after his grandfather in # 176.

   Darrin's other grandfather (not clear if this is on the mother or father's side) was named Grover. Darrin impersonated him in # 210 when he was prematurely aged.

   Darrin's cousin Helen (not clear which side of the family she is on) visits in # 129.

   Darrin's great aunt Emma is mentioned in # 97.

   Darrin's uncle Albert is mentioned in # 69.

   Darrin's uncle Herbert is mentioned in # 50 by Endora who she says travels outside the country most of the time. Darrin later acknowledges to Samantha that the gift is from Uncle Herbert.

   Darrin's oldest ancestor mentioned on the show was Darrin the Bold, who was seen in episodes 79 and 217.