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Transcript of an interview with Erin Murphy on Celebrity Brides Unveiled- UK - Sky¹s Wedding TV, Channel 266. October 28, 2008.

“When I was a little girl I always thought that when I grew up I would be a princess. I didn't really get that I would have to marry a prince, I just assumed that I would be a princess and have a fairy tale wedding. You know, I liked the boys as far back as I can remember. I remember being a really little girl and always liking boys. And I liked boys in books, like I liked Prince Charming, so I thought the perfect man was Prince Charming.

I don't really know who my first boyfriend was. I know when I was little sometimes boy actors would come on to Bewitched and I would think they were my boyfriend for the day that they were there. So I suppose my first boyfriend as a little girl was the actor Johnny Whitaker who was on an old TV program called Family Affair , and he came on an episode of Bewitched and played Jack and the Beanstalk. And I thought he was great. He was probably five years older than I was, and he took me out to lunch. I was six, and he paid for lunch with a check and I was very, very impressed. He was 10 and he had a checking account and I thought that was very cool.

Johnny Whitaker and Erin Murphy - Then and Now

I don't know that being on television really affected my relationships growing up. I'm sure that everyone knew I was on television, but everybody was really nice about it. I don't think people asked me out because I was on TV, I thought they asked me out because I was cute. I think a lot of people grew up watching me on TV and they thought I was kind of the perfect girl next door. So I don't know, I think that's not too much to live up to, I kind of think I am the girl next door, so I think, besides the magic part, I think I pretty much am my character.

You know, I never really had a boyfriend who was a celebrity. I've kissed a few celebrities, but I don't think that they were my boyfriends. We moved away from Los Angeles when I was probably 12, so we lived down in Orange County so I mean dated, I don't know, surfers, cause we lived by the beach.

I met my husband on St Patrick's Day, and I was actually doing a fund raiser with Elizabeth Montgomery's daughter. Elizabeth Montgomery had passed away and she had donated all her clothing to a local AIDS charity, we were organizing a big fashion show. So Elizabeth 's daughter, Rebecca and I were out at an Irish themed restaurant on St Patrick's Day and next thing I know this really, really handsome guy came around and I thought he worked for a drink company because he and his friend came around with a tray of drinks offering people drinks. But really he was a stock broker, and he just bought the tray of drinks and was out to meet people.

It was definitely attraction at first sight, we kind of had a connection and there was definitely a spark between us, and our first date was really, really romantic.

Erin and Darren Sharing a Toast

We took a helicopter ride, and in total surprise he flew me over to Catalina Island, and I'd grown up in California and had never been to Catalina Island so it was just kind of one of those romantic perfect dates. And, I don't know, the relationship progressed there. I think we were pretty much in love by the end of our first date.

I think the first thing I noticed about Darren was his sparkly beautiful eyes. They're really pretty. They're like greenish, blueish, brownish, they're really beautiful eyes. I don't know, you know sometimes you just look at someone and there's a connection, and you don't feel it with everybody else in the room and I don't know, it's still there, so that's a good thing.

Erin & Darren Traveling in 2006

Well actually we met on St Patrick's Day one year and exactly one year later on St Patrick's Day my husband proposed to me, and he took me back to the very first place we'd ever kissed, which was the bridge that goes across at the Hotel Bel Air. It takes you across to the restaurant and the lounge there. And the very first time we kissed was on that bridge. And he brought me back to that same bridge and he proposed to me. And it was very, very romantic.

We both knew we were getting married it was kind of one of those it was destined to be things, and I was still surprised and happy, and I don't know, it was kind of a perfect moment. There were swans and water it was beautiful and romantic, and kind of out of a book.

The funniest thing about our wedding was I didn't plan it at all. My husband planned our wedding. Which may surprise a lot of people, but it was great, it was awesome. I planned absolutely nothing, he planned the entire wedding. My wedding to my husband was not my first wedding, so I'd had a big fairy tale wedding when I was younger. And put all the effort into it, and wore the Cinderella dress, and you know, it wasn't really that much fun. I'd dreamed about it, I'd thought I wanted a huge wedding, I had a huge wedding with harps and you know, beautiful food and ice sculptures. I didn't get anything to eat, I was so busy being the bride and so over whelmed with all the details I didn't even enjoy anything, I don't even remember the cake.

So I had the big wedding that everybody wants to have, and it wasn't really what I wanted after all. So my wedding to Darren turned out to be the perfect wedding. It was just the right size, he planned the entire thing. We flew on a helicopter back to Catalina Island , and we got married at this beautiful historic place called the Zane Grey Pueblo. And it was beautiful with the ocean and our family, and it was just romantic and perfect and it was what a wedding should be for us.

Zane Grey Pueblo - The Site of Erin and Darren's Seaside Wedding

I think the biggest secret to keeping the romance alive is that you never really fall out of love with the person you're married to. That we always make time to have dates and even though we have a big family we still go out alone. And the kids could be swimming in the pool, and we could be sitting next to the pool and having a glass of wine, and I don't know, we're just still in love and we enjoy each other's company. I'd rather have him here than not have him here. And, I don't know, we're just lucky.

Well, since my husband's name is Darren, growing up his sister had teased him terribly and called him Durwood, and I don't know, he's kind of a laid back, mellow guy. He's not overly impressed with television, but I think he was overly impressed with me, and that's all that matters.”


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