Analysis by Octolad

Shakespeare once wrote, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word, would smell as sweet."

Au contraire, Bill! Although we know Elizabeth Montgomery was always the star of Bewitched, her character Samantha's name frequently appeared in the episode titles making them just a little bit sweeter.

Although it may seem like the number of episodes whose title mentioned Samantha just grew and grew with each passing season, until season eight pretty much became "The Samantha Show." The graph below shows differently.

Upon plotting out the episode names mentioning Samantha and Darrin, it is hard to believe that only two season one episode titles mentioned Samantha. The frequency peaked in season five at 14, which is somewhat expected as so many episodes were filmed when Dick York was ill. Surprisingly, the Samantha-named episodes dropped off steadily at a rate of two per year.

Darrin hit his peak in season seven – mentioned in as many as three titles. Three seasons contained no mention of what's-his-name.