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Fans of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie every so often find themselves watching an episode of either show and think "Didn't I see Samantha do that a couple weeks ago?" or "Weren't Tony and Jeannie in the same predicament?"

Well, there's no need to conjure up Sigmund Freud for a session because both shows were known to crib notes from one another. Let's take a look at certain situations or even entire episodes to see "witch" show did what first. The episode number, title, and date are listed respective to each show.


    Samantha is seen peering into an airplane window from the outside while it's flying in #9 "Witch or Wife" (11/12/64). Jeannie is seen doing the same in #96 "Jeannie and the Top Secret" (12/2/68).


    The magical girls had the opportunity to meet their mortal mates' mothers, but Samantha did it first in #14 "Samantha Meets the Folks" (12/17/64). Jeannie meets Tony's mother in #70 "Meet My Master's Mother" (11/14/67).


    Samantha gives a magical boost to a crummy magician in #16 "It's Magic" (1/7/65). Jeannie does the same thing for Tony, also a crummy magician in #29 "My Master, the Magician" (4/23/66).


   The main males of both shows briefly acquired magical powers, but Darrin did it first in #17 "A is for Aardvark" (1/14/65). Tony got his powers in #65 "My Turned On Master" (10/3/67).


    Both shows had unwanted guests stay over, but Bewitched did it first when Abner Kravitz stayed the night in #32 "Illegal Separation" (4/15/65). I Dream of Jeannie had Dr. Bellows stay the night at Tony's in #24 "The Permanent House Guest" (3/5/66).


    A séance was first performed by Mrs. Kravitz in #29 "Abner Kadabra" (4/15/65) of Bewitched. Jeannie's séance was performed by Madame Zolta almost a year later in #25 "Bigger than a Breadbox, Better than a Genie" (3/12/66).


    Jeannie blinks up a double of Tony whom has no problem marrying a genie which is what Jeannie would like in #15 "Too Many Tonys" (12/25/65). Endora creates a double of Darrin, not once but TWICE. The doubles are both fun loving and essentially do what Endora would like in #68 "Divided He Falls" (5/5/66) and #185 "Samantha's Better Halves" (1/1/70).


    The main actresses of both shows both played a recurring 'evil' twin by wearing more makeup and brunette wigs, but Elizabeth Montgomery first did it on Bewitched in #54 "And Then There Were Three" (1/13/66). Barbara Eden's turn came in #63 "Jeannie or the Tiger" (9/19/67).


    Darrin is mistaken for a boxing champ in #57 "Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue" (2/3/66). The same thing happens to Tony in #94 "Strongest Man in the World" (11/18/68).


    In #23 "Watch the Birdie" (2/26/66) Major Nelson's golf game is magically assisted by Jeannie. Samantha gives the same type of assist to her husband in #114 "Birdies, Bogeys, and Baxter" (10/19/67).


    Samantha's secret is investigated by a private eye in #66 "Follow that Witch, Part 1" (4/14/66). Jeannie's secret is investigated by a newspaper photographer in #111 "Blackmail Order Bride" (3/31/69).


    Samantha and Endora become invisible against their will in #65 "Disappearing Samantha" (4/7/66). Tony, Dr. Bellows, and Mrs. Bellows do the same thing in #128 "Please Don't Give My Jeannie No More Wine" (1/6/70).


    In #26 "My Master, the Great Rembrandt" (4/23/66) Jeannie switches Tony's attempt at a Rembrandt with a real one. Endora switches Sam's amateur attempts at painting with a professional's painting in #98 "Art for Sam's Sake" (2/23/67) and later in #198 "Mona Sammy" (4/2/70) she replaces Van Gogh's signature on one of his original paintings with that of Durweed's.


    Sigmund Freud first popped up to listen to Samantha's problems in #84 "I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight" (11/17/66). Four days later he was listening to Tony's problems in #41 "The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday, Part 2" (11/21/66). And in the same episode, not only does Jeannie blink up Dr. Freud, but she blinks in Benjamin Franklin, Henry VIII, and Cleopatra.

Benjamin Franklin is brought into the present by Aunt Clara three weeks later on Bewitched in #87: "My Friend Ben".

Cleopatra was zapped up by Samantha in #173: "Samantha's Caesar Salad" as lure to remind Caesar of why he wants to return to the past. She's standing just behind Tony in the picture.

King Henry VIII shows up on Bewitched in #229: "How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII, Part 1", though instead of him coming to the present, Samantha meets him in the past.


    An entire episode devoted to Napoleon was first done on I Dream of Jeannie #58 "My Master, Napoleon's Buddy" (4/3/67). He also had his day on Bewitched #147 "Samantha's French Pastry" (11/14/68).


    A look at what would be right now/will be was first shown to Jeannie in #59 "The Birds and the Bees Bit" (4/10/67). Sam's look was in #127 "If They Never Met" (1/25/68).


    On both shows entire episodes were devoted to a newspaper from the not-so-distant future, which tells of a character breaking a leg causing the main characters to get in a jam trying to prevent it from happening. This was first done on Bewitched #105 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Infuriated" (4/13/67). On I Dream of Jeannie, it was in #90 "Tomorrow Is Not Another Day" (10/7/68).


    Primates turning into men was done on both shows but it was first shown on I Dream of Jeannie #62 "Fly Me to the Moon" (9/12/67), and then on Bewitched #162 "Going Ape" (2/27/69).


    The 60s musical group Boyce & Hart first appeared on I Dream of Jeannie #67 "Jeannie the Hip Hippie" (10/17/67). Their appearance on Bewitched came in #192 "Serena Stops the Show" (2/19/70).


    Bank robbers are the subjects of both shows but it was first done in I Dream of Jeannie #73 "Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery" (12/5/67). The money stealing steals the show in Bewitched #223 "Money Happy Returns" (3/18/71).


   Characters switching voices first happened on I Dream of Jeannie when Roger and Tony switch bodies but not voices in #87 "Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?" (3/26/68). Samantha and Darrin switch voices in #150 "Samantha Loses Her Voice" (12/5/68).


    In a dream the friends of the Stephens' find out Samantha's secret in #135 "I Confess" (4/4/68). Dr. Bellows' finds out Jeannie's secret in a dream in #137 "Hurricane Jeannie" (4/28/70).


    Tony falls asleep at awkward moments because of a spell in #105 "Is There a Doctor in the House?" (2/17/69). Samantha does the same in #186 "Samantha's Lost Weekend" (1/8/70).


    Jeannie guests on a TV show in #106 "The Biggest Star in Hollywood" (2/24/69). Tabitha guests on a TV show in #236 "TV or Not TV" (11/13/71).


   People playing the piano by magic was first done in #143 "Samantha on the Keyboard" (10/10/68) on Bewitched, and then in #114 "Jeannie at the Piano" (9/16/69) on I Dream of Jeannie.


    Magic makes a friend of the magic girls' younger. This first happened to Amanda Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie #118 "Jeannie's Beauty Cream" (10/14/69) and then to Larry Tate on Bewitched #247 "Serena's Youth Pill" (2/5/72).


    Using a computer dating service is first done by Samantha's cousin Serena in #161 "Marriage, Witches' Style" (2/20/69). Roger uses one in #126 "Jeannie the Matchmaker" (12/16/69).


    In #36 "What's New, Poodle Dog?," Jeannie turns Roger into a French Poodle to keep him from telling Tony about an arranged double date for Tony and himself (10/17/66). Samantha turns Rex Barker into a dog after he continually becomes fresh with her in #4 "It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog" (10/1/64).


    Love potions are used in #85 "Have You Ever Had a Genie Hate You?," with Jeannie's wicked brunette twin sister bringing the potion (3/12/68). In episode #125, "Once in a Vial", a love potion makes for a zany party at the Stephen's house (1/4/68). A love potion is used again on Bewitched in episode #200 "Make Love, Not Hate," this time meant for a warlock that Esmeralda likes (4/16/70).


    In the I Dream of Jeannie episode #14 "What House Across The Street?," Jeannie places a house on the vacant lot across the street (12/18/65). This house is for her fake mother and father, who she conjures up in a plot to make Anthony jealous. Dr. Bellows sees the house, and thinks he's losing his mind. In 80, "Endora Moves In for a Spell," Endora also places the same house on the vacant lot across the street. Gladys sees the house, and thinks she's losing her mind (10/20/66).


    In the I Dream of Jeannie episode #51 "My Poor Master, The Civilian," Jeannie shows Roger what Tony's lavish lifestyle will be like when he takes a civilian position. The opening scene of this sequence has Tony practicing his golf game in his office (which is also the set occasionally used for Darrin's office) when Gen. Peterson enters (2/6/67). In 127, "If They Never Met," Endora shows Sam what Darrin's lavish lifestyle would be like had he never met Samantha. The opening scene of this sequence has Darrin practicing his golf game in his office when Larry enters (1/25/68).


    In the I Dream of Jeannie episode #54 "My Incredible Shrinking Master," Jeannie accidentally shrinks Tony down to doll size. Tony is seen being threatened by a neighbor's cat (3/6/67). In 141, "Samantha’s Wedding Present," Endora shrinks Darrin down to doll size. Darrin is seen being threatened by a neighbor's dog (9/26/68).


    In relation to the 1960's Italian film craze (ie: "Divorce, Italian Style" and "Marriage, Italian Style"), Bewitched made an episode entitled "Business, Italian Style", broadcast on September 21st, 1967. I Dream of Jeannie then made an episode entitled "Divorce, Jeannie Style", broadcast on February 27th, 1968. Bewitched countered with an episode entitled "Marriage, Witches' Style", broadcast on February 20th, 1969.





Similarities Between the Two Animated Show Openings

      By Vince Nolan, Lleps eht esrever


    Both are animated (Bewitched by Hanna Barbera and IDOJ by Warner Brothers' Friz Freling).


    Both have the main characters in their supernatural habitats (on broom and in bottle).


    Both feature them meeting their mates (although Jeannie's is more accurate to that show's beginnings.)


    Both feature their heroine's in a predicament at the end of the credits (Samantha being consumed by smoke and Jeannie being trapped in her bottle).


    Also, they both use introductory footage before these opening credits, and have a rift before act one with the writer, producer, director credits.



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