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The Starburst Brooch
This brooch was sold by Elizabeth Montgomery's family in the recent Magnificent Jewels auction at Sotheby's in NYC. A collector paid $6,000 for this piece of Bewitched history. It was originally owned by Agnes Moorehead, who wore it in several episodes of Bewitched. Long admired by Elizabeth, it was one of the few personal effects that Moorehead left to friends.



Lunch Boxes

This lunch box/tin tote is from Vandor and was released in 1999. The metal box is shaped like a retro television set and features the cartoon Samantha and cityscape scene from the opening of the show on the front and also says, "Vandor Collectible Tins." It is finished with a faux wood grain on the remainder of the front, sides, bottom, and back of the box. The top has a silver metal handle that goes across like a lateral pigtail antenna and has a metal latch. The back has a small protrusion, where an actual television set's picture tube would reside, as well as a pink Bewitched logo. The bottom of the box says, "1999 CPT Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Made in China VANDOR SLC, UT."

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This Vandor Bewitched domed lunchbox was released in 2001. The lunchbox features a full color scene from the opening of the show, as well as a photo of Samantha with the words "Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle" on one end and the Bewitched logo with the words "Twitching and Bewitching" on the other end. This collectible measures approximately 8 x 4.5 x 8 inches.

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This Hallmark School Days Bewitched lunchbox was released in 2001. The lunchbox features a full color cityscape scene from the opening of the show on one side, as well as a picture of the cartoon Samantha in the kitchen on the other side. The border of the front and back is a bright green, which matches the plastic handle. The metal box opens with a traditional chrome clasp and the sides feature a multi-colored pattern with brooms and witches hats. Each box has a limited edition number on the bottom and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This collectible retails for $10.95 in the USA and measures approximately 6 x 3 x 4.5 inches.



Tin Bank

This is a retro TV tin bank from the Vandor Bewitched line of collectibles. It stands 3 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/4" and has collapsible legs and a lateral, pigtail antennae for the handle, but does not have a latch like the lunch box. The face of the "TV set" pulls off to exposure the treasures stored inside the bank. The exterior has shades of blue and purple on the sides, back, and front with star accents in bright yellow. The front features the cityscape scene from the opening of the show with the Vandor names and a series of knobs at the bottom. The back of the bank says, "Vandor Collectible Tins "Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle" with the Bewitched logo in pink. The bottom of the bank is marked "Bewitched 2000 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved."



Tin Container

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Bewitched Small Tin Container
This small tin box is made by Vandor and resemble a Band-Aid tin with this hinged top that snaps shut. This collectible was released in 2000 and features the cartoon Samantha on a broom from the opening of the show and the Bewitched logo on the front. The background color is cobalt blue and the front and back of the box feature multicolored stars with a half moon on the back. It measures 3 1/2 " high by 2 1/4" wide and is 1 1/4" deep.




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There were two Bewitched watches made in the 1990s. The Fossil watch has a 1-inch round face with a colorful cityscape (that moves) and cartoon Samantha from the opening of the show, as well as the Bewitched logo. The strap is black leather. This watch comes in a unique box that also features the cityscape and the Bewitched logo. The limited, unisex watch was only available by mail order through Nick at Nite in 1994 when the show was brought back on the air. Courtesy of the Wright collection.
The second watch features a 1 1/2-inch wide, ellipse-shaped face and is made of stainless steel on the bezel and strap. This ladies' watch features a cartoon Samantha (brunette hair) in her flying suit and says, "There's nothing unusual in this story, except Samantha is Bewitched!" with "Samantha of Bewitched" in either blue, pink, or yellow with a flower behind the text. There is a matching-colored squiggle line for the second hand. The back of the watch says, "Stainless Steel Back Bewitched TM 1998 CPT Holdings, Inc. HB08010073."



Charm Bracelet

Bewitched Charm Bracelet
This goldtone charm bracelet features a publicity photo of Samantha, Darrin, and Endora from the first season of Bewitched set in a charm shaped like an old television set. The 7-inch bracelet is a newer item and the charm is 1 1/2-inches wide by 1-inch high.



Cell Phone Holder

This is a vinyl and faux fur cellular phone tote with a detachable, iridescent, beaded handle. Unfortunately, the photo does not illustrate just how campy this item is. One might think it was designed by Serena herself! It comes with pink or Bewitched blue fur backing. The front is clear vinyl with a white graphic of an animated Samantha in a flying suit with stars surrounding her. The eyes differ slightly from the typical Samantha cartoon in that they are not the spirals, but a round iris with pupil. Below the picture, the tote says, "Samantha of Bewitched Bewitched TM & 1998 CPT Holding, Inc. All rights reserved. Yutaka Authorized User." NOTE: The packaging that the cellular phone holder comes with has Japanese characters and a brown-haired Samantha. Another Bewitched collector recently wrote that the most popular Bewitched items spotted while vacationing in Japan were stickers of Samantha that are put on cellular phones for decoration!



Halloween Mask

Bewitched Halloween Mask
This is a children's Samantha mask from the 1960s. It was manufactured by Ben Cooper. The costume also came with a black vinyl cape that featured several caricatures of Samantha and lots of cosmic stars. This mask, even without the box and cape, is highly collectible on the secondary market today. There are several variations of the Samantha mask. Unlike this one with the pink lips, some have red lips and others have white eye shadow on the "lids" of the mask. They are all manufactured by Ben Cooper.
  Click Here  for 1970 version of this costume!



Purses / Bags

Bewitched Purses
These compact vinyl Bewitched purses came in three colors: light blue, dark blue, and a midnight and cobalt blue cosmic swirl pattern with white stars. Each features the "Samantha of Bewitched" logo in white lettering as is commonly used in the Japanese Bewitched products. The are all child-sized and come in a half circle or rectangular shape as illustrated.

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Vinyl Bewitched Carrying Bag
This vintage vinyl carrying bag features the Bewitched logo on the front flap with the AMSCO toy company name and an S.G.I. copyright of 1965 on the back. It is not known if this bag was used to store the Tabitha Doll Feeding Kit or the Bewitched Kitchen Set.



Cell Phone Key Fob

Bewitched Cell Phone Accessory
This battery operated key fob features the cartoon Samantha from the opening of the show and says "Samantha of Bewitched" in pink lettering with a 1998 CPTH marking on the front. This plastic disk "twinkles" with red and green lights when turned on and any time an incoming cellular phone call is received--even when the phone's ringer is turned off or the fob is not connected to the phone. It's as if it works by magic! This item was made and is still being sold in China.




Vandor Bewitched TV Mini-Tote
This tin mini-tote features the TV tube exterior similar to the tin Vandor lunchbox and bank. The tote features a shoulder strap and beautiful picture of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha.




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