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Samantha from Bewitched Resin Cityscape Kit
This resin model shows a sexy Samantha on her broom riding over the city as seen in the opening credits of the show. This rare kit was produced by Attic Art and distributed by Dimensional Designs in 1997. The kit features multiple pieces that must be hand painted and assembled. Production was limited to 100.

Samantha from Bewitched Figurine
This "tooned up" version of Samantha is a 10-inch statue made by Electric Tiki Designs in 2002. This likeness features Samantha's classic flip with a black dress and witch shoes and she is posed to zap. Production is limited to 1500.


Serena from Bewitched Figurine
This "tooned up" version of Serena is a 10-inch statue made by Electric Tiki Designs. This likeness features Serena's funky feather-trimmed dress (in either red or green) and her telltale heart beauty mark under her left eye. Production is limited to 1500.

Tabitha Twitchett Beatrix Potter Figurine
This Beatrix Potter porcelain figurine shares the same name as Tabitha the littlest witch with a twitch from Bewitched. This is a rare and highly collectible statue in its own right and was made by F.Warne & Co. Ltd., 1961 Beswick, England. Ironically, this figurine was named Tabitha Twitchett before Tabitha Stephens was even born.
Samantha Bobble Head Figurine
Manufactured by NECA, this hand-painted figurine of Samantha in her flying suit and broom features a cartoonish version of our favorite witch's face with her trademark shoulder-length flip and knowing smile on a spring-action neck. The figure comes on a detailed base that says "Samantha" and is approximately 7" tall. This collectible came on to the scene in March 2003 with a retail price of $11.99.

Teen Weeny TV Series Bewitched Maquette
This Bewitched maquette features Samantha Stephens as she appeared in the original opening credits of the television show. The 4" Samantha rides her broom over a 1" cityscape and clear acrylic rod. This is made by Electric Tiki Designs.

The maquette is appoximately 5" tall, comes fully painted (in either color or black and white). Production is limited to1,200.


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