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Marion Lorne's Doorknob

Marion Lorne's Doorknob
One lucky Bewitched collector owns a brass knob from Marion Lorne's personal collection. As fans of the show know, Aunt Clara had acquired quite a collection of old doorknobs, but this character trait was actually inspired by Lorne's love for the old hardware. She even used her own collection for props on the show. Carrie, the new owner of the knob writes:

"I first met Erin Murphy at an autograph/tv memorabilia show in Seacaucus, NJ in October 1995. Although we kept in touch via e-mail, we still met up at the various shows she'd appear at in the Northeast. In 1998, Erin held an auction of Bewitched memorabilia, everything from the easy-to-find to the incredibly rare. Although I did win some other things, the prize was in winning Marion Lorne's doorknob! Erin explained to me that it was given to her by Marion while on the Bewitched set. Marion had brought her collection to show Erin, and she let her reach into the big bag of doorknobs and choose one to keep. Erin also said that she has another doorknob that she'll never part with, as it is steeped in sentimental value. This is probably the best picture of the one that I have. It's size is about average, although it's a very heavy brass. There are a few scratches on it showing it's age, but aside from that, it's in pretty good condition (as far as used doorknobs go). With it, Erin included a letter of authenticity which she wrote, describing how she acquired it."



Sheet Music

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Bewitched Sheet Music
The theme music to Bewitched by Greenfield and Keller (not to be confused with the theme music to Sinatra's rendition of Bewitched for the movie Pal Joey) is a collectible first available in the mid 1960s. In a recent Pop Culture Collecting magazine there is an article written by Greg Davis and Bill Morgan (the authors of the Collector's Guide to TV Memorabilia) about TV theme song sheet music. Naturally, they have Bewitched mentioned--that's their favorite show. They said, "an interesting addition to a TV sheet music collection is Bewitched. As classic TV fans know, the hit show opened with an animation sequence paced with a lively orchestrated theme. Bewitched sheet music produced in 1964 allowed fans at home to not only play along with an instrument, but to sing the original lyrics as well. With obscure lyrics and an attractive photo cover, Bewitched sheet music is sought after by many TV memorabilia collectors. It's value is one of the highest for TV sheet music, selling for over $75." (JW)



45 RPM Records

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Bewitched Record 45 RPM from Japan
This is a rare BEWITCHED music item from the 1960s that is highly collectible today for the fantastic color images from the show on both the A and B sides. The record is produced by the Musicolor Record and Tokyo Televi Art Co. LTD. © Screen Gems, Inc.1967. This record plays music relating to the show with the lyrics in Japanese. It does not include the Bewitched theme song.

Bewitched Record 45 RPM from COLPIX
This is a Bewitched record from the 1960s that was released by Columbia Pictures COLPIX Records label featuring Billy Costa and his Orchestra playing the TV show's theme song. The record is produced by Jack Lewis. The B side features Billy Costa's theme to Lilith from Robert Rossen's Lilith, a Columbia Pictures release also from that time period.




Matchbox Collectibles Star Car Bus
This special edition Bewitched bus features the cartoon Samantha and cityscape scene from the opening of the show on the side of the toy. The detail is excellent on this piece from 1999. The bus is approximately 5" long and 1" wide.



Souvenir Stamp

Elizabeth Montgomery Souvenir Stamp
This is a souvenir stamp that appears to be a pre-Bewitched publicity shot from 1963 (for Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed or Johnny Cool). The manufacturer is unknown.




This Bewitched clock is made by Vandor and was released in 2000. It is approx. 8 1/4 inches in diameter and features the cartoon Samantha from the opening of the show. The frame of the clock is bubble gum pink. This wall clock operates on one AA battery.



Animation Cel

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Samantha Animated Production Cel from The Flintstones
Animated cels are highly collectible, which makes the value of these items higher than most other items relating to the Bewitched TV show. This particular cel is from Samantha Meets the Flintstones and features their likeness of Samantha in Bedrock. A unique aspect of this cel is that it is signed by Hanna and Barbera (creators of The Flintstones) and comes with a Warner Bros. Certificate of Authenticity, which makes it highly sought after by collectors of TV memorabilia, cartoon/animated memorabilia, Warner Bros. memorabilia, or specifically The Flintstones or Bewitched TV shows. Most other cels relating to Bewitched will be from the opening of the show.




Prime Channel Advertisement
This poster features a version of the cartoon witch from the show's opening to announce "The magic of Prime" when Bewitched debuted on Canada's entertainment network's weekday lineup circa late 1990s.
Nick at Nite Channel Advertisement
This poster proclaims Darrin Stephens as Advertising Man of the Year and says, "Now let him do for you what he's done for those advertisers..." The last mock client is Nick at Nite and the bottom has the McMann & Tate Advertising tag. This is the only known collectible to reference the agency. The poster is from the early 1990s.




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Screen Gems TV Trivia Display
This cardboard TV quiz board was a promotional display used at Suncoast video stores in conjunction with the release of Classic TV sitcom videos by Screen Gems. When the wheel is turned, Samantha asks Jeannie trivia questions. Interactive promotional items like this store display are highly desireable to collectors of TV memorabilia. Photos courtesy of Ann W.



Trash Can

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Bewitched Trash Can
This Bewitched trash can, which was released in 2001 by Vandor, features the cartoon Samantha on her broom from the opening of the show. The metal can is 10 inches tall and compliments the design of the many other Vandor items on the market in recent years.




Hallmark Bewitched Ornament
This Hallmark Pop Culture Keepsake ornament is called "Samantha "Sam" Stephens Bewitched™." The resin ornament measures 2 3/4" x 2 7/8". It was sculpted by artist Robert Chad. It is scheduled for release in October 2001 with a retail price of $14.95. This is the first known Bewitched holiday ornament.




The Mona Sammy Portrait
Reproductions of this bewitching portrait are currently available. See The Mona Sammy Portrait page for more information.
The Picasso Maurice Painting
Reproductions of this bewitching painting are currently available. See The Picasso Maurice Painting page for more information.
The Goofy Louise Painting
Reproductions of this bewitching painting are currently available. See The Goofy Louise Painting page for more information.




Bewitched Blanket
This Bewitched blanket features a cobalt and midnight blue cosmic swirl pattern with white stars, yellow silhouettes of Samantha on her broom, and "Samantha of Bewitched ©1998 CPT Holdings, Inc." in pink letters. This blanket is the standard twin size commonly used as a bedspread and reverses to a white quilted liner. It is unclear whether this item was sold solely in the Japanese market or if it was limited to a test production run for Sony.




Bewitched Cotton Towel
This cotton towel measures 12.5 inches by 30.5 inches and features the cartoon witch from the show's opening in the foreground with the wording "Samantha of Bewitched" and assorted silhouettes of the witch in the background. This towel was probably marketed in Japan in 1999, as was most of the Bewitched items that feature the toon witch with darker hair.



Bewitched Washcloth
This washcloth features the cartoon Samantha from the opening of the show. This item was released only in Japan to promote the series coming to DVD. Japanese Bewitched caricature items frequently depict Samantha with this darker hair. The washcloth measures 8.25" by 8.25" and is made of cotton. It is marked "1964-1967, renewed 1992-1994 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved."



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