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This is a rare Bewitched ceramic coffee mug from Japan (dated 1997). As with most of the Japanese Bewitched collectibles, it predominately features the animated Samantha picture and not the show's logo. Also of note on the Japanese pieces, is that the cartoon Samantha has darker hair. On this piece, her hair is reddish brown, but on a watch, stationery, and other collectibles from the 1990s, the hair is much darker. In the US, Samantha is always shown with blonde hair like Elizabeth Montgomery. The front of the mug says, "Samantha of Bewitched TV ON AIR FROM 1964." The back of the mug has 3 red flowers and says, "BEWITCHED TM & 1997 CPT Holding, Inc. All rights reserved. Yutaka Authorized User." As you can see in the photo, there is also a witch on a broom from the opening of the show on the inside of the mug. This adds to the mug's charm. The mug is approx. 3 1/2" tall and 2" wide (excluding handle). So, for the coffee-drinking American crowd, the mug is relatively small.
This ceramic mug is from Vandor and was released in 2000. It is shaped like a retro television set and features a beautiful picture of Elizabeth Montgomery with the Bewitched logo in the lower-right corner. The mug is cobalt blue with plum, black, gray, and yellow accents. The bottom of the mug says, "T.V. COLLECTOR MUGS TO BE RETIRED IN 2001." It also has the Bewitched logo 2000 CPT Holding, Inc. All rights reserved. VANDOR - SLC, UT HANDMADE IN CHINA." Because of the unusual shape of the mug and it's larger size (approx. 4" tall and 3 1/2" wide, excluding handle), it makes a lovely planter as well. It compliments the other Vandor collectibles, including 2 styles of salt and pepper shakers and a cookie jar.

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Bewitched Mug
This Bewitched mug is a companion piece to the 8-inch plate in that it is cobalt blue on white ceramic and features the Japanese stylized graphics. This design is particularly amusing as it features Samantha on one side as a typical housewife and in her flying suit on the other side of the logo. This mug is marked distributed by Parco 1998 CPT Holdings, Inc. This piece is also highly collectible on the secondary market despite the fact that it is only a couple of years old.

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Bewitched Coffee Mug
This white ceramic coffee mug is also made by Vandor. It features a beautiful photo of Elizabeth Montgomery on one side with the words "...Now, Samantha..." and the cartoon witch from the opening of the show on the opposite side with the words "No Twitching!..." This mug is larger than most at 4 1/2" high. There is a plum-colored Bewitched logo on the bottom corner of the EM picture. The bottom is marked with a cobalt blue Bewitched logo. It also says, "Bewitched TM & 2000 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Handmade in China VANDOR - SLC,UT"




Bewitched 8-inch Plate
This 8-inch plate features the cartoon Samantha from the opening of Bewitched in cobalt blue on white ceramic. It is distributed by Parco 1998 CPTH. Due to the prominence of the Samantha name above the Bewitched logo and the stylization of the graphics, this piece appears to be a Japanese premium that was available a couple of years ago in Japan and is already collectible on the secondary market.



Salt & Pepper Shakers

Vandor released 3 different salt and pepper shaker sets for collectors of Bewitched memorabilia. The first set, similar to the Vandor mug, is shaped like a retro television set. The detachable salt shaker is shaped like a television and is primarily plum and cobalt blue with the cartoon cityscape scene and Bewitched logo from the beginning of the show. The pepper shaker is shaped like a console for the "T.V." salt shaker to rest on top of it. It is also primarily plum with white, yellow, and blue accents. The center of the console features 2 knobs and a Bewitched logo. The bottom side of the console is marked "Bewitched 2000 CPT Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Vandor >>dot<< SLC,UT Handmade in China To be retired in 2001."
The second Vandor salt and pepper is probably the more collectible of all of the sets. It is a figural set with the cartoon Samantha in the kitchen with her broom and frying pan as the pepper, and the 4-burner, white stove with the Bewitched logo as the complementary salt shaker. The bottom of the stove shaker is marked "1999 CPT Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Handmade in China Vandor >>dot<< SLC,UT." The bottom of the Samantha shaker is marked "1999 CPT Holdings, Inc. Made in China Vandor."
This third set of Vandor salt and pepper shakers is interesting. Apparently, this company has a line of shoe-related sets and the Bewitched Pumps set features 2 black cats. They are each about 2 1/2 inches long by 2 inches high. From the side, they look like a pair of black pumps with a cat head and tail at the front and back, respectively. But at an angle, they look like a black cat ready to pounce. The inside of the "shoe," or back of the cat, is pink and features the Bewitched logo in plum. The bottom of each shaker is marked "TM & 2000CPT Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Handmade in China Vandor SLC,UT."



Cookie Jar

In addition to the mug and S&P sets, Vandor released a cookie jar in 1999. This cookie jar features the cobalt blue cityscape scene with a large crescent moon and cartoon Samantha in her flying suit. The Bewitched logo is prominent on the front of the base. It is 13 1/2" tall and 8" in diameter. The bottom is marker with the Bewitched logo in plu, with "Premiere Edition Bewitched Cookie Jar #___ (number handwritten in gold paint) of 3,600 pieces. Bewitched TM & © 2000 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Vandor SLC,UT Handmade in China."



Secret Sauce Labels

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Elizabeth Montgomery's Secret Sauce
Bottles and labels from Elizabeth Montgomery's retail food venture with her son, Billy, are rare and collectible to fans of Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery. The label features Montgomery's likeness and offer fans a taste of her cooking. These products were released for a limited time only


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