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Here are 2 versions of the Bewitched games that were available to fans of the show in the 1960s. The Milton Bradley Co. Stymie game; henceforth, referred to as the ugly card game, is from 1964. Notice how it has Dick York's name listed on the box and a caricature of him as well. The second box, features a more realistic picture of Samantha's and Endora's faces with their bodies being caricatures in their flying suit garb. Similar to the time period of the ugly card game, the pictures look like they are from the early 60s (the date of the 2nd game shown is unconfirmed.) Instead of Darrin being on the box, there is a cartoon crow. Yet, York's name is still listed. So, we can assume that this Game Gems board game was released prior to the start of the 6th season of Bewitched. Both of these games (in fair to excellent condition) are highly collectible to fans of the show.

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Life Cereal Box with Promotional Bewitched Game
This is a Life cereal box from 1965, which measures 9.5” x 6.75” x 1.75”. The back features a “BEWITCHED HUNT” cut-out game inspired by the Quaker Oats sponsored TV show Bewitched.



Jigsaw Puzzles

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Bewitched "Endora Pours" Puzzle
This Milton Bradley Co. Bewitched jigsaw puzzle is from 1964. Because of the many pieces of the puzzle and the age, this item is extremely rare and highly collectible for the illustrations on the box.

Bewitched "Along for the Ride" Puzzle
This Milton Bradley puzzle from 1964 is one of two puzzles made available in the first year of Bewitched. This one features Samantha, Darrin, and Endora riding a broom in the night sky. It also features a 12" x 14" color poster insert of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha. (JW)



Memory Cube

Bewitched Memory Cube
This Vandor memory cube contains various images of a cartoon suburban Samantha, as well as the famous cartoon cityscape. The heavy-duty paper cube, which measures 2.75" per side, folds open and closed to create a variety of images.


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