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One of the most sought after Bewitched collectibles from the 1960s is the paper doll set. The cardboard Samantha stands taller than 13" and has many different outfits, including a flying suit and pointed hat. The clothes are made out of vinyl and stick onto the doll. In fact, there is a small magic wand with the set that is rubbed down the back of the clothes to create the friction needed for static cling. Made by Magic Wand.            



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This is the Tabatha paperdoll set, which was also made by Magic Wand in 1966.





This is the Bewitched Samantha doll from the Madame Alexander Collection. She features the black and jade flying suit and the heart necklace that Samantha wore in the series. The doll stands 10 inches high and has the necklace, broom, a witch's hat, and a metal stand for accessories.
This is the original Tabatha doll (marked 1965 SCREEN GEMS INC IDEAL TOY CORP TA-13 L). She is 14 inches long and made of vinyl with rooted blonde hair (cropped short) and painted, side-glancing eyes. Of all the Bewitched collectibles, this doll (in the original window box) has fetched the most at auction. It's value mint in the box is more than $2,000.
This is the FAO Schwarz exclusive Bewitched Samantha fashion doll (Exclusive Premiere, 1997). She stands 11 1/2 inches tall and comes in an elaborately decorated flap-styled box. She is dressed in a flying suit consisting of a glittery black dress, pointed hat, purple cape, and broom. The best part of this doll is definitely the box. Samantha's coloring is all wrong. The doll has dark skin and brown eyes and the hair is far too blonde and long to be an accurate representation of Elizabeth Montgomery.

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This is the Samantha doll made by Ideal Toy Corp. in 1965. It is the most valuable of all of the Samantha dolls. She came with a beautiful red dress, red shoes, a red witch's hat (not shown), and a broom. The Ideal doll should have side-glancing eyes (khaki green/brown) and arms that bend together. Ideal also manufactured a Glamour Misty doll around the same time that many mistake for the Samantha doll. The eyes are straight and the doll has bangs, but the head mold is the same. There is a also side-glancing Misty doll with a slightly rounder face that also has bangs and lighter hair. The Bewitched Samantha doll is marked with M-12. Because the episode with the first appearance of Samantha's flying suit* is in black and white, it is often speculated that the suit was red like this doll's. The flying suit appears as a shade of gray, so it was definitely not black. Note: This is not the original broom that came with the doll in 1965.
  *For more on the flying suit, visit:
Flying Suit Mystery Revealed... Or Is it?
Endora Spellbound Teddy Bear
This 10-inch Boyds Special Occasion bear is part of the Boogedy Boos Halloween collection. Named "Endora Spellbound" after one of our favorite witches, this bear is dressed in a black and gold flying suit with a mask and hat. The Endora bear carries a small black cat. This Boyds collectible is a limited edition and will be retired, which will increase its future value.
Endora Doll
This Endora doll bears a striking resemblence to Agnes Moorehead and is handmade. It features Endora's signature purple and green flying suit. One of a kind pieces of this quality are highly collectible since there never was an official Endora doll released by Screen Gems during Bewitched's rein.   Courtesy of the Devlin collection.
Darrin Doll
This Darrin doll has Dick York's perplexed expression and was customized by Milo, who prides himself on being Dick York's biggest fan, to display with the Ideal or Barbie Samantha dolls. It features Darrin's business suit, slim cut tie, and briefcase chocked full of advertising sketches. There was never an official Darrin doll released during the time Bewitched was on the air. For more information on how this doll was made, click here.   Courtesy of the QotH's collection.

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Rosie As Samantha Doll
This Rosie as Samantha doll was customized by Big Dave and his mom, Beverly. As part of his devious plot to get on Rosie O.'s show and challenge her to a Bewitched trivia game, he devised this attention-gettter to send to her. Even the back of the box has been customized with pictures of Rosie. Some time ago, she and Lisa Kudrow mentioned that they would definately win in a trivia game about the show, because it is a favorite. The doll features the green and black flying suit, a sparkling heart necklace, broom, and hat. It will be great to see if Rosie O'Donnell mentions this doll on her show, and perhaps she will even auction it off for her charity on eBay. Stay tuned...
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These Samantha of Bewitched dolls were released in Japan in 1998 by the Twilight Magic Works. There are two dolls that are from the same mold. The dolls have green eyes and medium blonde hair, which is consistent with Elizabeth Montgomery's coloring. However, the facial shape and expression is much harsher. One doll is wearing a wild white feather coat and polka-dotted scarf, whereas the other doll is wearing a simple jacket that is white with black trim. Neither of these outfits were actually worn by Samantha on Bewitched. The dolls arms and legs are moveable like a GI Joe doll. The boxes are pink and blue and feature the typical Japanese version of the toon witch (with the brown hair). The front of the box says, "Samantha of Bewitched" in a large scale font with "Samantha!!! She is Back!!!" below the window that displays the top of the doll. In Japan, the dolls sell for 9800 yen and are limited in production to 1500 of each.
Bewitched Barbie Doll
This Barbie as Samantha from Bewitched doll, released by Mattel in November 2001, features Samantha's blonde flip hairstyle, heart necklace, wedding ring, broom, hat, and a black with red trimmed flying suit reminiscent of the cartoon witch used inthe show's opening. This is the first time that Mattel has issued a Samantha doll and it is a great piece for both Barbie and Bewitched collectors.


Bewitched: The Movie - Samantha and Endora
Part of the Madame Alexander 2005 Core & Fashion Hollywood Collection, these 10" articulated hard plastic dolls with sleep eyes are based on Nicole Kidman as Samantha and Shirley MacLaine as Endora from the Bewitched movie.

Samantha is dressed in a black satin dress with length sleeves, red lined black cape, matching hat, and a broom. Endora is dressed in an emerald green pantsuit with chiffon trim and bustle, and green shoes. Released July 1, 2005, they have a suggested retail price of $119.95.



Doll Accessories

Bewitched Broom
Made by Amsco in 1965, this 36" long toy broom has a hollow plastic 5" head of Samantha wearing a traditional black witch's hat. This is one of five known children's toys put out by Amsco (the others are below) under the Bewitched name during the mid-1960s.
Bewitched Doll Feeding Set
Made by Amsco in 1965, the 8 x 14" box contains a vinyl travel bag with Bewitched logo, Magic Feeding Bottle, and several doll feeding accessories. The Magic Feeding Bottle was also sold seperately as an accessory to most Amsco Bewitched sets, and came in a 5 x 8" display box.
Bewitched Magic Coffee Set
Made by Amsco in 1965, it features a coffee set with Bewitched logo, toaster, and kitchen accessories in a 14 x 18" display box.

Bewitched Hi-Chair & Feeding Set
Made by Amsco in 1965, the 29 x 14" display box contains pink steel baby doll hi-chair, baby plate and utensils, and the Magic Feeding Bottle.


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1964 Barbie’s New Dream House
This large, toolbox-styled dollhouse folds up to measure 22" long, 15" tall, and 10" deep. The 1960s mod interior includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen and patio. What does this have to do with Bewitched? Well, the little TV in the living room has inserts for four popular shows of that time: Bewitched, The Addams Family, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Peyton Place.


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