There were some well-known relations among the cast of Bewitched. Yet there were also guest stars and extras that have famous relatives, as well. This page examines the famous family trees of the Bewitched cast and crew.

The most well-known family links are to Elizabeth Montgomery. Director and producer Bill Asher (I Love Lucy, Johnny Cool, and Beach Blanket Bingo) was her husband throughout the 8-year run of the show. Her father was the distinguished Robert Montgomery (Lady in the Lake, Night Must Fall). She was also married to actors Gig Young (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?) and and Robert Foxworth (Mrs. Sundance, Falcon Crest).

Executive producer Harry Ackerman (who also worked with Asher on I Love Lucy) was married to Elinor Donahue (Father Knows Best and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman).

Marty Ingels, who played Dan in #82, is married to Shirley Jones (The Partridge Family). Jones was previously married to Jack Cassidy from #142 and #196, who is the father to David Cassidy (The Partridge Family) and Shaun Cassidy (The Hardy Boys).

Shirley Jones Bewitched These Guest Stars

Bridget Hanley appeared in #84 and was married to the late Bewitched director E.W.Swackhamer.

Michael Ansara, who played Rufus the Red in #79, was married to Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie).

Yet Another Bewitched & I Dream of Jeannie Crossover

Mabel Albertson, who played Darrin's mother, was mother-in-law to Cloris Leachman (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and sister to Jack Albertson (Chico and the Man, The Poseidon Adventure).

Jill Foster (one of many Bettys at McMann & Tate) was married to Bewitched writer/story editor Bernard Slade (The Partridge Family).

Jimmy Mathers, who played Marshall in #6, is brother to Jerry Mathers (Leave It to Beaver).

The Mathers Boys: Brothers or Clones?

Lloyd Bochner, who appeared in #161, is father to actor Hart Bochner.

Danny Bonaduce, who appeared as the boy with the chimp in #162 and the bad boy at Tabitha's party in #178, is son to TV writer, Joseph Bonaduce (One Day at a Time, Little House on the Prairie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and others).

Nancy Priddy, who appeared as Esmeralda's pretty reflection in #226 and the flight attendant in #203, is TV star Christina Applegate's (Married...with Children and Jesse) mother.

Christina Applegate's Mom was Bewitched

Joanne Moore, who played the pretentious Daphne in #99, was married to actor Ryan O'Neil (Love Story and Paper Moon) and is Tatum O'Neil's (youngest Oscar winner ever for Paper Moon) mother.

Nancy Kovack, who played Darrin-chasers Sheila Sommers and Clio Vanita, is married to the celebrated Zubin Mehta, who conducted the New York Philharmonic Orchestra for years and still travels as a guest maestro for some of the world's best music ensembles.

The Mehtas Made Music Together and She Left Her Acting Career


Beverly Adams, who played Danger O'Reilly in #30, was married to hair stylist and product mogul Vidal Sassoon. She is mother to the late model/actress Catya Sassoon.