By Chuck T. (with supplements by Paul)

The following excerpts are from the private collection of Agnes Moorehead's estate. She saved many cards and letters, as well as Bewitched scripts with handwritten notes and related articles that are now available through the state of Wisconsin's Historical Society Museum of Film and Theater Studies. This archive contains the personal papers of Agnes Moorehead from 1923 through 1974. This includes 159 archive boxes, unprocessed additions of ten tape recordings, and 2 cartons of disc recordings. More than half of the collection is comprised of scrapbooks, containing correspondence and fan mail, clippings, programs, photographs, and memorabilia. In researching the life and prolific career of Moorehead, Chuck T. gathered some interesting cards, notes, and telegrams relating to Moorehead's run as Endora on Bewitched.


Here is a sample of Agnes's Archive:

    The notification of her Emmy Nomination for Bewitched dated April 28, 1967.

    A postcard from the Ashers postmarked on Agnes's birthday in 1966. It says:

"Dear Aggie,
Thank you so much for a perfectly lovely evening.
The house looked just gorgeous! It was
a marvelous way to start
the Christmas season.
Thanks again.
Love, Liz and Bill"

    A congratulatory note from Joan Crawford dated June 16, 1967.

    A call sheet for the Bewitched episode "A is for Aardvark."

    A postcard from Lucille Ball (apparently written in pencil). It says:

"Dearest Aggie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful flower –
sorry I've been so long acknowledging them but the
events of the last week have just kept me hopping.
Hope you enjoyed your vacation.
Please call me soon–

    A party invitation from The Arnazes to Agnes and Jack Lee (circa 1948).

    A note with a flower delivery from The Ashers regarding the 1966 Emmy Awards. Since it is in the florist's handwriting the photo is not posted. It says:

"Dear Aggie, Win or lose you're still the greatest with us. Much love, Liz, Bill, WAA, + Robert"

    A note with a flower delivery from Elizabeth regarding the start of the 6th season of Bewitched. Since it is in the florist's handwriting the photo is not posted. It says:

"Dear Aggie, Here we go again. Welcome back. Love, Elizabeth"

    Telegram from Debbie Reynolds regarding the 1966 Emmy Award Loss to a fellow Bewitched cast member. Note that it was sent to Agnes at Box 114 Reedsburg, WI. It says:

"Sweet Agnes - I know you were pleased for Alice but everyone knows you deserved it. We miss you and love you. Debbie and Harry"

    Asher Family Christmas card 1964 - This is probably the best card of the collection because we see Liz's sense of humor in the caricatures of her family. Note how Bill only has hair on the sides of his head and how she included the family pets.

    Asher Family Christmas card 1965

    Asher Family Christmas card 1966

    York Family Christmas card 1964 - An inspirational card preprinted with The Dick York Family.

    York Family Christmas card 1966 - This scan turned out dark, but the card is preprinted with The Dick York Family and includes a personal note that we assume to be Joey York's handwriting (it is not Dick's). The note says:

"Dear Aggie, May God bless + keep you + yours in His tender, loving care! Love, Dick and Joey"

    Asher Family Birthday card 1966 - Written on The Parathenon Hotel stationery by Elizabeth.

    The Murphy Girls Christmas Card and Thank You Note 1969

    1966 Bewitched Season Kick-off Party - Written on Harry Ackerman's Screen Gems stationery and signed by Danny (Arnold).

    1966 Pajama Party for Lauren Bacall - Sent by Rock Hudson to Agnes. Can you imagine? Another telegram from Kay and Elwood is also attached to the bottom.

    Crawford Christmas card 1964 - Proof that even Joan Crawford was watching Bewitched.

    1970 Thank You Notes from Erin and Diane Murphy - Note that they really did call her "Grandmama."

    #81 Script Cover - Signed by guest star Willie Mays.

    Get Well Wishes from a Gossipy Friend in 1966 - This note mentions that Alice Pearce did not get medical attention in time.

    The Bewitched Cancellation Notice - Sent by Harry Ackerman, who says that he has "particularly cherished my association with you" and invites Agnes to lunch when she gets back in town.

    Agnes on Acting - An article on the craft of acting written by Agnes during the filming of Black Jack in Spain.

    #252 Script with Agnes's Handwriting - Agnes wrote out her lines on this page of the script Teaser, presumably as an exercise to help her remember them. This is an unusual method for her.

    Here's a sample of a Bewitched script issued to Agnes for # 253, "Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse." Note on the first page that Agnes had marked Endora's lines. The second page is Agnes's notes of her lines, with cues for the other actor's lines. This is interesting because Agnes did not appear in the # 253 episode. The lines for Endora were given to Aunt Hagatha, as played by Rita Shaw. The only changes in the lines were to account for an aunt, not a mother, to have the lines. It is not known if Agnes's declining health was the reason she opted out of this episode, or if there was simply a scheduling conflict.

    Agnes Check - This cancelled check was found on the back cover of Agnes's script (script date Jan 19, 1970) for # 223, "Money Happy Returns." Since the check is dated Jan 20, 1971, and the episode was filmed in late January of 1971, we think she may have been using the check as a page marker.