By Paul

As with any successful operation, careful planning must be done before the actual work on the project starts. Bewitched was no exception. Before any filming was done for an episode, the entire episode was carefully laid out in great detail. This included, for example, the complete cast, the number of scenes, the order of the filming, the number of days dedicated to rehearsal, and the number of days dedicated to the actual filming.

One of these planning documents, the CALL SHEET, is the most common of the planning documents seen. While not exactly in general distribution, they are sometimes found with reproduced scripts from the original show.

A much more detailed document, the PRODUCTION SCHEDULE, is seldom seen. These documents go into great detail on how, when, and in what order each scene will be filmed.

Following is a production schedule for episode # 210 [production # 3959], “Samantha's Old Man.”

Dates are given as follows:

Script Final Draft: 6/10/70

Production Schedule made up: 8/18/70

Beginning of work on the episode: 8/24/70

Script Modified: 8/25/70

Filming completed: 8/27/70


The Production Schedule:

The production schedule begins with the same details of the staff as the Call Sheet, but follows with the entire list of characters, and the number of days set aside for rehearsal, shooting, idle time; and the start and finish dates. The next page then really gets into the meat of the production. The schedule for the second reading of the script is given along with who is needed at the meeting, the location, and the total number of pages in the script. The following pages give more detail including the date the action is to take place, the set that is to be used, the number of pages of script involved, the scenes by number, and the cast involved. Note that the scenes are listed in the order in which they are to be filmed, not the order they will appear in the episode. Included under “set” are the number of “scenes” which usually means the number of different camera shots [or angles], plus a one or two line description of the action to take place.

Of course, the information given in the production schedule is subject to change. Generally, as filming progressed, changes were made in the script, and were probably noted in addendums to the Production Schedule. For example on page 3, scenes 37 and 38 are in the schedule. However, there is a note in the modified draft of the script that scenes 37 and 38 are to be omitted. Pages 2, 4, and 5 of this schedule are also included.


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