Episode 3 or 4?



By Paul

Bewitched first aired on 9-17-64. The second episode aired on 9-24-64. The third episode was scheduled for 10-1-64, but was not aired on that date, yet the TV Guide for that week lists the third episode by synopsis. According to several experts, the third episode was preempted the third week and was shown on 10-8-64, the fourth week. The scheduled fourth show was then moved to the end of the first year schedule so the rest of the year ran as it should. This could well be, as the TV Guide for the week that covers 10-8-64 does not list a synopsis for that week, and that is the only week in over the first year that a synopsis is not listed.  Also, "It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog" is listed as running on 6-10-65, the week after the regular season should have ended. It is listed as a rerun, but this is questioned. The TV Guide listings for the airings of the shows from 10-15-64 thru 6-3-65 agree with the Screen Gems production and airing schedule. At the end of the season, when Screen Gems made up the schedule for publication, they apparently noted that the third show was run the fourth week leaving a vacant slot the third week, and someone mistakenly put the fourth show in the preempted time slot. This caused the fourth show to be listed as the third show.

 To get it straight, "Mother Meets What’s-His-Name" is the THIRD episode, and "It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog" is the FOURTH episode, but was not shown the fourth week. Other arguments can be made, such as: It would make sense to introduce Darrin and Endora as early as possible. "Mother Meets What’s-His-Name" was narrated, as were the first two shows. While "It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog" was not narrated.